Wednesday, December 30, 2009

with some help from the SILVER AGE!


LOOKIE HERE BOOZE-HOUNDS (and soft drink aficionados)!

In time for a NEW YEAR'S EVE toast, from their new "SILVER AGE" collection comes a NEW 'TOON TUMBLER from those folks at PopFun Merchandise...

"Silver Age"

Like most of their wares, this 'Toon Tumbler holds a full pint of your favorite cold beverage and is very well made.

As if stepping out from the "corner box" of old and standing astride the old Silver-age Marvel Comics Group logo, Doctor Strange and his original title logo are featured prominently!

The artwork for this pose was taken from the cover to STRANGE TALES v1 # 160 by Dan Adkins.

Oddly, that choice meant that someone from PopFun would have to "fill-in" the parts of the illustration that were concealed by other figures on the cover.

Take a look.

The golden edge design and both feet are the biggest items that required fill-in touch-up art.
The art touch ups are ok.
Personally, it seems like Doc's feet might be a little short, but not by much.
The gilded edge-work is ok. It's in the same style and patterns as the "real" cover art.

All in all the only error that is plainly evident is that someone colored the inner part of the cloak as being "yellow" gild (as seen under Doc's left arm) when it should be red (see the cover).
That's a common mistake from colorists. Too many have misenterpreted something as being a continuation of the yellow edge-work, when it really isn't.

Hopefully, you'll be drinking some good nog from this otherwise BEAUTIFUL tumbler and won't be able to notice the one flaw.


As any long-time reader of this blog knows, this is not the only DR STRANGE 'Toon Tumbler that I have featured here.

There were a couple of others - which can be found at this linkee [HERE].
One was exactly a year ago, and the other was from within days of my starting this here blog.
Those were both variants from the "BRONZE-AGE" collection.

Still, the overall quality and beauty of these products continue to be fantastic.
Available from their website for a mere $10.99 (plus shipping) this item can be yours.
(or any of the other 12 new "Silver Age" tumblers - featuring such heroes as:
Silver Surfer, Wolverine, Hulk, Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron-Man, Daredevil, Thor, Fantastic Four (group), The Thing and the Human Torch!)

Sadly, they seem to have discontinued the special packaging that was previously available with prior tumblers. Sad. It was nice.

Anyway, visit their web-site [HERE] and order yours now - and tell 'em that Sanctum Sanctorum Comix sent ya.
(not that I'll get anything, but I like helping out - and that feeling when my ears buzz... unless it's tinnitus... still, nothing that a good drink won't help me ignore.)


***Behind the scenes factoid***

I had originally meant to feature this tumbler in yesterday's "...And now a Word from DOOM!" post (as seen [HERE]), - in fact, it was the entire reason for that video-clip - but the Doctor Doom head mug I used was obviously a better choice.
Anyway, there's no shortage here of goblets and tankards from which I may imbibe and slake my thirst!


Anyhoo, until I suffer from CirrhOSHTUR of the liver...Here's a toast to YOU!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

...And now a word from DOOM!
Episode III


Yet again, Dr Doom takes a moment from his busy schedule of planning world domination to impart one word of his magnificent wisdom upon us all.

What shall he say today?


--- And now a Commercial Announcement ---

This post brought to you by...


The ONLY NOG approved by DOOM!


- That NOG label could be the worst bit of "Design" I've ever done. Hastily done or not.
If it were an ACTUAL product, it wouldn't be so busy, but as a one-shot prop, it has to have a bunch of elements that might not normally be required. Or at least - laid out better.
But, I'd imagine DOOM's ego being so rampant that ALL Latverian product must require his "seal" of approval upon them, and that seal should take up 1/3 of the top portion of the package and/or label.

- Hmmm... speaking of shoddy-looking... Castle Doom is looking a tad shabby there. Draperies all mussed up and junk.
You'd think that there would be constant clean-up and tidying crews of Doombots (or serfs) who would tend to these things, what with the constant invasions and battles.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

...And now a word from DOOM!
Episode II


Once again, Dr Doom takes a moment from his busy schedule of planning world domination to impart one word of his magnificent wisdom upon us all.

