Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Diablo ex Machina
Blogging about NOT blogging is a sin

There are many times in my life that I feel cursed and put-upon by fate.
Such times are when I feel kinship most with lovable perennial losers like "Peter Parker", Howard the Duck or, maybe even moreso... Richard Rory
(close friend of the Man-Thing. Look him up on your interwebs... or just use the handy link by his name)

Usually, I take these things in stride, (with the occasional burst of colorful ephithets and expletives,) all the while realizing that things could be worse.

Under normal circumstances, these speed-bumps in my road of life aren't things that others might notice, as they may not impede my way completely in whatever tasks that need be done.

However, in the case of my blogging... the latest incident is the equivalent of a tire blowout and I have no real spare (or more accurately, I DO have a spare, but I don't have the jack).

If "Deus ex Machina" means "God from the Machine", a way of saying that some powerful force - usually one for "good" - is tampering with the natural order of things in the material world, then I am suffering (perhaps fairly literally) from the opposite; "Diablo ex Machina" - the DEVIL from the Machine... or perhaps more accurately... devil IN the machine.

As any of you who have been readers of this blog may know, I have been utilizing a laptop on-loan to me from a good friend (after "my" laptop had to be returned to my former employer after I was downsized). Well, sadly, it seems to have popped a cog and gone to Hardware Heaven.

Now, I honestly don't know if the problem is that I gave it some kind of worm or virus via junk software downloaded (even though MACs don't suffer from viruses under normal situations, if you download and run a bit of bad joob-joob, it's still going to fritz out on you) or if it was something beyond my doing or control.

My buddy had told me that it was broken before he loaned it to me, but had been able to get it repaired before he did so. However, he would be unsure of how long that fix might last, before it might crap out again.

It would seem that time has come.

This is one reason why I have yet to post my reviews of many comics and animated appearances of Dr. Strange (and others) that I had intended.

This is just my long-winded way of saying that, even though I DO have other computers, that my blogging has been seriously curtailed by this event, since the only real "free" time that I have to devote to this blog is at late night hours, where I would usually work into the wee hours of morning. Something that could almost exclusively require a portable device so that I would be free of the risk of waking anyone (female or feline).

I'll try to get back to this.
The blog posts are backing up (and have been since my initial layoff in April 2009), and I was only just starting to break out of that bottleneck before this occurred.

Bear with me folks.
Hopefully I'll be able to work a bit of Necrotech, and revive the dead thing.
As Doctor Strange has said on multiple occasions;
"My abilities are limited in their effect on the physical world."

R.I.P." l'il mac on-loan-from-a-friend"



rogue evolent said...

I'm a relatively new follower of your blog "P" and do hope you're able to get back into the swing of things. Your writing is worth reading. And anybody who likes Dr. Strange won't be gainsayed for long.

Tektonten said...

Bummer, P, hang in there buddy. Your love of blogging will find a way to overcome.

Anonymous said...

as Wong would say, it is only through suffering that we reach transcendence

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