Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NEW YEARS EVE - via a 40 year timeshift

Happy New Year's Eve, faithful friends and fellow fans!

Just a quick Doctor Strange related New Year's Eve scene.
(courtesy of DR. STRANGE v1 # 180 and Roy Thomas - words, Gene Colan - pencils & Tom Palmer - inks)

Obviously, Clea has never had to shovel any of it.
We here at the Sanctum Sanctorum "east" have been deluged with the stuff as of late, and even though a good deal of it melted away the past few days, a ripping storm is cascading new snow all around outside - as well as wind gusts of over 60MPH! So, needless to say;
"I... DON'T LIKE this... snow."

For those of you planning on attending the festivities of the Annual Ball Drop in Times Square, NYC this year, I hope you had alloted yourself more time than a half-hour before midnight before setting out. If not, the closest you'll be able to get will be standing somewhere in Brooklyn.

Allied Chemical building is no longer the name of the structure or the tenant (not that there ARE many tenants in that building any longer).
For those interested; check out THESE THREE PAGES for more info.

And as for the TOM WOLFE reference, Doctor Strange is mentioned in his novel:
The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, a fascinating look into the 1960's counter culture (primarily seen via Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters).
A great read with or without the Doctor Strange references.
(But obviously BETTER for them. - available from a handy link at the end of this post * along with a Marvel Essentials collection that features this very story. )

1969 - 2009 that's a long time to wait for that kiss.

The clock is counting down to Midnight...


If your New Year's Eve festivities go without any kind of hallucinogenic after effects, you've either partied responsibly (good for you) or you haven't partied enough (just don't get behind the wheel if you or anyone you know has seen things like this).

I'm off to go toast in the New Year!
See you NEXT YEAR in 2009!

Go buy yourself something nice:

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A STRANGE New Year...?

Reader Susannah sent me THIS piece of recent news:


From the Marvel website, Joe Quesada, Cup o' Joe column, 12-23-08:

JM: March also sees New Avengers #51 and the "Search for the new Sorcerer Supreme." Dr. Strange has been synonymous as that guy for so long…what's behind the impetus to change it?

JQ: The Marvel Universe is an unpredictable place. We have some very cool ideas for Dr. Strange and the world of the Sorcerer Supreme. I don't think I'm telling you anything you don't already know when I say that whenever Dr. Strange shows up as a supporting character, you go "Yes! This guy is so cool! Why doesn't he get his own book?" And then when we give him his own book…it doesn't seem to do all that much…

JM: Yeah, we talked about this before as "The Scottie Pippen Syndrome." He's great when Michael Jordan's around.

JQ: Yeah, exactly. There's a whole category of those guys. Dr. Strange is in that category, Nick Fury and SHIELD have always been in that category, Namor's a guy who kinda falls into that category…who else? The Silver Surfer, maybe.

So every now and then, we try to look for a new way to approach these characters,
and maybe find a new tone for story for these characters that might inject that...that
"thing", that magic - pardon the pun - that will take them to a higher level where
maybe we can launch them into a new book that will be compelling.

You know, Moon Knight was one of those characters, too, for a long time. We really got lucky with the [writer] Charlie Huston launch, and now that character's been stable and in his own series for years. If you asked me if we'd still be publishing Moon Knight several years down the road…I might have bet against it. But I love when stuff like that happens. So the search for a new sorcerer supreme will be a wonderful, redefining story for Dr. Strange, and…well, there are some big surprises coming for our fans in it.


This article found HERE.
So... what will 2009 bring to us?
A NEW Sorcerer Supreme (however temporary)?
A NEW direction and "creative interpretation" for Doctor Strange?
A NEW "STRANGE"-like disaster?
A NEW and SUCCESSFUL relaunch for the Master of the Mystic Arts?

I've been at this FAR too long to hazard a guess. Old-timers like myself have been teased far too many times to dare lay down odds (because they'd tend to be poor odds).

However, HOPE is magical.
And we are ALWAYS HOPEFUL... and thus, full of Magick!
Let us HOPE that Marvel...and DOC is filled with Magick this time around as well.

Tamam Shud!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Mystical Sensitivity and the passage of time.

While working on the upcoming "mega-post", I took a moment to have lunch, of (mostly) vegetarian Chinese, and afterwards, finished my meal with the tasty treat of the "Fortune Cookie".

Lo! Here is what it said:

"You will bring mystical sensitivity to what's around you."

As you can see... that's true.

Those fortune cookies... never wrong.
(I would have included the fortune cookie with the pic, but my stomach was mystically sensing the tasty treat needed to be eaten.)

