Tuesday, December 29, 2009

...And now a word from DOOM!
Episode III


Yet again, Dr Doom takes a moment from his busy schedule of planning world domination to impart one word of his magnificent wisdom upon us all.

What shall he say today?


--- And now a Commercial Announcement ---

This post brought to you by...


The ONLY NOG approved by DOOM!


- That NOG label could be the worst bit of "Design" I've ever done. Hastily done or not.
If it were an ACTUAL product, it wouldn't be so busy, but as a one-shot prop, it has to have a bunch of elements that might not normally be required. Or at least - laid out better.
But, I'd imagine DOOM's ego being so rampant that ALL Latverian product must require his "seal" of approval upon them, and that seal should take up 1/3 of the top portion of the package and/or label.

- Hmmm... speaking of shoddy-looking... Castle Doom is looking a tad shabby there. Draperies all mussed up and junk.
You'd think that there would be constant clean-up and tidying crews of Doombots (or serfs) who would tend to these things, what with the constant invasions and battles.


plok said...

HA! Man, that's already bananas, and I didn't even hear what word it was!

~P~ said...

Glad you liked it.
The word of the day was; "NOG".
(as in "Egg Nog"... although now that you mention it... BANANA NOG would be awesome too))

Anyway... the mask makes it hard to hear, no matter how well I might enunciate.

Problem is, it's just ONE word from Doom, so there's no time for anyone's ears to get acclimated to the volume or muffled aspect of it all.

That's why I posted the word that is said in the title (and below) each "episode".

I've been getting some favorable feedback on these, so.. maybe there will be more in the future.

(I need silver gloves though)

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