Friday, February 26, 2010

Giving Veneration to "THE ANCIENT ONE"



the undisputed "Aged Ghengis" of comics-blogging (and Doctor Strange fan of "Eternity"-levels) shares his incredible
on the interwebs!

( His OWN 10-Year Post - [HERE] )

One of the very first comic blogs that I ever discovered (both because it WAS one of the FIRST comic blogs - as well as - how could I NOT discover a blog about Doctor Strange?!?) Neilalien has shown time and again how it is done.

When I was first stumbling my way through the net, nascent and incomprehensive to its workings, while spouting opinions on message boards, I was all the while dreaming of having the ability to do more than that.
That is because I would visit Neilaien's blog daily.
(Some times, multiple visits on the same day.)

But no matter how many times I would hit his site in a week, I was always grateful that it was there.
"Why can't I do this?"; I would think.
Knowing that I had the knowledge of my favorite characters and enough awesome swag to showcase, I knew that one day I would follow in Neilalien's path.

However, in those early years I had relocated several times, changed jobs even more so, and was in my early years of married life, so I was a man without time.
Aside from that, I was also a man with almost no understanding of the workings of the net.
"One day"... "One day, I'll be able to get to it. But there's no rush. Neilalien is all any Doc fan really needs."

So, I contented myself to being a frequent commenter on others' sites (and boards) giving lengthy diatribes on all-things Strange, but never to the extent of having it be on my turf.
Never to the degree of excellence of Neilalien.

Eventually, after being a few years at a job that allowed for more "stable" time-frames, and a new home where I could display my collection, I was convinced to just "Do it" and start blogging.

I did so knowing all the while that I was but a recent traveler to a far distant world where Neilalien had long ago set up his domain.

I'm no longer in possession of the job that allowed such levels of "stable" free time (the collapse of the world economy kneecapped me - along with far too many others on the planet).
My collection has never fully been set up to my liking (SO very close to being finalized, but too many events in the "real" world blocking that from happening).
And as these things are wont to happen, my blogging has been curtailed considerably.

However, I was given a piece of advice from the wise Neilaien in my early months, when I was burning the blogger bandwidth with near daily epic posts...
he wisely told me that I could just blog when I had the time.

There was no need for me to publish daily.
And no need to publish a novel each time.

So, while I am not a burning brazier of blogging presently, instead of flaming out entirely, I am merely a flickering candle for the time being.
But as the Ancient One taught Dr. Strange - the way to effectively and safely navigate travelling through time, a flickering candle is all that is required to anchor you and be your guide.

It does bother me a little that I can not, as of this time, blog to the degree that I have the urge, but because of Neilalien's steady pace and wise philosophies, I understand that what I do manage is OK.
In the meanwhile, I still visit Neilelien's blog daily (or near daily) - and so should you (as if my constant hyperlinks to Neilalien's site weren't enough of a clue)!

Many thanks to Neil for his blog, his dedication, his encouragement and his fine example.

He reminds me daily, that I have so much to learn.
As a true "Ancient One" would.

Monday, February 22, 2010


While it may sound like the sales-pitch of a cereal-selling Leprechaun; "MAGICAL TREASURES" are indeed up for sale!

While most items sold, others did not.
So, if you missed out on them the first go-round, I'll be relisting them soon.
If you want to bypass the whole eBay thing entirely, drop me a line.
email addy :

Once again we here at the Sanctum have tossed some great collectible goodies up on eBay, some are from the outskirts of my own personal collection (items that I was going to add to my own "Sanctum Sanctorum"), but have decided that they would be better served in others' hands (and the cash, in mine).

We've passed on the "auction" format this time around, focusing instead on the store-type of "Buy-It-Now", so it's "First-come, First-served".
There are one or two auctions, but most are straight-up "Stuff for Sale!"

First, the linky to the sales is below:

My items on eBay

(which can also be found on the sidebar - a little under my photo)
We ship Worldwide and try to combine shipping costs whenever possible.