Anyway, my sensitive mysticality is definitely keeping me from just slapping together this big post just to get it in on time (I want it to be around New Year's Day. Either the days just before or just after).

However, I will share with you a sneak peek of WHAT that post is to be about...

Specifically... the passage of YEARS!

That's right. I will be having a time-slide through the various MARVEL CALENDARS that have been released. At least, the ones that feature DOCTOR STRANGE (as well as MAN-THING & other "6-Dimensions" characters; The DEFENDERS, Scarlet Witch, Black Knight, Howard the Duck, Nightstalkers, Blade, etc...).

I'm still processing the images, and in the meantime, I'm debating whether it should all be one BIG post, or to brake it up into segments.

Only TIME will tell...

(Time has passed and while NEW additions DO continually get added, the series is complete. But time travel IS POSSIBLE on a blog, so I have come back in time to this post to now reveal the entryway for the series of posts on Marvel Calendars. The series of posts starts... HERE)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

To better toast in the New Year...

While I am working on a special "mega-post" (that will be featured here for the next day - or two!), I thought I'd enter these items that arrived at the Sanctum several days ago.

NEW DOCTOR STRANGE " 'Toon Tumblers"!
(or I should say " 'toon tumbers" redux)

Now, I know what you're saying; "Hey! You featured this on the blog back in October! This is recycled content!"
... and you'd be correct wrong. Sort of.

While I DID showcase the CLEAR version of the glass that I obtained via an authorized sales-rep, in THIS old post, it was only the clear glass and without the official packaging.

I have, since then, ordered via the official 'toon tumber web-site (here) and obtained BOTH the CLEAR and the new FROSTED version.
Each complete with display packaging - as seen above.

Frosted by Iktahlon's icy touch.

And for those who don't feel the need to go check out the old post (although, you should if you want the 411 on these), here is the pic for the clear version.

Crystal clear as the Orb of Agamotto

So, now I have THREE of these things! These new two will remain in their packaging for eternal display purposes (next to the old 7-11 tumblers) in my display cabinet, and the first one I showcased on the blog two months ago will be my new comic-reading beverage / boozin' glass.

I do believe I'll use it to toast in the New Year!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Doctor Strange appearance UPDATE!

Just a quick update on DR. STRANGE comic appearances, cameos & whatnot that have happened recently.

First up is a hidden cameo in:
by Kurt Busiek & Jay Anacleto.

Did you see him?
Look closer.

Here ya go.
Ah! Cute.
(I hope this isn't going to be another thing that I buy the whole damn mini just because of one fleeting glimpse of Doc and he'll never appear again.
Please tell me he'll be in this.)

Next up is a page from:
Brian Michael Bendis and several artists.

Doc's at the bottom of the page in a flashback to his hands getting crushed by Hulk.

The SANCTUM SANCTORUM is featured in a scene from:
No Doc, however. By Marc Sumerak (writer) and Trevor Goring (art)

Doctor Strange has a decent guest-starring role in:
Since it's a sort of re-imagining of the INFINITY GAUNTLET saga, he's in most of the issue. By Paul Tobin (story) and Patrick Sherberger (pencils).

And, as a BONUS, there's a back-up feature starring Doc & The Illuminati against (World War) HULK.
Five pages of fun stuff by Chris Giarrusso.

And lastly, an online digital exclusive (at the "Digital Comics Unlimited" website)...

Doc and the Illuminati VS Santa.

It's a (non-canon) 2-page story from the:
It's FREE to read (for a limited time) and it's FUN! So... get going!
Direct link: HERE!
(special thanks to friend of the Sanctum; Howard Hallis & reader Susannah for helping to turn my Eye of Agamotto on to this digital delight.)

Also, a pretty good BROTHER VOODOO appearance in: HULK # 9.
Doctor Strange is MENTIONED (as in; We couldn't call Strange, so here's Brother Voodoo).

That's all for today.
I've got a TON of friggin' AWESOME stuff in the works, and am just trying to figure out WHAT to feature here FIRST!

I'm hoping to have a big year-end series and then start off 2009 with a bang!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Master of the Social Arts

Today is December the 26th, and as such it is also a few OTHER days; "Boxing Day", mid-way through Hanukkah & the first day of Kwanzaa.
Now, I know next to nothing about either of those, however Stephen Strange is on top of it.

While he might not relegate such activities to just one day a year, Doc has been known to drop the whole "master / servant" thing (as is one such "Boxing Day" custom).

On more than one occasion, his (on again, off again, erstwhile and forever) manservant, WONG has been treated as an equal.