What shall he say today?


- This is wrong on EVERY level. **

** (But... it does seem quite comfy.)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

...And now a word from DOOM!
Episode 1

Dr Doom takes a moment from his busy schedule of planning world domination to impart one word of his magnificent wisdom upon us all.

What shall he say today?

(humbug!) *

-personally, I like how the credits are longer than the actual vid.
* (and that DOOM feels above the limitations of the "one word" restrictions, thus getting two words in via guile)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Diablo ex Machina
Blogging about NOT blogging is a sin

There are many times in my life that I feel cursed and put-upon by fate.
Such times are when I feel kinship most with lovable perennial losers like "Peter Parker", Howard the Duck or, maybe even moreso... Richard Rory
(close friend of the Man-Thing. Look him up on your interwebs... or just use the handy link by his name)

Usually, I take these things in stride, (with the occasional burst of colorful ephithets and expletives,) all the while realizing that things could be worse.

Under normal circumstances, these speed-bumps in my road of life aren't things that others might notice, as they may not impede my way completely in whatever tasks that need be done.

However, in the case of my blogging... the latest incident is the equivalent of a tire blowout and I have no real spare (or more accurately, I DO have a spare, but I don't have the jack).

If "Deus ex Machina" means "God from the Machine", a way of saying that some powerful force - usually one for "good" - is tampering with the natural order of things in the material world, then I am suffering (perhaps fairly literally) from the opposite; "Diablo ex Machina" - the DEVIL from the Machine... or perhaps more accurately... devil IN the machine.

As any of you who have been readers of this blog may know, I have been utilizing a laptop on-loan to me from a good friend (after "my" laptop had to be returned to my former employer after I was downsized). Well, sadly, it seems to have popped a cog and gone to Hardware Heaven.

Now, I honestly don't know if the problem is that I gave it some kind of worm or virus via junk software downloaded (even though MACs don't suffer from viruses under normal situations, if you download and run a bit of bad joob-joob, it's still going to fritz out on you) or if it was something beyond my doing or control.

My buddy had told me that it was broken before he loaned it to me, but had been able to get it repaired before he did so. However, he would be unsure of how long that fix might last, before it might crap out again.

It would seem that time has come.

This is one reason why I have yet to post my reviews of many comics and animated appearances of Dr. Strange (and others) that I had intended.

This is just my long-winded way of saying that, even though I DO have other computers, that my blogging has been seriously curtailed by this event, since the only real "free" time that I have to devote to this blog is at late night hours, where I would usually work into the wee hours of morning. Something that could almost exclusively require a portable device so that I would be free of the risk of waking anyone (female or feline).

I'll try to get back to this.
The blog posts are backing up (and have been since my initial layoff in April 2009), and I was only just starting to break out of that bottleneck before this occurred.

Bear with me folks.
Hopefully I'll be able to work a bit of Necrotech, and revive the dead thing.
As Doctor Strange has said on multiple occasions;
"My abilities are limited in their effect on the physical world."

R.I.P." l'il mac on-loan-from-a-friend"


Saturday, November 21, 2009


Despite my being less-than-thrilled with the Marvel SuperHero Squad show, what kind of DOCTOR STRANGE fan would I be if I didn't at least watch the episodes that he is to be featured within?

Add to that, the fact that the DYNAMIC DEFENDERS are to be an "official" team in the next episode... I HAVE to watch it, and have to let you all know about it as well!

Cartoon Network is scheduled to air the The Super Hero Squad Show episode "Invader From The Dark Dimension!" this Saturday, (TODAY!) November 21st, 2009 at 7:30pm (ET)

The SuperHeroSquad cover homage to the original cover to...


Here's how the official press release reads:

The Defenders Must Save The Super Hero Squad!

