Friday, February 12, 2010

Dr. Strange : Valentine Supreme!
By the Hoary Hosts of Hallmark?

This is for the young lovers out there... just to show you how high the dating bar has been set by Doctor Stephen Strange.

Cards? Candy? Flowers?
Not good enough.
Try summoning up an emissary from a hellish domain so you can hook up with your lady love.

And THAT is just the beginning.


Guys, gals... let me ask you:
How do most guys show their girlfriends that they love them? *
A card? Flowers? A Box of candy?

And if their object of affection is someone that they have lost contact with, how do guys go about hooking up with their long-lost love?
A Google search? Facebook?

When Doctor Strange found that he could wait no longer to search for his lost love - CLEA - who had been sent into an interdimensional limbo (by the Ancient One who was seeking to protect her from the wrath of the Unspeakable UMAR the Unrelenting), Strange pulled out the stops and called forth the Herald of Satannish, from the deep chasms between worlds, with a rhyme that puts your lame Hallmark card to shame.

from DOCTOR STRANGE v.1 # 171
words by Roy Thomas, art by Tom Palmer (pencils) & Dan Adkins (inks)

Of course, Satannish's minion does not help Strange to find Clea any further than this, and it's up to Doc to travel through dimensions with Victoria Bentley (because, only with another mystic female can Strange pierce the spell by which Clea is protected - of course, making an awkward love-triangle in the process) to then battle against Dormammu to rescue CLEA (and, of course, Victoria as well, who had also been captured)!

Doc had to USE Victoria Bentley to help him rescue Clea.
That is because NOTHING makes your GF know just how much you love her than if you screw over another woman, one who loves you and worships the ground upon which you walk, in order to hook up with her.

Of course, once Strange gets Clea to Earth, in the process of trying to set her up in an apartment and help her start her life, he has to run through the gauntlet of; Lord Nekron, the Sons of Satnnish, Tiboro, Ymir and Surtur and an evil doppleganger!

All this takes place between Doctor Strange v1 171 - 178 and Avengers vol.1 # 61

So, guys... if love is on your mind this St. Valentine's, don't complain if you have to show a little effort.
Remember, it could be a LOT worse.

* Of course, this goes the same for any romantic couple;


I'm not biased.


Anonymous said...

I know your footnote is *meant* to be funny, but including Farmer/Sheep is a little bit offensive and insulting to the aforementioned Guy/Girl, Guy/Guy, Girl/Girl, especially since many people still think that legitimizing 2/3 of that list will actually lead to the rest. Just a suggestion

~P~ said...

damn... y'know... I DID think that might be a problem "perception-wise".

But, I had hoped that the inclusion of Bigfoot/Chupicabra
might have alleviated the possible negative aspect.

Since I DID have that same thought as your concern, I'll ditch that one "coupling".

Just to make it clear, I have NO problems with love of any kind.
(well... EXCEPT maybe for Farmer/Sheep)

John Sisson said...

Not to correct the mighty -P-, but in Strange Tales 155 I think Clea was banished to save her from Umar (Dormammu's sister).

~P~ said...

Curse me for a novice!!!

Yes, John, you are correct.
It WAS from Umar which the Ancient One sought to protect Clea.

Dammit... I KNEW that.
My blog-mojo is seriously out of whack.

I'm going to chalk up my error due to the appearance by DORMAMMU in this issue (and the battle with him that takes place next issue).

Still, no excuse will make up for my shame.

It has been corrected.

Anonymous said...

Thank you... I know you don't have a problem w/ it, I just thought that including Farmer/Sheep was out of step & would dip into sore feelings with any gay readers you have (like me).

Now, if you had put Human/Mutant, that would start a fight. ;)

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