Friday, December 26, 2008

Master of the Social Arts

Today is December the 26th, and as such it is also a few OTHER days; "Boxing Day", mid-way through Hanukkah & the first day of Kwanzaa.
Now, I know next to nothing about either of those, however Stephen Strange is on top of it.

While he might not relegate such activities to just one day a year, Doc has been known to drop the whole "master / servant" thing (as is one such "Boxing Day" custom).

On more than one occasion, his (on again, off again, erstwhile and forever) manservant, WONG has been treated as an equal.

Be it in physical combat training:

As long as Doc isn't compared to Chris Tucker.
From Doctor Strange; Master of the Mystic Arts # 58.
Roger Stern (words) & Dan Green (pencils) / Terry Austin (inks).

He has also, seen his (then former-) servant treat him as less than a "master":

Who wouldn't like to do THAT to their OWN boss at least once?
Read Doctor Strange; Sorcerer Supreme # 84 to live vicariously.

Story by J.M. DeMatteis. Art by Marc Buckingham

Wong has also been "the master" on the chess board as well.
Wong has a lot of time to play Chessmaster 3000.
Doctor Strange: Flight of Bones # 2
Dan Jolley Story/Words , Tony Harris Story/Pencils, Ray Snyder Story/Inks

So, it is of no surprise that when push (or punch) literally came to shove, Strange would give credit where it is due:
Doctor Strange: The Oath # 5
Brian Vaughan story, Marcos Martin art

Despite the numerous erroneous entries to the comics-canon which state that Wong is the one who first trained Strange in the Martial Arts, it had already been noted that Strange learned the martial arts along with the mystic arts in Tibet (as mentioned in the very first scan in this entry - from Doctor Strange Master of the Mystic Arts # 58).
It IS true, quite obviously, that Wong is the one who continues Strange's studies as his superior.

Oh. And lest I forget; Strange is totally "down" with all cultures and their holiday customs.
Hanukkah & Kwanzaa included.

Yes, Cage. It IS fly. And it does, too.
Marvel Holiday Special 2005
Jeff Parker story, Reilly Brown pencils

Happy Holidays to all who observe and celebrate them!


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