Wednesday, December 30, 2009

with some help from the SILVER AGE!


LOOKIE HERE BOOZE-HOUNDS (and soft drink aficionados)!

In time for a NEW YEAR'S EVE toast, from their new "SILVER AGE" collection comes a NEW 'TOON TUMBLER from those folks at PopFun Merchandise...

"Silver Age"

Like most of their wares, this 'Toon Tumbler holds a full pint of your favorite cold beverage and is very well made.

As if stepping out from the "corner box" of old and standing astride the old Silver-age Marvel Comics Group logo, Doctor Strange and his original title logo are featured prominently!

The artwork for this pose was taken from the cover to STRANGE TALES v1 # 160 by Dan Adkins.

Oddly, that choice meant that someone from PopFun would have to "fill-in" the parts of the illustration that were concealed by other figures on the cover.

Take a look.

The golden edge design and both feet are the biggest items that required fill-in touch-up art.
The art touch ups are ok.
Personally, it seems like Doc's feet might be a little short, but not by much.
The gilded edge-work is ok. It's in the same style and patterns as the "real" cover art.

All in all the only error that is plainly evident is that someone colored the inner part of the cloak as being "yellow" gild (as seen under Doc's left arm) when it should be red (see the cover).
That's a common mistake from colorists. Too many have misenterpreted something as being a continuation of the yellow edge-work, when it really isn't.

Hopefully, you'll be drinking some good nog from this otherwise BEAUTIFUL tumbler and won't be able to notice the one flaw.


As any long-time reader of this blog knows, this is not the only DR STRANGE 'Toon Tumbler that I have featured here.

There were a couple of others - which can be found at this linkee [HERE].
One was exactly a year ago, and the other was from within days of my starting this here blog.
Those were both variants from the "BRONZE-AGE" collection.

Still, the overall quality and beauty of these products continue to be fantastic.
Available from their website for a mere $10.99 (plus shipping) this item can be yours.
(or any of the other 12 new "Silver Age" tumblers - featuring such heroes as:
Silver Surfer, Wolverine, Hulk, Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron-Man, Daredevil, Thor, Fantastic Four (group), The Thing and the Human Torch!)

Sadly, they seem to have discontinued the special packaging that was previously available with prior tumblers. Sad. It was nice.

Anyway, visit their web-site [HERE] and order yours now - and tell 'em that Sanctum Sanctorum Comix sent ya.
(not that I'll get anything, but I like helping out - and that feeling when my ears buzz... unless it's tinnitus... still, nothing that a good drink won't help me ignore.)


***Behind the scenes factoid***

I had originally meant to feature this tumbler in yesterday's "...And now a Word from DOOM!" post (as seen [HERE]), - in fact, it was the entire reason for that video-clip - but the Doctor Doom head mug I used was obviously a better choice.
Anyway, there's no shortage here of goblets and tankards from which I may imbibe and slake my thirst!


Anyhoo, until I suffer from CirrhOSHTUR of the liver...Here's a toast to YOU!


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