Thursday, March 26, 2009

Be This Not... DOOMSDAY !


While I wish I had posted this earlier today ** , I still want to make it known that ANYONE and EVERYONE who visits this blog should go QUICKLY to "Comics Should Be Good @ Comic Book Resources" and vote for DR. STRANGE who is in "March Madness"-type of battles.

He has already defeated Wolverine, but now is losing against DR. DOOM!

The battle rages HERE !

However, the voting ENDS at 2 PM E.S.T. tomorrow
(Friday, March 27th).
Their web-site's clock is incorrectly set to P.S.T. not E.S.T., so you probably have until 5 PM EST to vote.

If you have more than one computer - vote on each one!

And then, keep on the lookout for Strange's next opponent.
If we all vote, we can turn this thing on it's head.

Vote finals show that DOOM defeated STRANGE : 453-334.
Doom got 58% of the vote
View vote results HERE.

I'm sure that if I had posted this earlier, we may have had a chance to rally.
Oh well... next time.

(OK. So it's just a silly online contest... but that doesn't mean that Strange has to lose, right?)

Also in combat are Batman vs Darkseid.
Feel free to vote however you wish in that battle.

Work and life have taken their toll on me today.
I'm exhausted.
The review of New Avengers # 51 and my discussion on the nature of being the Sorcerer Supreme will continue anon.

Thank you for your kind understanding.


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