*Update Note: Items are ALREADY selling off! - I've marked them accordingly*

Stuff from many of the first waves of MARVEL SUPER HERO SQUAD figures:
  • ANT MAN (loose but never removed from package -&- Very Hard to Find) - sold!
  • INVISIBLE WOMAN & DR DOOM (crazy rare)
  • HUMAN TORCH and the SILVER SURFER (insanely rare)
  • THING and NAMOR (pretty darn rare) - sold!
  • HULK and WASP (rare)

as well as MARVEL LEGENDS figures:
  • BLACK BOLT - Mint in Pack (super rare)
  • DR. DOOM - Mint in Pack (ultra rare from the Fantastic Four / Ronan BAF series) - sold!
  • PSYLOCKE - Mint in Pack (Foreign Variant)
  • LONGSHOT - Mint in Pack

LOOSE Marvel Legends figures:
  • BARON ZEMO - sold!
  • DEATHLOK - sold!
  • LUKE CAGE - POWER MAN - sold!
  • FALCON complete with Redwing - sold!
  • MOLE MAN (really rare) - sold
  • Marvel Legends FACE-OFF DAREDEVIL figure (really hard to find) - sold!

Also 12inch MARVEL ICON figure:
  • DR. DOOM - MiP

and more!

If these don't float your boat, don't worry...
since I can't seem to find worthwhile employment, I vow to have stuff up there every week or two!

However, since unemployment laws state that I could lose my benefits if I even lift a finger to perform anything even remotely resembling "work" (whether it pays or not) while I am searching for a job, I have been letting my wife take care of all the sales aspects to this endeavor.

With a 30+ year collection, there's bound to be something to suit everyone's tastes:
Posters, Out of Print Trade Paperbacks, Graphic novels, books, toys, action figures, t-shirts, promotional materials and swag, and more - oh, yeah... tons of comics too... she's devoted to becoming "Sanctum Sanctorum Comix" the super-seller store!

Oh, and look for original artwork soon as well.
I'll be showcasing some of those here soon (gotta scan a bunch today).

Thanks for any support!

Your pal,

Sunday, February 21, 2010

...And now a word from DOOM!
Episode IV


Dr Doom once more takes a moment from his busy schedule of planning world domination to impart one word of his magnificent wisdom upon us all.

What shall he say today? *


Sadly, DOOM reveals his inner shame at being reduced to a "BRAND" and shows but a SMALL sample of the merchandise that bears the name and visage of... DOOM!

Those are but a sample of the MANY Dr Doom related articles in my collection, and those two are up for sale on the ol' ebay account - as of this posting (but they'll be gone before too long).

Unfortunately, already having been sold off in month's past are a few other Dr. Doom related items. The most awesome of which was the full-sized Bowen Designs statue (Doom standing atop his castle turret).

(click to make LATVERIAN in size)

as seen in this old "sales pitch post" [HERE]

Yup... Doom IS a megalomaniac, and I guess as such, he expects to have his likeness on many household items...
Check out a previous "Word from DOOM" post to see some others:
A figural MUG as well as a fictional Latverian NOG.
That post [HERE]

But still, it must shame him slightly that such items are being made for mere money and not to further his glory.


(camera work of DOOM by Mrs. Doom)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Strange Loves - Revisited


I don't usually re-use content here on the Sanctum Sanctorum Comix blog... sure, I'll occasionally point to an older post while in the body of a new post... but this time, I will make an exception.

"Take a message, Wong. Clea is about to take some "dictation"!"

Last year, I posted an exhaustive, complete run-down of every love in the life of Doctor Strange.
Presented to you in order of their appearances IN HIS LIFE (not in publication history).

It has been updated a few times since it was first posted, so there might be content that readers from a year ago may not have read.

Like some updates which include THIS pic of Megan Fox!

By the MOONS of Munipoor! Hotcha!!

So... click this link [HERE] to be transported back in time to that post, and enjoy rekindling those old memories... or ignite some new ones.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dr. Strange : Valentine Supreme!
By the Hoary Hosts of Hallmark?

This is for the young lovers out there... just to show you how high the dating bar has been set by Doctor Stephen Strange.

Cards? Candy? Flowers?
Not good enough.
Try summoning up an emissary from a hellish domain so you can hook up with your lady love.

And THAT is just the beginning.


Guys, gals... let me ask you:
How do most guys show their girlfriends that they love them? *
A card? Flowers? A Box of candy?

And if their object of affection is someone that they have lost contact with, how do guys go about hooking up with their long-lost love?
A Google search? Facebook?