By the Hoary Hosts of Hogarth (should be Hoggoth), there be a new super hero team on the rise in this week’s all-new episode of The Super Hero Squad Show, debuting at 7:30 PM Eastern on Cartoon Network! Baron Mordo transforms Iron Man into the evil “Iron Menace”, a deadly threat who overcomes both the Lethal Legion and the Squad! But when Silver Surfer and Hulk team with Dr. Strange and Valkyrie to form “The Defenders,” the forces of good will “Hero Up!” like never before! Gossip Girl alumni Michelle Trachtenberg reprises her role as Valkyrie in this exciting new episode of the most action-packed, family friendly series in the universe!

Plus, don’t miss the new Marvel Super Hero Squad series, jam-packed with your favorite Marvel heroes and all-ages action, in comic shops now!

Tune into the Cartoon Network at 7:30 PM on Saturday to “Hero Up!” with your favorite characters in the Marvel Universe—or any other—in an all-new episode of The Super Hero Squad Show!

I'll post a review in a few days, after I watch and digest the episode.
One can only hope that Baron Mordo makes a better showing than he did in his first appearance (review [HERE]).

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I'm trying to get a few posts together here on a myriad of subjects, but just can't seem to get my motor runnin'.
So, while I'm trying to infuse myself with some high-octane super-unleaded, I thought I'd share THIS little thing as seen on MAXIM online.

12 Superheroes Who Should Be On '70s Vans

- and -
make the list!

Check it out! [HERE]
But if this van's a rockin...

Saturday, October 31, 2009



Welcome to a
of the
- HALLOWEEN - 2009!

This post is to hopefully make good on a promise that I had made in LAST YEAR's Halloween post [HERE] wherein, after I showcased all of the Ben Cooper Dr. Strange Halloween costumes (y'know... those "plastic smock and mask" types that everyone knew from childhood?), I said that I'd post pics of my very OWN homemade Doctor Strange costumes (one of which was featured as a winner in an old WIZARD Magazine Costume Contest).

I pulled a "trick" on you last year and wasn't able to pull the pics together in time.

To make amends, I have scanned in not only the page from the old issue of Wizard (showing me in full mystic raiment), but also pulled together the photos that I sent in to the contest, waaaay back in 1997!

Yes. That's right. These photos of me are over 10 years old.
I look even MORE like Doc NOW, because the grey hairs are REAL.

This is the page from the "All Dressed Up With No Place To Go - 6th Annual Wizard Costume Contest" . Issue # 75

"Peter Knight" is only but one of the many pseudonyms that I used in my lines of work back then.
That was the nom-de-plume that I used for my comic book work, so I thought it appropriate to use for the contest.

For their privacy, I have blacked out all the other names that appeared on the page alongside my own.

Back then, Wizard was prone to having one "pants" joke per issue. I won the dubious honor of having the joke tagged to "my" word-balloon.

Still, they sent me a huge sack of signed comics and other goodies swag, so who's to complain?

Here are the covers for that issue.

Lady Death by Hughes - and - JLA by Alex Ross

The strange thing is, from that tiny, blurry photo, some people were able to recognize and remember me, so that months later, I'd get the occasional "Hey. I saw you in Wizard!"

The best/worst such instance, was just after I had married and moved from Long Island to upstate NY (near the original Woodstock site), I walked into a comic book shoppe in Middletown, NY and some hot goth chick recognized me and said; "Hey! You're the guy from the Wizard contest! Doctor Strange!"

Who knew I could get the attention of hot goth chicks that way?
At any time before my betrothal, I would have been inclined to chat up the goth girl.
But, I was by then married a month or two, so all I said was; "Yeah. That was me".

So now, for your approval (and derisive laughter), I shall showcase those [0]1997 photos here on my blog.


This classic costume, I had made with an old friend of mine, even further back - in 1987!
Yes. The costume was already 10 years old by the time that these pics were taken.
Truthfully, however, I do make a new tunic/shirt every few years.
The one in these pics is the 3rd tunic since the costume was first made.

