Saturday, December 20, 2008

Idol Pursuits * : ROM; SPACE-KIT!

Check out what arrived at the Sanctum the other day...

statue / model-kits!

"Full-sized" statue/kit

BUST statue/kit

Of course, those are pics I found online of FINISHED works.
MINE, still look like THIS:


Greatest of the SpaceKITS!

These are items that I had been hunting for for several years, having stumbled across them while doing my usual online hunter/gather expeditions (was it in 2003?).
I had just missed out (by days) on the original offering and only found these by pure luck and fate on the day that they were being re-released a few months ago.

While I am stoked about getting these, and am sort of excited about building them and whatnot, I have to admit some SEVERE trepidation.

Even though I am a professional artist and KNOW that I can do this, I have a bad history from my childhood days of being notoriously bad with model kits.
Glue is typically not my friend (although, I do alright with epoxy - which is what I use for these).
I should fare better with the paint deco, but I'm terrified of screwing it up.
While I know that I can do some amazing stuff and truly shouldn't be scared, those memories of botched paint-jobs and glue mishaps of yore haunt me to this very day.

To that end I STILL haven't painted two OTHER kits that I have around here:
  • a MAN-THING model kit (which I DID glue together - and quite well, actually)
  • a DR. STRANGE "first appearance" model kit (still in it's box - for YEARS now).

My dilemma is that I really don't have a great deal of "free-time" since buying the house, and I don't want to rush through the process, doing it all half-assed.
(I'd much rather do it "whole-assed" I guess)

All of those kits (and I'll provide pics of the others in days to come) deserve some serious paint applications, and in the case of these ROM : SPACEKNIGHT kits, even require a little "repair" since they aren't quite perfect from the molds.

Anyone know what I should use to fix up minor missing bits or welts?
Sculpey? Putty?

Oh well... I'll get them done eventually.
The wait will kill me, but I'd prefer to do them right.

And to anyone wondering what ROM is doing on a blog dedicated (predominantly) to DR. STRANGE hasn't read my warped philosophy of collecting - which can be found HERE.

My love for ROM has never been something hidden.
Check out the "FREE ROM" banner on the side-bar (courtesy of Chris Sims and the I-S-B).

I have two of the original 1978 ROM : SPACEKNIGHT figures (ok...dolls) and some other ROM swag, as well as his every appearance. ROM is definitely the shit.
You people can definitely expect to see MORE of ROM.

* This feature used to be called "IT FIGURES", but I always hated that name and went back to the one that I had first thought of "Idol Pursuits".
I will be going back and renaming the previous entries for this feature.


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