Monday, December 29, 2008

Mystical Sensitivity and the passage of time.

While working on the upcoming "mega-post", I took a moment to have lunch, of (mostly) vegetarian Chinese, and afterwards, finished my meal with the tasty treat of the "Fortune Cookie".

Lo! Here is what it said:

"You will bring mystical sensitivity to what's around you."

As you can see... that's true.

Those fortune cookies... never wrong.
(I would have included the fortune cookie with the pic, but my stomach was mystically sensing the tasty treat needed to be eaten.)

Anyway, my sensitive mysticality is definitely keeping me from just slapping together this big post just to get it in on time (I want it to be around New Year's Day. Either the days just before or just after).

However, I will share with you a sneak peek of WHAT that post is to be about...

Specifically... the passage of YEARS!

That's right. I will be having a time-slide through the various MARVEL CALENDARS that have been released. At least, the ones that feature DOCTOR STRANGE (as well as MAN-THING & other "6-Dimensions" characters; The DEFENDERS, Scarlet Witch, Black Knight, Howard the Duck, Nightstalkers, Blade, etc...).

I'm still processing the images, and in the meantime, I'm debating whether it should all be one BIG post, or to brake it up into segments.

Only TIME will tell...

(Time has passed and while NEW additions DO continually get added, the series is complete. But time travel IS POSSIBLE on a blog, so I have come back in time to this post to now reveal the entryway for the series of posts on Marvel Calendars. The series of posts starts... HERE)


plok said...

Oooo, that sounds cool!

I had the 1975 one.

Baal said...

You forgot tho' that with fortune cookies you're supposed to add the words 'in bed' after them when reading them aloud. Sorry.

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