I'd worn this garb to several costume contests and had always won some prize while wearing it.
These photos, sadly, do not do it justice.

Casting a spell

Contemplating the mysteries of the Crystal orb

Summoning forth images of other realms from the orb


Now, well over 20 years since it's creation, with many moves and packing and re-packing, the costume could use a little refurbishing.
That is why I hadn't taken NEW pics of myself in the costume.
(I sent it to be patched up by Enitharmon the Weaver, but can't pick it up because I lost the claim check ticket.)

Still, that wasn't the only costume that I have.
This variation (remember this one that Doc wore at the end of his "Sorcerer Supreme" series?) was made during that time-frame. I believe it was in late 1995.

The Crystal Orb and the Book of the Vishanti!

A skull from the Crypts of Kaa-U


In a future post, I'll give you an up-close look at my home-made EYE of AGAMOTTO!
I would have included it in this post, but it truly deserves it own individual post.
It took over 3 years to get to it, but that promised up-close look at the Eye has finally been made a reality! Check it out [HERE]!


That's all for this year. Consider this my "telecommuting" of my "trick-or-treating", and you can send my goodies via electronic message in the comments section!

And to all of you "Hoary Hosts" out there tonight...


Friday, October 30, 2009

- part 5 : "THE END" OF GARMENTS!

Welcome back, to this, Part 5 of a series of posts that will seek to catalogue my extensive collection of Doctor Strange (and related 6-Dimensions characters) apparel!

Previous parts of this series:

- part 1 : CAPS and TIES

can be found at those links.


- Placed in chronological order of manufacture and release! -
(... I KNOW! I NEVER thought I'd have more than one article of Doctor Strange related underwear to blog about!) 

Today's installment concludes my primary collection of Doctor Strange apparel, with what could be called the "bottom"-line... or "the end" of my collection's clothing options:


This is the shot from the back-side of the shorts.
The front is exactly the same, but this view is less broken up by the wang-window.

DOCTOR STRANGE, as drawn by Marshall Rodgers, can be found on the far right, between Psylocke and Jean (Phoenix) Grey.

While not present on the outside of the garment, there is, when worn, a "Giant-Sized Man-Thing" may lurk inside of the boxers. Yes. I made "that joke". Everyone does. So sue me.

No. Seriously. Oddly enough, while nearly every character who ever had his or her own title is represented on these boxers - the Macabre MAN-THING is conspicuous by his absence.
Could it have been a deliberate decision?

Was it ever heard in some design room; "Ye GODS man! What do you think you're doing? You can't put the image of a character who is called 'Man-Thing' on men's boxers! You just jumped from subliminal, past liminal straight to super-liminal! Do you want Tipper Gore to bring the hammer down on us? Erase it! ERASE IT - NOW!!!"

eh. Maybe that never happened.

Although, not all of the possible transgressions were discovered:
Notice DR DOOM and RED SKULL are up to no good in a very "inappropriate" area.
No good can come from that.


These boxer shorts were purchased in 1995, although the tag states that they are copyright 1994.
The story of their acquisition is as thus:
At one time or another, everyone who gets to know me well enough get to know what kind of insane DOCTOR STRANGE fan that I am, and they sometimes take it upon themselves to be on high-alert to inform me if they see ANYTHING with the good Doctor represented thereupon.

One day while I was at work (back in those days, it was at an Antiquarian BookShoppe / Comic shoppe), and one of my work-buds calls me up to tell me that he sees Doc on a pair of UNDERWEAR at a local store, and that if I want them (if I didn’t ALREADY own a pair - he couldn’t know for sure), that I should hustle on down quickly, since there were only a few remaining.
So, I immediately took my lunch-break and drove quickly (minding the posted speed-limit, of course) to the store (K-Mart... iirc).
There were three pairs remaining, two men's and one boy's, so I bought them all.
The plan being to wear the two men's pair and save the "boy's small" for my collection.
When I took them to the register to pay for them, the LOOK that the woman behind the counter gave me was PRICELESS!
She looked at me warily, like I was using these things to lure young boys to my van or something.
I wasn’t sure if I should tell her that they were for ME or not (with the explanation that I’m a collector of a weird comic character and that, yes, even boys underwear are fair game…), so I just paid for them and got the hell out of there before she could trigger the silent alarm.
Ahh… the things I have done for my collection.

