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Welcome to a
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- HALLOWEEN - 2009!

This post is to hopefully make good on a promise that I had made in LAST YEAR's Halloween post [HERE] wherein, after I showcased all of the Ben Cooper Dr. Strange Halloween costumes (y'know... those "plastic smock and mask" types that everyone knew from childhood?), I said that I'd post pics of my very OWN homemade Doctor Strange costumes (one of which was featured as a winner in an old WIZARD Magazine Costume Contest).

I pulled a "trick" on you last year and wasn't able to pull the pics together in time.

To make amends, I have scanned in not only the page from the old issue of Wizard (showing me in full mystic raiment), but also pulled together the photos that I sent in to the contest, waaaay back in 1997!

Yes. That's right. These photos of me are over 10 years old.
I look even MORE like Doc NOW, because the grey hairs are REAL.

This is the page from the "All Dressed Up With No Place To Go - 6th Annual Wizard Costume Contest" . Issue # 75

"Peter Knight" is only but one of the many pseudonyms that I used in my lines of work back then.
That was the nom-de-plume that I used for my comic book work, so I thought it appropriate to use for the contest.

For their privacy, I have blacked out all the other names that appeared on the page alongside my own.

Back then, Wizard was prone to having one "pants" joke per issue. I won the dubious honor of having the joke tagged to "my" word-balloon.

Still, they sent me a huge sack of signed comics and other goodies swag, so who's to complain?

Here are the covers for that issue.

Lady Death by Hughes - and - JLA by Alex Ross

The strange thing is, from that tiny, blurry photo, some people were able to recognize and remember me, so that months later, I'd get the occasional "Hey. I saw you in Wizard!"

The best/worst such instance, was just after I had married and moved from Long Island to upstate NY (near the original Woodstock site), I walked into a comic book shoppe in Middletown, NY and some hot goth chick recognized me and said; "Hey! You're the guy from the Wizard contest! Doctor Strange!"

Who knew I could get the attention of hot goth chicks that way?
At any time before my betrothal, I would have been inclined to chat up the goth girl.
But, I was by then married a month or two, so all I said was; "Yeah. That was me".

So now, for your approval (and derisive laughter), I shall showcase those [0]1997 photos here on my blog.


This classic costume, I had made with an old friend of mine, even further back - in 1987!
Yes. The costume was already 10 years old by the time that these pics were taken.
Truthfully, however, I do make a new tunic/shirt every few years.
The one in these pics is the 3rd tunic since the costume was first made.

I'd worn this garb to several costume contests and had always won some prize while wearing it.
These photos, sadly, do not do it justice.

Casting a spell

Contemplating the mysteries of the Crystal orb

Summoning forth images of other realms from the orb


Now, well over 20 years since it's creation, with many moves and packing and re-packing, the costume could use a little refurbishing.
That is why I hadn't taken NEW pics of myself in the costume.
(I sent it to be patched up by Enitharmon the Weaver, but can't pick it up because I lost the claim check ticket.)

Still, that wasn't the only costume that I have.
This variation (remember this one that Doc wore at the end of his "Sorcerer Supreme" series?) was made during that time-frame. I believe it was in late 1995.

The Crystal Orb and the Book of the Vishanti!

A skull from the Crypts of Kaa-U


In a future post, I'll give you an up-close look at my home-made EYE of AGAMOTTO!
I would have included it in this post, but it truly deserves it own individual post.
It took over 3 years to get to it, but that promised up-close look at the Eye has finally been made a reality! Check it out [HERE]!


That's all for this year. Consider this my "telecommuting" of my "trick-or-treating", and you can send my goodies via electronic message in the comments section!

And to all of you "Hoary Hosts" out there tonight...



Holly said...

Hahaha, that costume is totally amazing, really the best Dr. Strange I've seen for sure!! I remember you posting before about how you look like Dr. Strange, but seriously, I'm convinced now. Also I like that you don't have boots on or some other sort of footwear with it. I see a lot of people wearing different things like that and it's cheating! Dr. Strange wears no boots! (sorry, costume designer in me appreciates the small things)...

I still haven't made my Clea costume, but my boyfriend dressed up as Dr. Orpheus last year for comic con, and I'm really trying to get him to do Dr. Strange this year....(here's a pic of his costume, I have to laugh every time I look at it....

Anyway, Happy late Halloween!

Howard Hallis said...

Ah Wizard Magazine... How the mighty have fallen. No price guide anymore as of the latest issue...

Sanctum, what's amazing isn't only the fact that you made it into Wizard in its heyday, but in the issue with both the Alex Ross JLA cover and the Lady Death Halloween cover no less. Nicely done!

~P~ said...


Your BF's Orpheus costume looks AWESOME!
Was that made by you or himself?
Now if he can do that overdramatic voice, then he's set!

Hmmmm... he also bears a bit of a "Dr Strange" resemblance, doesn't he?
Perfect for a couples costume entry as Doc and Clea.

plok said...

Oh, MAN! That is some crazy stuff!

Anonymous said...

Wow - you are/were "teh sex"
why can't i find a sexy geek to settle down with?

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