Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why is this Man(-Thing) (not) Smiling?

Why does the Man-Thing weep so?

It seems that he is the only one who isn't happy about the results of the voter poll that we had here for the past month or so.

The poll in question ended yesterday and was about whether or not the 'comments' section should be open to EVERYONE (or just 'registered' users).

Well, even though there wasn't a landslide voter turnout (a mere 10 votes were cast), the majority of the votes were for making the comments section available to all.

Here is the breakdown of votes:
60% - YES! I want to comment but I'm shy.
10% - NO! Screw those non-blogging non-bloggers.
20% - MEH. I read but don't usually comment.
10% - Dude. I can't even wade through your POSTS! Who needs extra?

So, WHY is the MAN-THING so sad? Did he want to keep out the masses? Does he condone censorship?
No. Not at all. It's just that even though the comments are now OFFICIALLY OPEN TO ALL, he STILL can't comment on the things on this site.
Look at his fingers. He wants to type a comment. Sadly, however, he has no brain or ability to spell.
Weep for the Man-Thing. He wishes he were YOU.


Anonymous said...

Now THAT'S sad -- this morning I wished I were HIM.

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