Good blog fodder?
Also, Yes.


*UPDATED Jan-09-2011*

Pulling up the "rear" of this "brief" entry... is this new pair of 

Made by BRIEFLY STATED in 2010 these shorts feature a who's-who of Marvel characters.

A detail of the shorts shows Doc next to his old Strange Tales book-buddy: Nick Fury!
The very fact that Nick Fury's GUN and Mr. Fantastic's "stretchy-parts" are on the wang-window is a little disturbingly "coincidental" for my tastes.
 Doctor Strange is the ONLY character found on the INSIDE of the shorts...
he is placed strategically on the wang-flap.
Cool? - or - Disturbing! : YOU DECIDE!

 (sized XL, ensures that I will NEVER be able to wear these. Not unless there are two of me in there.)

 While the front of the boxer shorts seems to have all of the heroes who either HAVE HAD, or in the case of Doc (and Iron Fist and Black Panther), WILL HAVE a film deal, the rear of the shorts is just a mash-up of various villains, some having had movie incarnations and others... not so much.
Or at least, not yet (lookin' at YOU Hobgoblin, Lizard and Sentinals... and I'm not sure if that cloud in the 2nd FF movie ever counted as Galactus).

 Lizard seems ready to do a proctological exam with that tail!

 I should give proper thanks to Howard Hallis, once again, who saw these in a WalMart and, as the awesome friend he is, bought one for me as well.
Good thing, too, because I happened to have been in a WalMart a few days later and these were not available.
Since, I hardly ever frequent the store, I'd have missed out for sure.

Both of our wives thought it odd that one, straight, adult man would buy underpants for another, straight, adult man...
To this we say; "But... DOCTOR STRANGE...!" ... and that's all that is needed for understanding (or at least begrudging acceptance) to settle in.


Oddly enough, because when I originally wrote this blog entry with the first pair of Marvel Boxers, I never thought that I'd ever see another such item again, and so, I padded out the rest of the article with the following silliness.


In keeping with my original justification (as mentioned in part 1 of this series) for running all of these garments as potential "Halloween costume-wear" (because as shown LAST year, in the post found [HERE], those old kiddie costumes were nothing more than plastic smocks with the picture and name of the character you were supposedly portraying. So, how is wearing a t-shirt and boxer shorts with a cap instead of a lame mask any different?), I present to you this (very hastily done) composite:

"Trick or Treat!"
If she were to ring my bell... well... she could take ALL the candy!

Anyway, that nonsense with the mannequin aside, these boxers are nifty and everything, but NOTHING would have been cooler to me than if there were Dr. Strange UNDEROOS when I was a kid!
C'mon! You all remember Underoos!
"Underwear that's FUN to wear"?
Another hastily done bit of Photoshop.
Unfortunately, while all sorts of superheroes were being given the Underoos treatment (Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Captain America... all the big hitters), characters like Doctor Strange were left pantsless.
At least, until these boxers came along and included him in the pajama party.

One day soon, I'll showcase the clothing "accessories" that are in my collection (ie; patches, badges, pins, jewelery and more)!

Until then, I will also be continually updating the entries in this series - whenever new items make themselves available.
Previous parts of the

- part 1 : CAPS and TIES : [HERE]
- part 5 : "THE END" of GARMENTS  : [HERE]


"Tamam Shud!"

