Friday, December 12, 2008

Just a Mindless One

I swear these guys are doing "ollies" in my head right now.

Sorry about the lack of any updates.
Low-content mode went to NO-content mode pretty damned quick.

Sadly, my brain has been crammed full of rocks and red-hot lasers.
A strange mixture of energized ennui.
A LOT of things I wanted to post, but I just couldn't concentrate enough to do it.

A Mindless One.

Anyway, there are some things that I wanted to write about in depth... but didn't.
Instead, I'll just give you the basic info and links here now instead.
Lazy-blogging. Sorry.


- NAMOR's physical appearance in
(as well as the writing on the whole book)

I was going to go into a whole "rant" on it here and title the post;
"NAMOR The SUB-PAR-iner" - (as you can see I hadn't worked out all the kinks to it yet), but then I found out that the guys over at "Comics Should Be Good" did so HERE.
As you will see, I started the dogpile with post # 1 .
(The comments go south pretty darn fast after that.)


Another item that I saw the other day was THIS.
Rose McGowan has been selected for the role of "CLEA" in the upcoming
DOCTOR STRANGE feature film (scheduled for a 2012 release).
I actually had some stuff to say about it (and HAD a few things typed up ages ago about the possible casting of Christian Bale as "Stephen Strange"), but I didn't post that either.
I may still combine my thoughts on the both of them for a future post.


And, I was planning on posting a huge info-dump on all the recent Doctor Strange appearances lately, but Neilalien got one in the can while I was still working on mine.
So... check out his wise words on that subject HERE.


That's it for now.
I'll try to have something awesome up here this weekend.


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