Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dead Can Dance (the horizontal boogie)

This post is the fourth in a series of entries wherein we take a look at Clea's desire for physicality - (previous input in this series can be found at these links: 1st entry , 2nd entry & 3rd entry).


This entry - from
Doctor Strange; Master of the Mystic Arts # 19,
by Marv Wolfman (story) and Alfredo Alcala (art)
might not be as "titillating" or "revealing" as the previous entries, but it does show just how much...CLEA LOVES SEX!


The issue ENDS with this simple panel.

That is a fairly innocent, "comic code approved" way for Clea to state what is on her mind.
That basically, CLEA LOVES SEX!


What is so amazing about her desire for lovin', is that her libido rivals that of any horn-dog man.

Here's why:

This issue takes place just after the events of the previous entry in this series [HERE] where she supposedly had "relations" with none other than "American Founding Father", Benjamin Franklin while Strange was busy, off fighting a sea-monster.

Shortly after her tryst, Strange returns and, after Clea announces that she plans to marry Ben, Strange blasts Franklin to atoms (revealing that it really wasn't Franklin after all, but the evil wizard; Stygyro in disguise - although we discuss the questions of "was it or wasn't it?" in that last entry).


Strange now has many existential and mystical quandaries to face, and as such, he goes "astral".


Communicating with his now-dead-and-as-one-with-all mentor; The Ancient One, Strange sees that there is more transpiring than meets the eye.


The Stygyro / Franklin thing being a part of a test, with more to come, Strange takes Clea and they bid their leave from their host Benjamin Franklin... but not before Ben gives Clea a kiss to the hand, which, like a kiss to the neck, can get some women's blood warm.


Strange has a major conundrum to face. The fate of life and all-there-is being bandied about, and his own path as Sorcerer Supreme hanging in the balance, it comes to a head with THIS scene:

Clea, now dead and skeletal, STILL has her own hot urges!
"Do you still want me now? I can still be yours if you do!"


Under ANY other circumstances, and with (almost) ANY other woman, the chances for intimacy would be shot to hell (think about it - with some rare exceptions, God bless 'em - women almost always state that they usually need to be in the precise right juxtaposition of mental, physical and emotional balance in order to be "in the mood" for sex).
Not Clea.

  • She had carnal relations with "Ben Franklin".
  • She agreed to marry him.
  • She watched him get blasted to vapor and revealed to be an evil sorcerer.
  • She found that he, the man she was going to marry, was alive but had no "history" with her.
  • She was then turned into a dead similacrum of herself.
(That's a hell of a lot more to complain about than the usual; "I have a headache".)
And ALL that in a matter of a day.

And at the end of that day, when all this was over, and her "main" lover announces that he has decided to renounce godlike abilities in order to remain "just a man", she STILL has only one thing on her mind.

"There are NEEDS a woman has that only a MAN can satisfy."



cerebus660 said...

Good girl!!

Anonymous said...

Through curling uprising lace of incense, I consider the casting of this fertile duchess of the ether in the right feature film version of the Doctor...who could capture her silky femininity, cosmic insurgency and fecund appetites...yeah, besides Megan Fox in an old lady wig...Mayhaps at one time, Michelle Pfeiffer with some expert curlycue, you'd go to Charlize Theron sure, but...

~P~ said...

Hmmmm.... so if I read the use of pronouns correctly, "Generic Viagra" is a woman.

A woman hawking the Wilted-Wang-Wonder known as "Viagra"...
Seems like someone who wants more "men-of-action" out there.

Someone like... Clea.



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