Monday, March 16, 2009

The Forgotten Things...

From Marvel Premeire # 12
Steve Engelhart & Frank Brunner

Alas, I too have been so fixated upon the multitudes of weightier matters as of late, that I let myself lose sight of the basic, structured order of things around here.

Besides being far behind on 2 major posts that I'm eager to get in the can soon, I ALSO missed announcing when I had my 100th POST (several posts ago) - but to top it ALL off, I find myself having to squeeze in some RETRO-POSTS in between older ones (thusly screwing up further which post truly was the 100th - not that it was anything specially prepared for the occasion), in order to correct a mistake in the chronological nature of my "Idol Pursuits" series.

Somehow, I had skipped over two items that needed to be blogged about before my last batch of entries (of the Dr. Strange PVC, the "Man-Thing" rubber figure & the assorted Marvel PVC's).

Those forgotten items are: the 01984 Marvel / TSR r.p.g. metal figures - & - the standees for the same game!

So, now that I have made sure that the forgotten posts have been placed in their rightful order, and renumbered the entries to make right the error, I'll have to make THIS post the official "gatekeeper" for them - by using it to direct you kind readers there.

Hope springs eternal that it will be quite some time before I err enough to exclaim;
"Curse me for a novice!"


Anonymous said...

Aha, 100 posts! Congratulations!

...Bit late, I know.

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