When Doctor Strange found that he could wait no longer to search for his lost love - CLEA - who had been sent into an interdimensional limbo (by the Ancient One who was seeking to protect her from the wrath of the Unspeakable UMAR the Unrelenting), Strange pulled out the stops and called forth the Herald of Satannish, from the deep chasms between worlds, with a rhyme that puts your lame Hallmark card to shame.

from DOCTOR STRANGE v.1 # 171
words by Roy Thomas, art by Tom Palmer (pencils) & Dan Adkins (inks)

Of course, Satannish's minion does not help Strange to find Clea any further than this, and it's up to Doc to travel through dimensions with Victoria Bentley (because, only with another mystic female can Strange pierce the spell by which Clea is protected - of course, making an awkward love-triangle in the process) to then battle against Dormammu to rescue CLEA (and, of course, Victoria as well, who had also been captured)!

Doc had to USE Victoria Bentley to help him rescue Clea.
That is because NOTHING makes your GF know just how much you love her than if you screw over another woman, one who loves you and worships the ground upon which you walk, in order to hook up with her.

Of course, once Strange gets Clea to Earth, in the process of trying to set her up in an apartment and help her start her life, he has to run through the gauntlet of; Lord Nekron, the Sons of Satnnish, Tiboro, Ymir and Surtur and an evil doppleganger!

All this takes place between Doctor Strange v1 171 - 178 and Avengers vol.1 # 61

So, guys... if love is on your mind this St. Valentine's, don't complain if you have to show a little effort.
Remember, it could be a LOT worse.

* Of course, this goes the same for any romantic couple;


I'm not biased.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dead Can Dance (the horizontal boogie)

This post is the fourth in a series of entries wherein we take a look at Clea's desire for physicality - (previous input in this series can be found at these links: 1st entry , 2nd entry & 3rd entry).


This entry - from
Doctor Strange; Master of the Mystic Arts # 19,
by Marv Wolfman (story) and Alfredo Alcala (art)
might not be as "titillating" or "revealing" as the previous entries, but it does show just how much...CLEA LOVES SEX!


The issue ENDS with this simple panel.

That is a fairly innocent, "comic code approved" way for Clea to state what is on her mind.
That basically, CLEA LOVES SEX!


What is so amazing about her desire for lovin', is that her libido rivals that of any horn-dog man.

Here's why:

This issue takes place just after the events of the previous entry in this series [HERE] where she supposedly had "relations" with none other than "American Founding Father", Benjamin Franklin while Strange was busy, off fighting a sea-monster.

Shortly after her tryst, Strange returns and, after Clea announces that she plans to marry Ben, Strange blasts Franklin to atoms (revealing that it really wasn't Franklin after all, but the evil wizard; Stygyro in disguise - although we discuss the questions of "was it or wasn't it?" in that last entry).


Strange now has many existential and mystical quandaries to face, and as such, he goes "astral".


Communicating with his now-dead-and-as-one-with-all mentor; The Ancient One, Strange sees that there is more transpiring than meets the eye.


The Stygyro / Franklin thing being a part of a test, with more to come, Strange takes Clea and they bid their leave from their host Benjamin Franklin... but not before Ben gives Clea a kiss to the hand, which, like a kiss to the neck, can get some women's blood warm.


Strange has a major conundrum to face. The fate of life and all-there-is being bandied about, and his own path as Sorcerer Supreme hanging in the balance, it comes to a head with THIS scene:

Clea, now dead and skeletal, STILL has her own hot urges!
"Do you still want me now? I can still be yours if you do!"


Under ANY other circumstances, and with (almost) ANY other woman, the chances for intimacy would be shot to hell (think about it - with some rare exceptions, God bless 'em - women almost always state that they usually need to be in the precise right juxtaposition of mental, physical and emotional balance in order to be "in the mood" for sex).
Not Clea.

  • She had carnal relations with "Ben Franklin".
  • She agreed to marry him.
  • She watched him get blasted to vapor and revealed to be an evil sorcerer.
  • She found that he, the man she was going to marry, was alive but had no "history" with her.
  • She was then turned into a dead similacrum of herself.
(That's a hell of a lot more to complain about than the usual; "I have a headache".)
And ALL that in a matter of a day.

And at the end of that day, when all this was over, and her "main" lover announces that he has decided to renounce godlike abilities in order to remain "just a man", she STILL has only one thing on her mind.

"There are NEEDS a woman has that only a MAN can satisfy."