Friday, October 17, 2008

By the Hoary Highballs of Hoggoth!

*click to "Super-Size" your drink*

I apologize for, once again, preempting the "Tower of Power" post, but THIS baby JUST arrived and I had to show it off ... er... share it with you.

This is the NEW Doctor Strange 'Toon Tumbler.
It holds a full pint of your favorite cold beverage and seems to be very nicely made.
It's glass, however, so be careful if you're planning on using it to drink your "sorcerous-sauce".
(Dropping a regular, run-of-the-mill glass makes me curse myself for a novice. I can't imagine the Demons of Denak that I'd be screaming to should I break this beauty.)

With beautiful graphics, and the fact that it's quite hefty, it seems to be of rather good quality all-in-all.
While it seems to be very well made, and they are supposedly dishwasher safe (so the website says), I'll probably hand-wash mine.
Again, because... breaky-breaky = me :-(

Of course, everyone here must recognize the classic Frank Brunner artwork that adorned the covers of both; the giant Marvel Treasury # 6, as well as the 1st pocket-book reprint paperback. Right?
I'm happy that they didn't photoshop CLEA out of it.
A great choice for an iconic representation.

While there are many glasses of comic characters available on their web-site (Marvel, DC, Harvey and more), this one and it's assortment-mates (in the "Marvel Bronze-Age Heroes" assortment with Shang-Chi; Master of Kung-Fu, Captain "Mar-Vell" Marvel & Thor) are not yet available on the site.

Now, I just need to wait for the MAN-THING glass...
(...waiting... waiting... )


I have since this post obtained NEW Toon Tumbers for DOCTOR STRANGE via the official website (as they are NOW available there).
There is now a CLEAR and a FROSTED version, each with display packaging.
I posted about them HERE complete with pics.


I'll have that TOWER of POWER post up this weekend.
I still need to get some images together.


Anonymous said...

That is, wouldn't it be great to have a glass like that with some Gene Colan artwork on it? Dracula, or something...

Oh how I wish the Treasury Editions had gone on long enough to get to Tomb Of Dracula...

juana said...

Wow, i've recently broken some of my old Tezuka glasses, and have been searching for some equally nice replacements. Think i've found them!

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