Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Marvel's Magic Show

Marvel has jumped into the odd's-making for the Next Sorcerer Supreme with a new article on their web-site (HERE).
It's more of a fluff teaser piece than an actual in-depth look into the candidates, but it does address a few of them

Readers of this blog will know that I already dove into that betting pool a few moths ago (HERE) as well as a follow-up - rant, of sorts - (HERE * ).

*Be sure to read the comments on that one... some GOOD stuff in there.


Tony Lewis said...

I just found your blog today. Very fancy, as Brisco County, Jr. used to say. I was always surprised you didn't seem to have one of your own. Welcome to official bloggerdom (belatedly). I've enjoyed skimming through your archives; looking forward to seeing what you've got coming down the pike.

~P~ said...

Welcome to the Sanctum, Tony!

I hope you DO take advantage of my past ramblings - and it is my fervent hope that you like what you find.

As for the fact that I even HAVE a blog... I know... I get that comment a bit (wondering why I didn't start a blog long before)...

Truthfully, I always WANTED to, but could never find the time (not that I really have any time NOW).

Half of the reason is, that truthfully, I felt REALLY BADLY about leaving long crazed comments on friendly neighborhood blogs - like yours.

I've long been a reader of your own fabulous site, and recommend it to all who love in-depth forays into comic history (not that that's all there is there).

Honestly, folks, check him out.

Cully said...

Totally unrelated: I listen to music as I read. I've come to discover that Brian Eno pairs up very well with Dr. Strange books. Some instrumental cuts the band Coil also add to the eeriness of the read. Just thought I'd share that with you.
Strangely yours, Cully

~P~ said...

If by "Coil" you mean "This Mortal Coil", I first read WATCHMEN to their earlier albums waaay back in the late 1980's.

Reading about Jon Osterman to the track; "The Jeweler" really ramped up the drama and pathos.

The albums "Filigree & Shadow" and "It'll End In Tears" were my go-to records (yes... RECORDS!) for that experience.

Then, in 1991, when "Blood" came out, I read the series again with all three CD's (hey, I evolved).

I had something similar for "V for Vendetta" but can't remember WHAT, of the top of my head.

As for Dr. Strange music... it's funny, but nothing ever really presented itself to me as "definitive", since he's gone thru so many revamps and directional changes over the years.

Cully said...

Though I own This Mortal Coil's albums on vinyl; the band, Coil, is an offshoot from the seminal industrial band Throbbing Gristle. Most of their music is instrumental (which I prefer over the vocal tracks). It's very atmospheric in tone, much like Eno. I don't need lyrics when I'm reading. This Mortal Coil's albums are brilliant by the way.

David J is the bass player for Bauhaus. He did a rendition of "Vicious Cabaret" (from V for Vendetta)on an early solo release from the 80's. I believe he knows Alan Moore personally as Alan was a part of Sinister Ducks which is a Bauhaus/Love and Rockets side project. I wish I could tell you the right David J album but, unfortunately, I do not own it anymore.

The Dr. Strange stories I was reading at the time was the Englehart/Brunner run. I'm sure you know it well. Personally, I hadn't read them in close to 20 years. Your site and your enthusiasm for the character is was made me dig out the old volumes and start reading them again.

Again, great site and I check it daily, Cully

~P~ said...

Oh... Throbbing Gristle!

Sadly, I've only heard scant few tracks from them.
I liked what I heard, but for some reason never followed up on them.

Bauhaus, on the other hand, I was a bit of a fan.

And... Sinister Ducks... well, I heard a few Alan Moore fronted songs (the eponymous song; "Sinister Ducks", of course), but don't know much more than that.

Hmmmm....David J has a track named (and themed?) after a part of Moore's "V for Vendetta"? I'll have to track that down.


Cully, I'm honored to have my blog be the impetus for your resurgence into Strange's adventures.
My humble thanks for the kind words.


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