Saturday, March 7, 2009

- 2nd Entry:
Back by Popular Demand *

After my last post (which wrapped up the entries dealing with Clea's "rabbit out-of-the-hat trick" - seen HERE and HERE), and while I am deep in research for my next informative entry, I think it's the perfect time to toss this item here on the blog.

Consider it a wrap up to that series of posts and also a next-installment in the "CLEA LOVES SEX" series (started HERE) as well.

As we'll see, the events surrounding the "rabbit trick" were simply Clea trying to lighten the mood and alleviate the burdens of her lover, teacher and "master", Doctor Stephen Strange.

It is a whimsically coquettish attempt and she (along with the creative team) should be commended for doing so in a creative manner, while at the same time as a pupil showing the fruits of her studies.

Clea is successful in raising the dark cloud from Strange's countenance, but she still wishes to "ease his tensions"... something that she feels is best done in her role of "lover".

There is no doubt of her meaning...
Once again, the scene from the classic;
Doctor Strange; Master of the Mystic Arts # 01
Steve Englehart and Frank Brunner

She'd love to see Stephen's silly card trick... later.

It's a subtle entry in the "sex" series, as it's tasteful, tactful and artfully handled.

Some thinly veiled (and not so veiled) references to lovemaking are made, but it's kept to Comic Code Approved standards.

Still, it does show that Clea is not above using her more-than-human feminine wiles to lure Strange into lowering his guard once in awhile and reminding him that aside from being the Master of the Mystic Arts and Sorcerer Supreme, he is also a man ("so much a man", she says).
And she, despite her extra-dimensional origins... very much a woman.

(By the way... how awesome is it that the sound effect for the gong is "WONG!" Although, seeing as how Strange instructs Wong to "clean his Cloak"... I guess that may have been used as the "air-mattress" for their "activities". Hey... it DOES levitate, y'know.)

* OK.  I received a couple of comments wanting to see this feature return.
But you should SEE how many hits the first one received (and still garners).
Sex sells, and what ELSE can I offer to compete against all the multitudes of WATCHMEN reviews.


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