Thursday, March 12, 2009

Idol Pursuits: 6-Dimensions:
PVC addendum 2:
Mystics, Muck Monsters, Monarchs, Mutants and Many More Marvels

As noted in today's earlier post of the pseudo-Man-Thing figure (seen HERE), I'll be posting two back-to-back entries, as they are interlinked to each other.
They are also linked to my last entry for the Dr. Strange PVC figure (as seen HERE).

This 2nd addendum to the Dr. Strange PVC figure entry is merely to show some of the many other Marvel PVC figures that were released in that series of late 01980's - early 01990's PVC figures.

This first pic replicates (basically) the way that a few of these figures are displayed, in a display case, among the many figures in my "Sanctum" collection.

MY (PVC) Defenders!
Clockwise from far left:
Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, (faux)-Man-Thing,
Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, Silver Surfer


A similar themed image, re-staging something from the
(a little something for Monique at Comixtravaganza)

Left to right: Silver Surfer, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man,
(faux)-Man-Thing, Thanos (in extreme foreground),
Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, Dr. Doom


And lastly some other figures I had lying around...

Left to right:
Back row: Daredevil, Nightcrawler, Cyclops
, (white) Vision, Iron Man, Thor
Mid-ground: Ghost Rider, Captain America
Foreground: Sentinel, Gambit, Magneto

"Daredevil going the wrong way and tripping over Nightcrawler" is the easy go-to joke.
(Yes. I took the low road on that.)

Thor smacking Iron Man in the junk with his hammer is an ode to 10-year old kids (in mind or body) the world over.

Gambit kicking Magneto in the face was all for Chris Sims at
(The-ISB; where kicks-to-the-face are a trademark of quality)

The Sentinel about to blast Gambit's head clean off is a favor to EVERYONE.
(You're welcome.)

Oh. I had done a basic (read; BAD) "re-paint" on the Cyclops figure (with Sharpie Markers).
He came in his blue and white "X-Force" outfit, that I just loathed, so, at some time, I gave him a re-deco to the Jim Lee era costume.

That last pic is filled with assorted figures that I really have no use for in my collection (with the possible exception of "white" Vision - which was my favorite incarnation of that character).
They were just extra items that I had added to my order - lo those 17 years ago, when I placed an order through a by-mail comics retailer.

I only added some of them to make sure I made the minimum order requirement - since I desperately wanted the Dr. Strange figure (as well as the Doom, and Scarlet Witch figures).

The saddest part of the tale is that after I pre-paid for them all, the order arrived with NO Dr. Strange figure!

I looked for one for a few years, finally thinking that his was one that was dropped from the assortment (as Doc items tend to do).

It wasn't for a few years later that I eventually FOUND the Dr. Strange PVC and bought a BUNCH of them. (I think I still have at least 3 or 4).

To that extent, now that I've dug these out of my boxes of spare figures, I'll have to load them up onto eBay or something sooner or later.

I mean... I can't keep everything that's even remotely affiliated to my "6-Dimensions of Doctor Strange" philosophy, can I?
No. I really can't. *

*(well... at least, that's what my wife keeps telling me.)


Monique said...

Poor Doc, always getting the fuzzy end of the marketing lollipop.

Love that Doom looks like he's hailing a cab!

googum said...

When those PVC's came out, the nearest comic shop to me was 80 miles away. I raced there to get a Nightcrawler, but he was sold out. Took me years to get one. (I have a couple now too!) Never even saw the Strange one, though.

~P~ said...

Well, googam... you seem to have MORE than made up for it with your action figure collection!

An impressive array!
(and used to good service, as well!)

Always funny stuff.


~P~ said...

Oh... and the fact that I was able to showcase something you've never seen before makes me feel like the blog is performing a service of some kind.

It's one of the reasons I started it.

Anonymous said...

oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit wath tha fuck

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