Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Idol Pursuits : Master of the Plastic Arts -
Part 4 : 01991 Dr. Strange PVC figure

While still hip-deep in research for a big informative post, I saw no reason to leave my readers (and Doc fans) without some valued content for today.

And as such, I present to you the next installment of:
"Idol Pursuits"
which, as you may recall from the previous installments, details the many figural collectibles within my "Sanctum Sanctorum Comix collection".
This would be things like standees, figurines, action figures, statues, busts, model kits, etc... all of which will be detailed - in time.
(Previous entries in this series can be found at the links found at the end of this post). *

The sub-header of "Master of the Plastic Arts" specifies that the entry is about a Doctor Strange item. Predominantly, something "action figure-y".

The next such item (as I've been handling these in chronological order) is the:

01991 Dr. Strange PVC figure.

This 4.5 inch (11.5 cm) tall figure is based upon the stylized artwork of artist Mark Badger.
Note the jagged "arms" and the askew positioning of the "demon" chest-symbol, as well as the bent lower ends to Strange's mustache. All Badger.

The back has the (c) 1991 Marvel - Made in China stamp.
Licensed by
Marvel to an non-specific manufacturer.
Some research states the company is "Applause".
I'm doubting that, as I know that they manufactured the late 1990's Marvel PVCs.
Also, APPLAUSE usually has their own makers mark stamped on items.

This figure is but one of a multitude that were manufactured in the late 1980's early 1990's - featuring many of Marvel's stable of characters (heroes and villains alike).

I'll have a soon-to-be presented series of addendums to this entry to show many of the others, but as this blog is very Dr. Strange-centric, I felt that it would be more appropriate to feature his figure alone.
(plus, as an added bonus - for me anyway -, it offers more time to work on my next big mega-post)

Those two addendums are now up on the blog.
Links are at the end of this post.

This figure, however, due to it's lack of any articulation, is more of a mini-statue than an action figure. It's lack of a base however, (and "plastic" composition,) keep it squarely in the "action figure" (or possibly "figurine") designation.

Sadly, for a series that is to be ostensibly about "action figures", as of yet, nearly all of them are static figures, and none of the entries thus far are really ACTION FIGURES!
(OK... ONE of them - the 01979 Mego figure - is a poseable figure, but it's more of a DOLL than an "action figure".)

* Previous entries in this series can be found at these links:

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Part 3-a - 01984 - 01991 Marvel / TSR r.p.g. standees.

(as well as non-Dr. Strange specific entries - like the ROM : Spaceknight model kit, and the Marvel World playset)

Those two addendums are now up on the blog:
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