Thursday, October 29, 2009

- part 4 : "THE OTHERS" T-SHIRTS


Welcome back, to this, Part 4 of a series of posts that will seek to catalogue my extensive collection of Doctor Strange (and related 6-Dimensions characters) apparel!

Previous parts of this series:

- part 1 : CAPS and TIES

can be found at those links.

Today's installment continues with my collection of Doctor Strange T-SHIRTS.

As discussed last time, since I have so darn many Dr. Strange related shirts, I have to divide them all into three groups.

Today is Subsection C : "THE OTHER 6-DIMENSIONS" (meaning; shirts that may not be directly tied to Dr. Strange, but are either tangentially linked to him - or - deal with one of the other "6-Dimensions" characters that I collect)!



-Marked by Date of Entry-

Starting off this section, with shirts in no particular order, really, I'll lead off with an item that is only tied to Dr. Strange by the NAME.

This is a shirt for the underground / punk record label;


The mail-order shoppe / record label has been around since 1988, and they have numerous logo styles available. I chose this one because it emulates a classic DR. PEPPER soda logo, taking aspects from several of the old logos - and, like the old commercial jingle touted; "I'm a Pepper!", it being my favorite soft drink.

"Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper, Too?"
Previous Dr. Pepper logos.

However, Dr. Strange Records has NOTHING to do with the comic character (with perhaps a love of the character by the owner of the label - maybe. I've never read anything to that regard)
For more info, a link to Dr. Strange Records can be found [HERE].

I'm not really a big fan of punk, (although, I have been known to like some,) but with a logo like that, and the name of Dr. Strange emblazoned upon it, how could I not own one?


*UPDATED Sept-02-2010*

While keeping in the line of "Logos", this next one, from COMIC IMAGES in 1993 is one of the freakiest, most garish shirts in my collection (and that includes my Hawaiian-themed shirts)! Honestly, it was tough talking myself into buying this one. However, the fact that there's an actual Dr. Strange logo on it (bottom center) was the writing on the wall... or in this case, shirt. It was a "fait accompli".

Looks like it was made out of kiddie bed-sheets.

Let's move on. The less said about this one, the better.


However, as I mentioned earlier, not all of these shirts will have any link to Doc - at all (although, there ARE more of those, and I'll get back to them in a little while), but instead some tie to one or more of the other characters that I collect.

Like the "Dr. Pepper" style logo above, not all shirts in my collection are going to be mass-market releases either.
There are a few that are small press or even "bootleg" style items as well.

One such item deals with one of my all-time favorite characters, and one of the "Trinity" of characters that my entire basis of comic love originates (and for anyone interested in THAT little history lesson, feel free to visit this link which details the reasoning for such [HERE])...


This shirt has been featured on the blog before, sorta.
On my most recent birthday, I posted [HERE] a complete showcase of the ROM "action figure / doll / toy" and also posted a YouTube video that I had made of myself showing how the figure worked.
In the video, I was wearing one of these ROM shirts.

The artwork used on the shirt is a reworking of this old ad piece (, found on the website of ROM creator Bing McCoy - [HERE]).

That image is, in itself, a reworking of this old in-house Marvel ad for the ROM comic book.

artwork by series' artist; Sal Buscema

However, as lovely as the shirt is, (and of nice quality, as well,) it is not an official product, since the rights for ROM SPACEKNIGHT are deep in legal limbo. Thus, the only way to obtain a shirt showing your love of ROM is to make one yourself, or find a bootleg.


Not all of my "6-Dimensions" characters need to have underground artists silkscreening away in basement sweatshops. This one for the SCARLET WITCH was officially released in 2007 by Marvel license-holder; Mad Engine.

I loves me the Scarlet Witch. 'Nuff Said

Here's a shirt, from the early 2000's, by Graphitti Designs featuring many characters from the MARVEL KNIGHTS sector of Marvel's stable.

Yes, Dr. Strange was indeed part of the KNIGHTS' imprint, and as such, there is a link to him that qualifies for inclusion into my collection.