Be it in physical combat training:

As long as Doc isn't compared to Chris Tucker.
From Doctor Strange; Master of the Mystic Arts # 58.
Roger Stern (words) & Dan Green (pencils) / Terry Austin (inks).

He has also, seen his (then former-) servant treat him as less than a "master":

Who wouldn't like to do THAT to their OWN boss at least once?
Read Doctor Strange; Sorcerer Supreme # 84 to live vicariously.

Story by J.M. DeMatteis. Art by Marc Buckingham

Wong has also been "the master" on the chess board as well.
Wong has a lot of time to play Chessmaster 3000.
Doctor Strange: Flight of Bones # 2
Dan Jolley Story/Words , Tony Harris Story/Pencils, Ray Snyder Story/Inks

So, it is of no surprise that when push (or punch) literally came to shove, Strange would give credit where it is due:
Doctor Strange: The Oath # 5
Brian Vaughan story, Marcos Martin art

Despite the numerous erroneous entries to the comics-canon which state that Wong is the one who first trained Strange in the Martial Arts, it had already been noted that Strange learned the martial arts along with the mystic arts in Tibet (as mentioned in the very first scan in this entry - from Doctor Strange Master of the Mystic Arts # 58).
It IS true, quite obviously, that Wong is the one who continues Strange's studies as his superior.

Oh. And lest I forget; Strange is totally "down" with all cultures and their holiday customs.
Hanukkah & Kwanzaa included.

Yes, Cage. It IS fly. And it does, too.
Marvel Holiday Special 2005
Jeff Parker story, Reilly Brown pencils

Happy Holidays to all who observe and celebrate them!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Thus, we conclude our holiday "spectacular" Christmas image celebration with
The Spectacular SANCTUM SANCTORUM itself!
All lit and decorated for Christmas!
(Well, it IS what the blog is named after, y'know. You thought I was going to say "Spectacular Spider-Man", didn't you? Well, he's here too!)

Spidey-Claus and the Sanctum are from:

A cute little yarn from a great single issue.
Another you should hunt for if you don't already own it.
(Creative-team is printed on the page.)

As for my "gift" to you today... all I can offer, and the best we can hope for is for EVERYONE to have a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS!
Peace, Love and Joy!
from myself and the dwellers of the Sanctum Sanctorum to you and yours!
God Bless!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

... VERY ...

It's Christmas Eve and we're at our penultimate entry for this year's holiday bonanza Christmas image parade!
Today we find WONG; Dr. Strange's manservant, friend, aide, confidant and sometime-pupil getting his childhood wish granted:

To meet one of his boyhood heroes; FIN FANG FOOM (and subsequently, fight alongside him against the hoards of HYDRA while battling a giant Evil Santa robot) in:

Marvel Holiday Special 2006
It's a great little story, full of fun and evil-Santa Robot ass-kicking.
Go find a copy.
(The guilty parties responsible for this are printed on the page.)

Today's "gift" is a multiple grab-bag of reference-material goodness:

Wong's Marvel entry: HERE.
(wow. Take a look at his stats. The "fan votes" place him at super-crazy-powerful levels. If he's THAT popular why haven't any fans dedicated a site to him? Hmm?? Let's get to it people. The WONG-blog isn't going to start itself. If there WAS one, I'd be linking to it right now.)

FIN FANG FOOM's entry from those fine, dedicated fans at the
"Unofficial Appendix to the Marvel Universe Handbooks": HERE

And, I'll also toss in the Kamar-Taj entry at wikipedia. HERE.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

... A ...

Tonight's entry for my holiday festival of Christmas comic-images

Howard the Duck (magazine) # 03
Finding a Christmas image of Howard wasn't easy. Not that there's a dearth of Howard Christmas stuff. Oh, contraire! That's the problem. There are quite a few entries to this genre for old Howard.
The hard part was CHOOSING one.

Aside from this issue and the assorted stuff within (including a Howard as Santa Christmas pin-up), there's also the Howard the Duck Holiday Special (from 1997) AND a great short story from Bizarre Adventures # 34 (drawn by Paul Smith)!
I'm SURE there are more.

But, this cover was drawn by JACK DAVIS! That tipped the scales.

Tonight's "gift" to my readers is a humble little fan-site devoted to all things Howard the Duck.
It might not be a flashy site, but the proprietor is a nice guy and I'm fairly sure he was the first person to devote a site to Howard.

Check it out HERE.

Monday, December 22, 2008

... YOURSELF ...

