Monday, October 26, 2009

- part 1 : CAPS and TIES

Welcome to the first of a series of posts that will seek to catalogue my extensive collection of Doctor Strange (and related 6-Dimensions characters) apparel!

This is a series that I have been meaning to do since DAY ONE on this blog.
Seriously, every time I wanted to get to this series, something would preempt its inclusion.

New Years, spring-time, summer, even "Fashion week" came and went and still I missed the opportunities. So now, the week before Halloween, I feel I might be able to justify this series as a showcase of Marvel apparel that, theoretically, could be seen somewhat as "costume" wear.

LAST YEAR, I showcased all of the official Doctor Strange costumes by Ben Cooper (post found [HERE]), so I thought that this year I'd use this series as a take on the "lazy trick-or-treater's" easy way out.

Think about it, those old Ben Cooper Halloween costumes were just plastic smocks with the name and picture of the character on the chest. If you were lucky, there was a mask. So, who's to say that t-shirts, baseball caps and other apparel couldn't be acceptable?

OK. Preamble complete, I'll try to keep the verbiage to a minimum and just let the pictures tell their thousand words.

And as usual, click on pics to make "Supreme" sized!


First up, possibly one of the RAREST of the RARE items in the Doctor Strange collector's wish-list. This could be seen as the "crown jewel" - ironically enough.

The DOCTOR STRANGE Baseball Cap!
Shown here in its protective crystal sarcophagus...
ok, it's just a plastic hat case.

Produced circa 1994, this was to be one of a series of the Marvel caps, produced by AMERICAN NEEDLE, that were released for sale from 1993 - 1994.
However, while several other character hats were released officially, the Doctor Strange cap never hit store shelves.

Allow me to remove the cap from its plastic case to show it to you in greater detail.
And ONE detail is very important indeed: looking at this next photo, you'll note the word: "SAMPLE" stamped on the underside of the brim.

This was a production sample, perhaps what would have been the final product, or perhaps not.
We'll never know since the Dr. Strange cap was never released to market.

There's no way to know for certain how many of these production samples survived, or even how many there were to begin with.
All I know is that it took me several years to track down.

I DO have another character cap; DR. DOOM - that I purchased when it was originally for sale - and which I'll also showcase here today. DOOM was one of the first hats to be officially released.
Doom shall not be contained!

However, I'll get to the Doom cap in a moment.
Let's get back to STRANGE!

A purple cap with red accents, it also features embroidered artwork and a logo for Dr. Strange.

The embroidered artwork here is taken from the artwork of Ron Lim from the cover of Doctor Strange - Sorcerer Supreme # 25.

The logo chosen was the one that originated during Dr. Strange's first official series (the one that spun off of his run in STRANGE TALES), and was also resurrected during the 1980's-1990's "Sorcerer Supreme" title, as you could see in that previously shown issue's cover..

In my many years of searching this is the only Dr. Strange cap that I have found.
It's never been worn and looks much better in real life - the photos simply don't do it justice.


Back to DR. DOOM; I had purchased this, ordering it directly via the PREVIEWS catalogue while I was working in a comic shoppe at the time.
Like many of the ancillary items in my collection, this was purchased on the hope that if enough people supported a fledgling product line, eventually they would get to release a Doctor Strange version of the item.

Thinking that the line would last longer than the few months that it did, I intended to order a second Dr. Doom cap since I actually WORE this one quite a bit.
Sadly, the line was discontinued before I had the chance.

Featuring embroidered art - the front is based upon John Byrne 's artwork.

while the side panel is based on classic Jack Kirby artwork.

The logo is taken from the most excellent:
DOCTOR STRANGE / DR DOOM : TRIUMPH & TORMENT original graphic novel.



While I won’t wear my one 1-of-a-kind Doctor Strange cap, that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t wear a 2nd “1-of-a-kind” Doctor Strange cap.
And thus, I had sewed onto a new baseball cap, assorted Doctor Strange PATCHES, to make a special edition just for me.

I’m not much of a baseball cap wearer. I have one for the Pittsburgh Pirates, but that’s primarily for the big golden “P” in the front. “P” is for PTOR. I couldn’t care less about any particular team. Not since I was a kid (and my two faves were the NY Mets – and, coincidentally, the PA Pirates). But I wanted a hat that spoke of what I like – what type of mojo works for me.

Well, this, while a bit garish, is it.

The third eye sits atop my brow.
All without serious meditation or soul-searching.

Doctor Strange heads/busts on either side & the made-for-TV movie logo at the back.
While I do wish that the heads were smaller, their placement - set further back - and the curve of the cloak’s high-collar frame the logo in the back quite well.

With the Eye of Agamotto up front, twin “Doctor Strange” heads set back on either side, and the “Dr. Strange” logo from the 1970’s TV movie around back, this hat shows that I've always got Doctor Strange "on my mind".

Incidentally, I am nearly 100% sure that the maker of these patches (a seller from Argentina) used one of MY uploaded pics of the title screen for the movie logo as visual data for the patch-making machine; which makes this patch yet another of my little unintentional offerings to the world-at-large (as I detailed in this post [HERE]).



Let's move down from head wear to neck wear, and show two neckties that feature Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom.

This one, produced in the mid-late 1990's is a montage of assorted Marvel characters.
Obviously, Dr. Strange is well represented - by the artwork of Marshall Rogers.
Fine silk - made in Italy.
Produced exclusively for the "Tie Rack".