However, this shirt features the cover art, by Joe Quesada, for the cover to issue # 1 of the Knights "team" title, of which Doc only guest-starred in three issues.Still, even without that link to Dr. Strange, I may have bought this item solely because of the KNIGHTS' name, and the fact that it features DAGGER (bottom right) whom, with her teammate CLOAK, is one corner of my "6-Dimensions" collector's interest.


*UPDATED Sept-02-2010*

From licensee, JUNK FOOD this shirt, released in 2009 is a reprinting of the cover to the old "Bring On The Bad Guys" book, released by Fireside publications way back in 1976 and featuring some amazing artwork by John Romita (senior).

Featuring DORMAMMU, MEPHISTO and DR. DOOM (and even LOKI) this was a must have for my collection.

I'm not evil, I just dress that way.

The original publication cover is here in all its kick-ass glory.

Someone needs to get this whole thing tattooed on their back.
Not me though. I'm just sayin'. Someone need to.


Next is an item with a very loose tie to not only Dr. Strange, but also my other main comic book fave; MAN-THING!
This shirt, while being cool enough to GLOW-IN-THE-DARK, also features characters in the loosely-affiliated IMAGE publishing universe -


Close-up of the shirt image.
Taken from the cover to BIG BANG # 15, the shirt features the artwork by Steve Bissette.
While "The BOG", a Man-Thing / Swamp-Thing type of creature is a creation of recent talents, DR. WEIRD, however, has a history going as far back as 1963, and was even drawn in an early fan-based work by Jim Starlin! (For more info on Dr. Weird try [HERE]).


Looking at that shirt with Dr. Weird on it, it's hard to ignore the similarities to his chest-design "demon" and Dr. Strange's. They're almost identical.

The next shirt in my collection has a slim tie to Strange's demon symbol, as well as an old costume that he only wore on a few separate occasions.

This shirt, produced by Graphitti Designs in the year 2000, features the bat-symbol for the character of Terry McGuinness also known as "Batman" (in the BatMan Beyond - aka Batman of the Future) animated series!

So, WHY would there be any link between Batman Beyond and Dr. Strange?

In several interviews (one such being printed in issue # 1 of the now defunct; Comicology magazine, by TwoMorrows Press), Bruce Timm, the creator of many animated series, stated that the old costume worn by Dr. Strange - the one with the full face mask - was such a cool look that it served as the inspiration for the look for the Batman Beyond costume. Here is one image of that Dr. Strange costume as drawn by Bruce Timm.
So, there is that one link to Dr. Strange and is reason enough for my collector's mania to think it proper for inclusion into a Dr. Strange collection.
However, there is another slight link to Dr. Strange as well, that might exist.

With the success of the Batman Beyond character and his edgy look, it might be possible that the creators of Marvel's "MC2" universe (basically 10 years into the future of the 616 universe), may have used that look as the jumping off point for one of their new characters. In the same world as SPIDER-GIRL, A-Next and other new heroes, Doctor Strange, has grown older and lost his ties to the Vishanti, and so a new Sorcerer Supreme was chosen...

(aka Dormagus - who seemed to be that realities' son of Dr. Strange and Clea)

His demon symbol being bright red and looking fairly similar to the bat symbol from Batman Beyond, but all the while also wearing a black & red skin-tight costume like that Batman character, as well as a full face-mask like that Batman as well as the old Dr. Strange costume.

Worlds within worlds - I see links where there may be none, but which would be hard to dismiss outright.


That isn't the only crazy, hair-brained reason to my having a shirt in my collection.
This next one, another Graphitti Designs product, from 2001, featured the star-burst symbol that emblazoned the costume of Genis-Vell; Captain Marvel (and the son of Mar-Vell; the original Marvel comics' Captain Marvel).
I don't claim any real link to Dr Strange other than that the same symbol was also used on the "final" version of the costume for the TV movie of Doctor Strange.

Peter Hooton wearing the costume as designed by long-time comic artist Frank Brunner.

