Wednesday, December 24, 2008

... VERY ...

It's Christmas Eve and we're at our penultimate entry for this year's holiday bonanza Christmas image parade!
Today we find WONG; Dr. Strange's manservant, friend, aide, confidant and sometime-pupil getting his childhood wish granted:

To meet one of his boyhood heroes; FIN FANG FOOM (and subsequently, fight alongside him against the hoards of HYDRA while battling a giant Evil Santa robot) in:

Marvel Holiday Special 2006
It's a great little story, full of fun and evil-Santa Robot ass-kicking.
Go find a copy.
(The guilty parties responsible for this are printed on the page.)

Today's "gift" is a multiple grab-bag of reference-material goodness:

Wong's Marvel entry: HERE.
(wow. Take a look at his stats. The "fan votes" place him at super-crazy-powerful levels. If he's THAT popular why haven't any fans dedicated a site to him? Hmm?? Let's get to it people. The WONG-blog isn't going to start itself. If there WAS one, I'd be linking to it right now.)

FIN FANG FOOM's entry from those fine, dedicated fans at the
"Unofficial Appendix to the Marvel Universe Handbooks": HERE

And, I'll also toss in the Kamar-Taj entry at wikipedia. HERE.


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