Tuesday, December 23, 2008

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Tonight's entry for my holiday festival of Christmas comic-images

Howard the Duck (magazine) # 03
Finding a Christmas image of Howard wasn't easy. Not that there's a dearth of Howard Christmas stuff. Oh, contraire! That's the problem. There are quite a few entries to this genre for old Howard.
The hard part was CHOOSING one.

Aside from this issue and the assorted stuff within (including a Howard as Santa Christmas pin-up), there's also the Howard the Duck Holiday Special (from 1997) AND a great short story from Bizarre Adventures # 34 (drawn by Paul Smith)!
I'm SURE there are more.

But, this cover was drawn by JACK DAVIS! That tipped the scales.

Tonight's "gift" to my readers is a humble little fan-site devoted to all things Howard the Duck.
It might not be a flashy site, but the proprietor is a nice guy and I'm fairly sure he was the first person to devote a site to Howard.

Check it out HERE.


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