And then there is this tie of Dr. Doom with artwork by Steve Rude.

Produced by Ralph Marlin and released in 1996.

There was supposed to be a Dr. Strange neck tie released in the mid 1960's available from the various Marvelmania ads that were shown in the early issues of some Marvel comics.
In 20 years of my active searching, I have never found even the slightest hint that such an item was ever released to market. Sadly, many Dr. Strange items that are solicited never garner enough interest to reach production.

Come back tomorrow for the 2nd installment of this series:


Howard Hallis said...

The Dr. Strange baseball cap is something I have never seen offered for sale on eBay in all my years of collecting. That may very well be one of the rarest items you own Sanctum. How many of those production samples do you think they made? I wonder if it's possible that you may have the only one...

I have the Marvel tie in black. Have a look:

Manuel cedillo said...

I want to buy the sample dr strange hat please I need it bad

~P~ said...

A reply to Manuel (and VERY belatedly to "GenericViagra"), but none of my items are for sale. Sorry.

Near as i can tell, that "sample" hat is a one-of-a-kind production item.
If I DO sell it, it won't be cheap.

I'm sure that one day I will have to part with everything, but when that days comes, I'll be sure to make an announcement.

Of course, if you should decide to back a dump-truck full of cash at my front door, I may let you go for a sales tour of my Sanctum.
Who knows? The items of your desire just might become yours.


Manuel cedillo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
~P~ said...

Putting your text number on a website is never a good idea.
I deleted your post for your own protection.

As I said, the items are not for sale at this time, however, since you state a fervent desire for the "sample" Doctor Strange hat (which, as a production sample is most likely the only one of its kind)... shall we say... $1000.00 ?
There will never be another like it.

Manuel cedillo said...

I have a collection of marvel comics hats like these :( I gotta have this yeah it's a rare hat but not worth that much

Manuel cedillo said...

As a person that wants this hat and knows how much it's worth at the end if the day I can't over pay for a hat that's worth 150 I can do 200 ,if it was something like a jacket or a pair of shoes maybe what your asking for would be right but it's a hat ,a really kool hat which is why I can pay 200 for it

~P~ said...


I appreciate your desire to purchase the rare "sample" hat, but as I wrote already to you twice in my replies: It's not for sale.

It's a product sample, and as such, probably the only one of its kind.
It's amazing that it exists at all!
Samples are usually tossed out either when the item goes into production or if the item is canceled (such as was the case with this hat). No other officially manufactured copies like it exist.

The $1000.00 price tag I gave was to show you that it is not something that I would part with cheaply. Is it an exaggerated price tag? Sure. But, I've seen sillier things sell for as much.

IF someone WERE to offer me close to that number (definitely more than $200.00 at the moment) then I might entertain the idea of selling it.
Otherwise... I'm not selling it yet.

One day, I'm sure I will. But not today.

(Feel free to make a higher offer if you feel the need. Who knows... maybe I might change my mind. But it would have to be a really good offer.)

Unknown said...

One day i hope you sell me the hat lol

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~P~ said...

Hi Matthew.
Even though we just spoke a short while ago (you left this comment just prior to our conversation, it seems), I'll still reply here, for the sake of posterity.

I'm thankful for your current offer, and I'll hold onto your
Contact info.

I still don't think I'm quite ready to sell it yet.

But, as I said...who knows?
Maybe one day...

I AM currently on the fence about possibly selling my collection.

Well...looking at the fence, really.

I'm not ON it yet.

Thanks for your interest.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your rapid response as it is very appreciated, also thank you for giving me the time to hear me out on my offer as I assumed it would be a long shot getting in contact with yourself. However with that being said, please take your time as I am a very patient individual, I am in no rush as I can tell you are in no rush as well. I'm glad we were able to chat about this piece and I'm hoping to hear from you in the future, whenever that may be. Many thanks.

Matt said...

Do you have an email I can contact you from?

Unknown said...

Any way I can get in touch with you Pete just to learn more about the American needle snap? Would love to learn more about how you got it, if you have an email or instagram

~P~ said...

Hello, Matt.

I have my email listed on the blog (but I guess it's only visible when in "full site" mode.

Tho I do see comments when posted (tho I DO have to get used to looking in the "Social" tab on gmail.

~P~ said...

Hey Christian,

(and anyone else reading)

I am SO remiss at updating this blog (I WANT to, but TIME is severely lacking)...

Just to give an idea, I have over 200 new shirts and over 20 or so caps (not to mention pants, socks, other garments and "unmentionables" [I thought you weren't going to mention them?] along with more swag than I can even remember.

HOWEVER, that's not what you asked.
You wanted to know more about the circumstances around the American Needle hat.

Well, as I wrote in the post, I bought the DR. DOOM cap hoping they would eventually get to DR. STRANGE.

But, alas, the line was discontinued before that happened.

Still, I always look (everywhere) for DOCTOR STRANGE stuff, and one day I saw a listing of someone selling it online.

So... I bought it.
That was around... 1996 or so?
I think?

I hope that helps, but it probably doesn't.

Still, I WILL get to updating these listings.
So help me.. I WILL!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Sent you an email Pete!

Shaun Alex said...

It really helped me for choosing the type of embroidery I ordered for my company's Custom Caps.

DTK said...

Sent an email man !!!

Shaun Alex said...

Custom caps and hats are pretty cheap and do not take toll on your wallet and so can be distributed to more and more people to promote your business or brand.

Unknown said...

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