Continuing our 5-day Christmas-themed image posts we have:

MAN-THING vol 3 # 03


Yes, again, even though I own the issue here, I'm sharing the gift of
The Grand Comics Database.
(which is where this image has been taken)
Image found HERE.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


From now until (and including) Christmas Day, the Sanctum Sanctorum Comix blog will be presenting various holiday images that feature DOCTOR STRANGE, MAN-THING and/or any of the other "6-Dimensions" characters.

First up:

Marvel Treasury Edition # 08.
Giant SuperHero Holiday Grab-Bag

(front cover - above & back cover - below)
Featuring Dr. Strange, Nick Fury, Spider-Man, Hulk & Luke Cage; Power Man
(and Santa too!)

While I do own this fabulous Treasury Edition, these pics are from the equally Treasured

Make a gift to yourself by checking out that wonderful resource.
(Tell 'em SANCTUM-CLAUS sent you!)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Idol Pursuits * : ROM; SPACE-KIT!

Check out what arrived at the Sanctum the other day...

statue / model-kits!

"Full-sized" statue/kit

BUST statue/kit

Of course, those are pics I found online of FINISHED works.
MINE, still look like THIS:


Greatest of the SpaceKITS!

These are items that I had been hunting for for several years, having stumbled across them while doing my usual online hunter/gather expeditions (was it in 2003?).
I had just missed out (by days) on the original offering and only found these by pure luck and fate on the day that they were being re-released a few months ago.

While I am stoked about getting these, and am sort of excited about building them and whatnot, I have to admit some SEVERE trepidation.

Even though I am a professional artist and KNOW that I can do this, I have a bad history from my childhood days of being notoriously bad with model kits.
Glue is typically not my friend (although, I do alright with epoxy - which is what I use for these).
I should fare better with the paint deco, but I'm terrified of screwing it up.
While I know that I can do some amazing stuff and truly shouldn't be scared, those memories of botched paint-jobs and glue mishaps of yore haunt me to this very day.

To that end I STILL haven't painted two OTHER kits that I have around here:
  • a MAN-THING model kit (which I DID glue together - and quite well, actually)
  • a DR. STRANGE "first appearance" model kit (still in it's box - for YEARS now).

My dilemma is that I really don't have a great deal of "free-time" since buying the house, and I don't want to rush through the process, doing it all half-assed.
(I'd much rather do it "whole-assed" I guess)

All of those kits (and I'll provide pics of the others in days to come) deserve some serious paint applications, and in the case of these ROM : SPACEKNIGHT kits, even require a little "repair" since they aren't quite perfect from the molds.

Anyone know what I should use to fix up minor missing bits or welts?
Sculpey? Putty?

Oh well... I'll get them done eventually.
The wait will kill me, but I'd prefer to do them right.

And to anyone wondering what ROM is doing on a blog dedicated (predominantly) to DR. STRANGE hasn't read my warped philosophy of collecting - which can be found HERE.

My love for ROM has never been something hidden.
Check out the "FREE ROM" banner on the side-bar (courtesy of Chris Sims and the I-S-B).

I have two of the original 1978 ROM : SPACEKNIGHT figures (ok...dolls) and some other ROM swag, as well as his every appearance. ROM is definitely the shit.
You people can definitely expect to see MORE of ROM.

* This feature used to be called "IT FIGURES", but I always hated that name and went back to the one that I had first thought of "Idol Pursuits".
I will be going back and renaming the previous entries for this feature.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Kindness of "STRANGERS"

A friend, and benefactor of the Sanctum Sanctorum, (whose true identity I'm keeping secret so as to protect his modesty,) has sent me a most wonderful gift.

Part Christmas present, part "congratulatory gesture" for my blog, this wonderful person has made me the proud owner of an original page of Marvel comics artwork.

From DOCTOR STRANGE : Master of the Mystic Arts # 29,
Cover by Frank Brunner

Page # 11 - penciled by Tom Sutton, inks by Ernie Chan, with words by Roger Stern.

I present it here in all it's awesomidity!

CLICK to awesomeify!
original piece, signed by Tom Sutton

How it appeared on the printed page.

For you reading this blog, I have to tell you... and you're probably not going to believe this... but that page has nearly always been one of my favorite pages of Doc art.

That image of DOC in that old-world Trenchcoat (quite probably supposed to be an 'Inverness coat') has long been an iconic image for me.
I've never mentioned it on the blog (at least I don't recall doing so) but I bear more than a passing resemblance to Strange, and for a very long time, I've OWNED a big billowy coat similar to that one.
So it is that every time I see that page, I always get the impression of what people are thinking (and usually have SAID - especially the "Dracula" comments) when it's ME walking around looking like that.
(Honestly, I can't begin to tell you how many times I've heard that. Numbers that high tend to be theoretical.)

