Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spells Re-Cast

I have a "confession" of sorts that I've been meaning to mention, for quite some time now.

There are often times where I'll have a flash of inspiration, or a fleeting memory will resurface, or I'll dig up something while researching a new post, or a stray neuron will set off a synaptic miss-fire and I'll go back to an already published post (usually the most recent) and add to it, or edit it in some way as to make a re-read possibly worthwhile to those who may have already given it a once-over.

It's a habit from which I've been trying to break myself, and on occasion, if the added information can sustain itself as a stand-alone (or addendum) post, I'll simply give it it's own entry (linked to the predecessor).

This was most recently done in the case of the
"And Now Ladies and Gentlemen... Observe as I put this rabbit back INTO my hat!" post, which was itself an addendum to the earlier "Silly Rabbit..." post.

It was new information that should have been in the earlier post, but it could support itself on it's own.

Some times, however... that's just not the case.

And so, to that end, I have added a piece to the side-bar, directly UNDER the blog-post history where I'll list any posts that get added to in a fairly major way.

Just look for the list under THIS image * :

It's titled "SPELLS RE-CAST ".
There are also notations as to what date each post was edited and when were the original post dates.

Not every tweak will get a re-listing. I won't bother if I've just added a line or two or changed some grammar around, or some other cool, but "minor" change (which happens pretty much all the time). I'll just list the ones where vital goodies are added;
Information that further fleshes out a point, brings forth an instance that really belongs with the original post, or in some way enhances the reading experience - making it worth a second read.

Two caveats, however:

  1. While in some instances, the edited post may have a noticeable ***EDIT*** blurb on it (usually at the end), many times, especially if the information needs to be in the body of the post, it won't be readily evident what I've changed. I can only promise that it would be a fairly important point.
  2. I'm not sure how LONG I'll leave the tweaked posts in that list. It could be a week, a month... who knows? All I know is it won't be permanent (unless I relocate it to the BOTTOM of the side-bar to give it breathing room to grow - which I highly doubt), so check back early and often.
Why, look! There are some there NOW.
(Who says this isn't the world's most self-referential blog?)

That's all for now.
I have to get cracking on my next big entry.
Thanks for your kind indulgence.


* That image, by the way, is from the "What is it That Disturbs You, Stephen?" graphic novella by P. Craig Russell.
It, itself, is a "Spell Re-Cast", since it was reworked, nearly panel for panel, from P.C.R.'s much earlier work found in Doctor Strange Annual # 1.


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