Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A STRANGE New Year...?

Reader Susannah sent me THIS piece of recent news:


From the Marvel website, Joe Quesada, Cup o' Joe column, 12-23-08:

JM: March also sees New Avengers #51 and the "Search for the new Sorcerer Supreme." Dr. Strange has been synonymous as that guy for so long…what's behind the impetus to change it?

JQ: The Marvel Universe is an unpredictable place. We have some very cool ideas for Dr. Strange and the world of the Sorcerer Supreme. I don't think I'm telling you anything you don't already know when I say that whenever Dr. Strange shows up as a supporting character, you go "Yes! This guy is so cool! Why doesn't he get his own book?" And then when we give him his own book…it doesn't seem to do all that much…

JM: Yeah, we talked about this before as "The Scottie Pippen Syndrome." He's great when Michael Jordan's around.

JQ: Yeah, exactly. There's a whole category of those guys. Dr. Strange is in that category, Nick Fury and SHIELD have always been in that category, Namor's a guy who kinda falls into that category…who else? The Silver Surfer, maybe.

So every now and then, we try to look for a new way to approach these characters,
and maybe find a new tone for story for these characters that might inject that...that
"thing", that magic - pardon the pun - that will take them to a higher level where
maybe we can launch them into a new book that will be compelling.

You know, Moon Knight was one of those characters, too, for a long time. We really got lucky with the [writer] Charlie Huston launch, and now that character's been stable and in his own series for years. If you asked me if we'd still be publishing Moon Knight several years down the road…I might have bet against it. But I love when stuff like that happens. So the search for a new sorcerer supreme will be a wonderful, redefining story for Dr. Strange, and…well, there are some big surprises coming for our fans in it.


This article found HERE.
So... what will 2009 bring to us?
A NEW Sorcerer Supreme (however temporary)?
A NEW direction and "creative interpretation" for Doctor Strange?
A NEW "STRANGE"-like disaster?
A NEW and SUCCESSFUL relaunch for the Master of the Mystic Arts?

I've been at this FAR too long to hazard a guess. Old-timers like myself have been teased far too many times to dare lay down odds (because they'd tend to be poor odds).

However, HOPE is magical.
And we are ALWAYS HOPEFUL... and thus, full of Magick!
Let us HOPE that Marvel...and DOC is filled with Magick this time around as well.

Tamam Shud!


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