When I was much younger, as a kid, Sutton's art seemed a bit curious to me, wonky at times, and that page (with that look for Doc) would stop me dead in my reading, pull me out of the story and make me think "what if...?", what IF Strange had that kind of look instead of the mystic raiment?

Strange as a "plain-clothes" mystic detective is something that I've bandied about in my head from time to time. Back in the mid-late 1980's I had a friend take photos of me in a (different) black trenchcoat, with grey streaks in my hair, in a visual attempt to figure out if that kind of take on Strange would work.

I still have the pics. I'll have to find them and put them up here one day.

Oddly enough, if the Doctor Strange movie is made, they will probably aim more for that look than the Cloak of Levitation and tunic.

Anyway, a deep heartfelt "THANK YOU" to the wonderful patron!
May his amulet never tickle!

This is now one of the few original pieces that I own, and it is a VERY welcome one.
Besides that great iconic image of Doc in one of his too-groovy-for-the-room civilian outfits, the page also has him in his mystic garb, also shows him using his powers as well as his astral form. With the inclusion of Nighthawk it also serves as a part of my "6-Dimensions" aspect of collecting and covers the Defenders.
It's got almost everything!

I can't say thanks enough.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Evil deed in tribute of an Evil entity

I'm not sure what the rules are for proper web-etiquette, but I'm sure misappropriating someone else's blog-content for your own blog might be the # 1 "sin".

Still, I don't wish to be a content thief, but this is too awesome not to steal er... share, and have as a permanent addition to the blog.

As stolen... oh, heck... yeah... stolen from Neilalien, a YouTube tribute to MY favorite Doctor Strange baddie... heck, probably my favorite villain - PERIOD:


Set speaker volume to "Bleedin' from the Ears!"

It. Is. Too. Freakin'. Cool.

Anyway, I can always say I was mind-controlled or something.

Sorry Neilalien. 'twont happen again.

Although, maybe I can use this as a good forum for a question I have:
While checking out the original vid on YouTube, I saw someone's comment where they inquire about the image that is shown at 2:15 ... he wanted to know WHERE that image came from and I am at a loss.
As a HUGE Shuma Gorath fan, I also have (so I thought) all of his appearances, and can name each and every other image's origin (except for the original pencil drawings,) but that one image doesn't ring any bells.
Can anyone help place that pic?

Perhaps if someone might be able to answer, some GOOD might come of this EVIL deed.

Regular original content will resume later tonight.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gaze into the Future: 2009 MARCH

The JANUARY 2009 solicits are up
(for stuff shipping MARCH 2009)
so here we go again:

"Greetings, my friends.
We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to
spend the rest of our lives..." *
... while reading comics.
Once again, "doctored" image from the cover to Strange Tales # 156
(original art by Marie Severin)
*yeah, I used it again. I was going to whip up something new, but the solicits came up faster than I could prep for. Batman, I am not.*


Let's take a look at the items that DOCTOR STRANGE will appear in first, then well move onto the other "6-Dimensions".

We'll begin with the BIG SHOW:


The Story: WHO IS THE NEW SORCERER SUPREME? Doctor Strange has failed as the Master of the Mystic Arts and all the other mystic characters are the heir apparent. Strange comes to the New Avengers for help as the mystic battle royale begins. Plus, how can the Avengers trust Spider-Man if he won't take his mask off?
Rated A …$3.99
In Stores: Mar 25, 2009

If you want to take some bets on the various players, you can check out my in-depth analysis of the major contestants - HERE.


Doctor Strange should also appear in:

The Story: Picking up from the jaw-dropping events of Avengers/Invaders #8, our heroes find themselves back in time, with the fate of the very world on their shoulders. Disguised as the heroes of the golden past, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Spider-Woman, Ms. Marvel and Luke Cage now face Nazis, the power of the Cosmic Cube and the Red Skull… Avengers Assemble!
Rated T+ …$2.99
In Stores: Mar 4, 2009

Also available in a VARIANT edition.
(Doc's not on the regular cover, nor the variant as far as my research shows)


Strange and the Illuminati are shown (reprinting their previous appearances) in:


