Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NEW YEARS EVE - via a 40 year timeshift

Happy New Year's Eve, faithful friends and fellow fans!

Just a quick Doctor Strange related New Year's Eve scene.
(courtesy of DR. STRANGE v1 # 180 and Roy Thomas - words, Gene Colan - pencils & Tom Palmer - inks)

Obviously, Clea has never had to shovel any of it.
We here at the Sanctum Sanctorum "east" have been deluged with the stuff as of late, and even though a good deal of it melted away the past few days, a ripping storm is cascading new snow all around outside - as well as wind gusts of over 60MPH! So, needless to say;
"I... DON'T LIKE this... snow."

For those of you planning on attending the festivities of the Annual Ball Drop in Times Square, NYC this year, I hope you had alloted yourself more time than a half-hour before midnight before setting out. If not, the closest you'll be able to get will be standing somewhere in Brooklyn.

Allied Chemical building is no longer the name of the structure or the tenant (not that there ARE many tenants in that building any longer).
For those interested; check out THESE THREE PAGES for more info.

And as for the TOM WOLFE reference, Doctor Strange is mentioned in his novel:
The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, a fascinating look into the 1960's counter culture (primarily seen via Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters).
A great read with or without the Doctor Strange references.
(But obviously BETTER for them. - available from a handy link at the end of this post * along with a Marvel Essentials collection that features this very story. )

1969 - 2009 that's a long time to wait for that kiss.

The clock is counting down to Midnight...


If your New Year's Eve festivities go without any kind of hallucinogenic after effects, you've either partied responsibly (good for you) or you haven't partied enough (just don't get behind the wheel if you or anyone you know has seen things like this).

I'm off to go toast in the New Year!
See you NEXT YEAR in 2009!

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Steve Sanders-Blue Faced Strange....was Marvel nuts?

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