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Idol Pursuits: 6-Dimensions:
PVC addendum 1:
The 01982
muck-encrusted mockery of a

Today, I'll be posting two back-to-back entries, as they are interlinked to each other, but are also linked to my last entry for the Dr. Strange PVC figure (as seen HERE).

The item that I'll be showcasing in this post may LOOK like a PVC/Rubber figure of...


However, it (sadly) isn't. One look at the bottom will give that away.

(c) TSR Hobbies Inc. 1982
All Rights Reserved
Made in Hong Kong

I've been dying to present this item for quite awhile now, but I wanted to wait until I got to the stage where I was featuring the Marvel PVC figures (and feature this as the unofficial Man-Thing tie-in).

One reason that I had wanted to post this earlier is because a reader (George) had emailed me several months ago (in December!), inquiring if an item that he had in his possession (an identical figure to the one seen here) was a Man-Thing figure, and if so, if I had any information on it (seeing as how I'm something of a "Man-Thing guru" - *blush*)...

I had informed him that I had the same item and that it (sadly) wasn't actually MAN-THING, but a TSR Dungeons & Dragons character. Some kind of bog-beast.

If it WERE a Man-Thing figure it would, by law, have to have a copyright mark, like;
(c) MARVEL stamped somewhere on it.

His email got me thinking, so I did a little extra digging * and found that it was a character called; "The Shambling Mound", produced for TSR by a company named "LJN".
LJN was a toy company that had also produced such big-time media properties as;
E.T., Dune, and Brooke Shields.

(Hmmm... E.T., Dune, D&D, Brooke Shields... yup. LJN sure cornered the market on making plastic monsters.
badum-bum! Tss! Don't forget to tip your waitresses!

LJN manufactured TSR's Advanced D&D figures from 01982 - 01984, with many characters and beasties from the role-playing game, not from the cartoon series that was popular at the time.

I've had this guy in my collection for many years - BECAUSE it resembles the Man-Thing so much!
As such, I have no problem whatsoever incorporating it in my Man-Thing collection, as a prototype item of sorts (which is precisely what will tie it to the NEXT post).

It's a sad thing that the first "Man-Thing" item that I'm posting on this blog isn't even really Manny; a muck-encrusted mockery of a man, but a muck-encrusted mockery of the Man-Thing.

Still, I wanted to feature this as a stand-alone item, because, like the Dr. Strange PVC figure last entry, Man-Thing IS one of the main focal points of this blog, and as such, deserves to have this item featured by itself.

How do I say the words "this rubber Man-Thing is only 4 inches" without it sounding just wrong
Again, like the Dr. Strange PVC, the lack of articulation placed this somewhere more along the line of figurine or even "rubber-statue", than anything even remotely like an "action figure".

That's OK though, because Man-Thing DID eventually get some of those as well.
(which we'll get to soon enough)

er... anyway, here are some turn-around pics.

With intricately detailed leaves and roots all over it's surface, the detail more than makes up for the lack of any articulation.

By "articulation" I am, of course, referring to the lack of any moving joints or pieces...
not the fact that, as a mute muck-monster, the Man-Thing is incapable of "articulating" via speach.

If Man-Thing could speak he'd say
"kiss my soggy green ass"

* For more information on this line of figures check out the fun little article found at (HERE).

And don't forget to come back for the NEXT entry in this series - later today!

That 2nd entry can be found below this one, or - if you're not reading this blog consecutively - at this link :
Addendum 2 : Mystics, Mutants & other Marvel PVCs


Howard Hallis said...

Fascinating post. Love it!

~P~ said...

So, you're saying that you LIKE 4inch rubber Man-Things?

Not that there's anything WRONG with that.

Ahhh... Howard knows I'm just kidding with him.
Thanks for the appreciation of a non-Doc entry, man.

It means a lot.

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