The Story: Experience SECRET INVASION — the premiere crossover event of 2008 that changed the Marvel Universe forever — presented for the first time in chronological order with all major tie-ins! The story begins in NEW AVENGERS: ILLUMINATI #1, when the veil is lifted on the superhuman world’s most secret organization. Then in NEW AVENGERS #44, watch as the group’s darkest secret begins to tear them apart. And in ILLUMINATI #5, the group gets together for the first time since Planet Hulk and the Civil War to deal with the shocking reveals in NEW and MIGHTY AVENGERS. But not everyone in the cabal is who they say they are. Its a throw-down drag-out that opens the door to SECRET INVASION.
Rated T+ …$5.99
In Stores: Mar 25, 2009


"ULTIMATE" Dr. STRANGE appears (at least on the cover) :


The Story: The story that will change the Ultimate Universe forever continues! The unlikely pairing of Spider-Man and the Hulk take on Magneto's gathered forces as two more major heroes fall! And will Reed Richards, Doctor Doom and Zarda (Power Princess of the Squadron Supreme) manage to save the world…or just destroy what's left of it?! Eisner Award-winning writer Jeph Loeb and superstar artist David Finch rock the planet in this surprise-packed saga featuring the Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Fantastic Four and the Ultimates!
Rated T+ …$3.99
In Stores: Mar 4, 2009

Also available in a VARIANT edition AND a sketch-variant.
(Thaaat's gonna cost me.)


"Ultimate" Strange is probably ALSO in:

The Story: ULTIMATUM HAS TAKEN OVER THE WORLD!! SPIDER-MAN IS MISSING!! Friends are enemies and enemies are friends as
tensions mount to insane proportions. And yes, your eyes do not deceive you: MJ versus Kitty... to the death!!! (well, they slap each other a little)
Rated A …$2.99
In Stores: Mar 25, 2009

ULT.DOC was in the previous two issues, so it's a fair bet he'll be in this one as well (maybe).


"GENERAL ALL-AGES" DOC appears yet again in:


The Story: A PENNY SHORT IS A DAY SAVED: In a time long gone, the Ancient One fought a tremendous battle against the Dread Dormammu, ultimately banishing the ruler of the Dark Dimension back to his own reality by power of a mystically binding contract. Unfortunately for Dr. Strange, that mystical contract is hundreds of pages long, and the Dread One has now found himself one nasty lawyer, and a whole lot of loopholes. Dr. Strange is going to need all the mystical might he possesses, along with the legal prowess of one Mr. Foggy Nelson, Attorney At Law, in order to send Dormammu packing, or maybe just to stay alive!
All Ages …$2.99
In Stores: Mar 11, 2009

I gave a very good grade in my review of the PREVIOUS "All-Ages-Doc" appearance in this mag (read it if you wish, HERE).
All I can say is that the solicit for this new issue seems JUST as full of possibilities for FUN as the previous one. And it's by the same great creative team:

So... I have nothing but good feelings about this one.
Probably not something I'd want in a "canon" tale (Foggy Nelson; Interdimensional Lawyer? Really??), but for a fun romp... why not?


As for THIS... well...MAYBE... Doc might be in it.
He was on the cover of # 1, so he might be floating throughout the arc.
It all depends on the general flow of the story.

The Story: Why are threats from the X-Men's past coming back to haunt them, just as graduation looms? What kind of job could Cyclops hold out in the world? Why does Angel have to have costumes that his hair sticks out of nowadays? And does Professor Xavier even live here anymore? Come find more mysteries to ponder in the second part of FINALS!
Rated A …$3.99
In Stores: Mar 4, 2009


OK. This one is A LONG SHOT.

The Story: “OLD MAN LOGAN”
Now we know what happened fifty years ago, the day the super heroes were slaughtered. We know how Logan managed to survived. We know why WOLVERINE didn’t. But that’s nothing compared to what happens next, as Logan and Hawkeye reach New Babylon to deliver their mysterious cargo. But before they get there—they’ll have to face their toughest challenge to date: a Venom Tyrannosaurus Rex! MARK MILLAR and STEVE MCNIVEN continue the career-defining epic that will have fans talking for years to come! Part 6 (of 8).
Parental Advisory …$2.99
In Stores: Mar 18, 2009

I mean, c'mon! They HAVE to show Doc SOMEWHERE in this tale.
If ALL of the "super heroes" are wiped out, then we should see Doc either; trying to save everyone, or being "Hal Jordaned" into unconsciousness, OR taking his leave of this dimensional plane.

If there isn't even a Cloak of Levitation-wearing Skeleton somewhere in this... well... then it's another. "Strange-Snub" TM.