The star burst symbol was also the "signature" of sorts for long-time comic artist, TV and movie storyboard artist and designer; Frank Brunner. He designed that costume for the Dr. Strange TV movie (a complete history and run down of all things pertaining to that movie can be found in a previous series of posts found [HERE]), and as such, I thought it appropriate to include in my collection.
Yes. My mania had gone 'round the bend by that time.


We'll continue along with another item that is only tangentially linked to Doctor Strange, and also via the realm of television.
Actually, TWO shirts that feature the SAME link.

From the animated series; The VENTURE BROS, (a twisted take on Johnny Quest type charcters, mixed with a steep geek-cred of comic book archetypes) comes...


In show commentary from the DVD's as well as many interviews, creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer have stated that (as if it weren't totally obvious) Dr. Orpheus IS their version of Dr. Strange.

To watch Dr. Orpheus in action makes it IMPOSSIBLE to not read any Dr. Strange appearance without "hearing" his lines spoken in Orpheus' over-the-top melodramatic delivery.
Impossible, I say!

While the previous shirt is yet another unofficial bootleg product, (it was also mentioned in the commentary for the fist season DVD as their being aware of it, it being a bad knock-off, but it being fair game - due to the dearth of actual product that the fans clamored for), the creators of the show DID finally get around to producing a line of shirts - that were available on a VERY limited basis.

One of which features the logo that serves as the symbol and "calling card" to his team of mystic heroes;

My two TRIAD shirts pictured along with mailing packet and illustrated receipt showing my "induction" into the Venture Bros "Shirt Club".

The symbol of The ORDER of the TRIAD!

The ORDER of the TRIAD includes Dr. O and two other mystic heroes;
Jefferson Twilight - Blackula Hunter (an homage to Marvel character; BLADE)
The Alchemist (possibly a Dr. DRUID homage, but not an outright one)

This team seems to me to be along the MIDNIGHT SONS type of team, and that, along with the Dr. Strange tie-in make this a definite MUST to any Dr. Strange collection!



This next shirt is something that, as of the time of this writing, I have not yet received, but I DID order... and should have on Feb. 15th, 2011. I have now received, along with the Special Edition of the Marvel vs Capcom3 game!
Offered as an incentive exclusive for pre-ordering the Marvel vs Capcom3 game direct from the Capcom website, this shirt, deigned by "Meat Bun", entitled "Waste of Flesh" features none other than SHUMA GORATH!



*UPDATED Oct-09-2011*

This shirt  is perhaps one of my favorites in my collection. Something that is so friggin' cool, that I really NEED another one! (- as I will explain in a moment.)

Another of the 2011 limited edition exclusives by STUSSY x MARVEL (as seen with the DOCTOR STRANGE solo shirt in the Oct. 09, 2011 update for the  - part 2 : SOLO APPEARANCE T-SHIRTS. category), this shirt features classic Steve Ditko creation, and Doctor Strange entity - ETERNITY as redrawn by Will Sweeney.

Peace, man!

Black ink with details in SILVER on a simple, grey tee, this is perhaps one of the coolest of the Stussy shirts and one that I really, really, really want another of, so that I can WEAR it!

"But, PTOR..." I hear you ask, "Why not just wear the one that you have?"
Well, folks. But for two reasons, I would.

You see... even if I did want to wear this one - and thus cause its inevitable wear and tear and destruction (which I won't, since it is so cool, so don't ask me) I really can't wear THIS ONE... because it is in a size MEDIUM. I could probably fit onto a medium, as I am svelte of built, with a dancer's/swimmer's body, but I typically prefer my shirts to be in a LARGE, as I like the freedom of movement and minor drapery that a slightly larger size provides.

And so, I can only look upon my Eternity shirt entombed within it's plastic sarcophagus -  thus, and dream of what might be.


Come back tomorrow for the 5th (and theoretically final) installment of this series:

- part 5 : "THE END" OF GARMENTS!