Saturday, March 14, 2009

The "Magic" of Video - part II-(annex):
Spider-Woman animated series:
episode 2 - Realm of Darkness -
featuring DORMAMMU and Mindless Ones

Yet another SANCTUM SANCTORUM VIDZ Presentation
and a "6-Dimensions" Joint.

This entry in the "Magic of Video" series, (which looks into the many incarnations of Doctor Strange in the medium of video) takes a side-road, from the previous "Spider-Man & his Amazing Friends" universe into a linked dimension, where SPIDER-WOMAN had her own animated series (from September 01979 to January 01980).

However, since this blog isn't dedicated exclusively to Dr. Strange, but also to what I have often described as the "6-Dimensions of Doctor Strange", this entry casts an eye on one of Strange's most dangerous and powerful enemies;
Ruler of the Dark Domain, Lord of the Dark Dimension...
the Dread... Dormammu.

While his appearance is drastically altered from his comic book counterpart, his modus operandi is much the same;
Invade Earth and cast his evil over the entirety of the world!

You'll ALSO note that some of the denizens of the dark dimension also make their screen debut;

Those stone-figured hoards of destructive chaos are also altered from their comic counterparts, with their eye-blasts turning flesh (and costuming) to stone, however they are still thrilling to see on screen as they are now mountainous GIANTS.

This episode is "darker" than most Saturday morning fare; with cultists, demonic rituals, flaming pentagrams and spells of possession.


And now, in another "Sanctum Sanctorum Vidz" presentation, is the featured episode. *



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"Realm of Darkness".
(Season 01, Episode 02)


part 01


part 02


You'll note the many style similarities in editing and animation of Spider-Woman's cartoon with that of the "Amazing Friends" series.

One major difference, however, is that, aside from this appearance by Dormammu, her series had no other Marvel guest-stars (except for Spider-Man, who appeared in two episodes), so I guess it would be pointless to wish that Dr. Strange (or at the very least the Ancient One) would have made an appearance here.

This isn't Dormammu's ONLY appearance in animated cartoons... as we'll see in a future entries of this feature!

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* My apologies for the lesser quality of the clips.
I have a good, crisp original video, but am trying to get a handle on encoding for uploading to YouTube.


Howard Hallis said...
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Howard Hallis said...

The name Dormammu is great. It's one of Stan Lee's greatest contributions to the Dr. Strange mythos and obviously recycled here for 80's Marvel cartoon audiences.

It would be a great name for a celebrity to name their kid. Much better than Apple or Kalel.

~P~ said...

Ahhh... now did you edit yourself because you remembered that the whole "H.E.R.B.I.E. replaced the Torch because they wee afraid of kids setting themselves ablaze" was an URBAN LEGEND?

The real reason (as you probably remembered) is that the TORCH was under contract with a different studio (for possible development as a solo project) and the rights wouldn't allow for him to be in the FF cartoon.

But... as I said; you most likely remembered that yourself.


Howard Hallis said...

Actually it was more because, after seeing the Spider Woman episode still images, I remembered Dormammu's head WAS on fire, making that whole thing I said irrelevant. Never post when you're drunk!

~P~ said...

So, remember kids;
Don't Drink and (hard)Drive!


Monique said...

Thanks for posting this. I've never seen this series!

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