---------6-DIMENSIONS Characters---------

HULK in:

The Story: Across the infinite stretches of the multiverse, countless worlds are forever changed by the monster known as the Hulk…
but must his tale always end in tragedy? Join us as we revisit fan favorite Marvel alternate worlds for new tales of the rampaging green goliath! In this ALL-NEW oversized special, we journey to the House of M, the Microverse, a Future Imperfect, and the year 2099!
Rated A …$3.99
In Stores: Mar 4, 2009


Dr. DOOM in:


Tie-in to “DARK REIGN”
The Black Panther is back…and she’s badder than ever. That’s right -- she! What happened to T’Challa? Who is the new Black Panther? And just where does Dr. Doom fit into all this? Find out the answers to all these questions…and why the female is the deadliest of the species.
Rated T+ …$2.99
In Stores: Mar 4, 2009

And not just ANY Dr. Doom... it's emaciated girlie-looking Dr. Doom!
Sorry, Scott Campbell fans. He needs to learn that not everyone has the same body-shape.


Werewolf By Night in:

The Story: Jack Russell follows the bloody trail behind the senseless attack that turned his life upside-down…and you won’t believe where it leads him! Shocking secrets, stunning betrayals, and answers to questions Jack never even knew to ask! All in a brutal, gory, outrageous splatter-fest of horror and suspense, by Duane Swierczynski (IMMORTAL IRON FIST) and Mico Suayan (MOON KNIGHT)!
Explicit Content …$3.99
In Stores: Mar 4, 2009


New Avengers (RONIN) and back from the dead Mockingbird (formerly of Mephisto's realm):

The Story: In the wake of SECRET INVASION, Mockingbird is alive and has returned to Earth after being held captive by the Skrulls. Ronin, her estranged husband, volunteers to help her adjust to her new life as a member of the new Avengers, but some old wounds run too deep. And what deadly secret did she bring back with her that could tear them, and the world, apart once more? It's high-octane action and intrigue as the Mr. & Mrs. Smith of the Marvel Universe take on one of the biggest threats in the world...and each other!
Rated A …$3.99
In Stores: Mar 4, 2009

Maybe this tale will help shed light on how Mephisto took her to hell, but it wasn't really her, and maybe it was a skrull, but he didn't know - or he DID know and the hilarity of all the confusion and pain got him off...
We'll see.


Nick Fury, Hellfire & Druid (among others) in:

The Story: Exploding out of the pages of Secret Invasion and Mighty Avengers!!
Picking up from the earth-shattering conclusion to issue one... we find out who Nick Fury and his Secret Warriors' real enemies are, where they've been hiding, and why they chose now to make their existence known. Get ready, this is going to send shock-waves that will ripple throughout the Marvel Universe. Hail Hydra!
Rated T+ …$2.99
In Stores: Mar 4, 2009


Namor in:

The Story: Satan’s greatest trick? Convincing the world he didn’t exist. Here, at the bottom of the ocean, at the bottom of the earth, Dr. Randolph Stein is about to plumb the depths of his very soul, as he discovers that some things can’t be explained by facts, or science or reason. Some things do defy explanation. Something does live down here in the black water of the Marianes Trench, and it wants to show Stein its secret, whether he wants to see it or not.
Cardstock Cover/Parental Advisory …$3.99
In Stores: Mar 4, 2009


Black Knight & Blade in:

Dracula continues his plan to take the United Kingdom for vampires and monsters. Who is the traitor in the ranks of MI13? Can Spitfire possibly deny what she is? Can Captain Britain save his nation? Find out here!
Rated T+ …$2.99
In Stores: Mar 11, 2009


Ghost Rider in:

After the shocking events of last issue, the all-new Caretaker struggles to pick up the pieces of her life, but the mad dog man-mountain called The Deacon has other plans. Also, Caretaker gives us a special guided tour of the long sordid history of the Spirit of Vengeance in America, including glimpses of some previously unseen Ghost Riders of the past.
Parental Advisory …$2.99
In Stores: Mar 11, 2009


Scarlet Witch is said to be a big part of:

The Story: "Earth's Mightiest Part 3 of 3"
"The Last Knight on Earth"
How can the Mighty Avengers save all of reality from one of their greatest foes... when they can't even stop fighting each other? To survive their first trial by fire, lines will be crossed, ideals will be compromised, and not every hero will make the cut.
You better read this issue of DARK REIGN, guys. Why? Because this one's going to change the Marvel landscape! Literally!
Rated A …$2.99
In Stores: Mar 11, 2009
Also available in a KING variant (I'm assuming that's "War of Kings")


Silver Surfer continues a story-arc in:

The Story: Where the Hulk smashed, the Son of Hulk slaughters. Where the Hulk found wisdom, the Son of Hulk knows only wrath. But can the shining sojourner known as the Silver Surfer reveal the father to the son and awaken the man within the monster? And can Skaar in turn thwart the Surfer from leading his master Galactus to feast upon Planet Sakaar and its ancient Old Power? Shocking revelations and terrifying twists await as Skaar and the Silver Surfer face off one last time -- with the fate of billions in the balance!
Parental Advisory …$2.99
In Stores: Mar 11, 2009


Morgana Le Fey (and possibly Dr. Doom) manifest in the pages of:


The Story: The phenom that is the Dark Avengers continues. BATTLEGROUND LATVERIA as Morgana Le Fey attacks with all the power
at her disposal. Meanwhile these new Avengers discover all the dirt and hidden secrets of their notorious pasts.
Rated T+ …$3.99
In Stores: Mar 18, 2009
(also available in a "Young Guns" variant)

-------------ITEMS of SPECIAL INTEREST-------------

Magik (Illyana Rasputin) is raising hell (or at least LIMBO) in:

The Story: The climactic conclusion to the winter X-Men event that everyone is talking about! The X-Men team that leaves to save Illyana from Limbo is not the same as the one that left. It’s X-Man vs. X-Man with all of their souls on the line.
Rated T+ …$3.99
In Stores: Mar 25, 2009
Also available with a variant.


Nightcrawler has been featured as a big part of some upcoming mystical storyline that is to explode within the M.U. in the next few years (read his last solo series if you want the 411).
This, tying into X-INFERNUS seems like the continuation of the journey down that road:

The Story: Since the move to San Francisco and after the events of X-Infernus, Nightcrawler realizes a hard truth—he has to quit the X-Men. Kurt has realized that the X-Men just don’t need him anymore. He hasn’t been operating at his highest levels and even the biggest strength he has—teleportation—has been made redundant by Pixie who can do it better and more efficiently. Don’t miss the departure of one of the most important characters in X-Men history.
One-Shot/Rated T+ …$3.99
In Stores: Mar 4, 2009


and... (non-Skrull) Elektra in:


The Story: She’s the deadliest woman in the world…and she’s never been in worse shape. Broken, beaten, and tortured by alien scientists, Elektra stumbles to freedom in the aftermath of the Skrull invasion. Now she struggles and fights to stay barely alive, and to clear her name for atrocities committed by an impostor. A LOT of people want Elektra killed…and in her state, that shouldn’t be too difficult…By Zeb Wells (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and Clay Mann (DAREDEVIL)!
Rated T+ …$3.99
In Stores: Mar 4, 2009

I don't know if I care one way or another about this one, but I just HAD to show this cover.
Oh, man... c'mon! I had a hard time sneaking comics into my house back in the 1970's because my parents were uptight. What if I was growing up NOW? How the hell would THIS get in the door? Why is this kind of cheap cheesecake in a comic book? On the COVER, no less?
Damn. I don't know whether to laugh or cry about it.

----------HARDCOVERS & TPB's--------------

MAN-THING (and Magik, Mephisto, Morbius, Morgan Le Fey and more) IN:

The Story: Marvelous mutants (Maggott, Magik, Magma, Magneto, Marauders, Marrow, Marvel Girl, Mastermind, Maverick, Meggan, Mercury, Layla Miller, Mimic, Mr. Sinister, Moonstar, Morlocks, Morph, Multiple Man, MLF, Mystique)! Mighty Avengers (Mantis, Masters of Evil, Mockingbird, Moon Knight, Moondragon, Namor)! Fantastic friends and foes (Alicia Masters, Medusa, Mr. Fantastic, Mole Man, Molecule Man)! Spider-foes (Molten Man, Mysterio)! History's greatest fiends (Maestro, Mandarin, Master Khan, Mephisto, MODOK, Morgan Le Fay)! Monsters (Man-Thing, Morbius)! The world of MC2! Heroes old (Miss America) and young (Victor Mancha)! Mille the Model? It can only be the latest volume of the most comprehensive Handbook of the Marvel Universe ever assembled!
Rated T+ …$24.99
In Stores: Mar 25, 2009



The Story: 24x36…$8.99

Is this just the first half of the DEFENDERS / OFFENDERS covers from HULK # 10?
(shown below together)

If so... WHY did they have to split this image into TWO POSTERS?!?
Oh...GREED? Gotcha.

In Stores: Mar 4, 2009

It seems that this poster is NOT going to be split up into two images.
Thankfully, it'll be all in ONE glorious image - as it should be.
I'm getting one. (but that goes without saying) How about YOU?
(all images yoinked from

So, once again, my friends... I'll see you... in the future...