Monday, August 2, 2010

As if I don't have little enough free time as it is!

*Sigh*... I'm not much of a video game player.
Don't misunderstand, I LIKE video games, but I have absolutely NO time to play them.
(I still have the last 2 MYST games sitting in the box waiting for my move to a retirement home, so while the other old bats are playing shuffleboard, I can solve weird mysteries and puzzles. Of course, by then, it'll be 3D-HD-SYNAPTIC-ENHANCED VIRTUAL shuffleboard, and my "advanced graphics" computer games will seem quaint and archaic by comparison, truly marking me as "that OLD guy who won't get with the times!" *Sigh*).

Anyway, even if I were able to plunk down some money for a video game, it would be better if it were an actual tangible console game (the last one that I purchased was the Marvel Ultimate Alliance - which I STILL haven't had a chance to finish).
I have absolutely no time or money for ONLINE gaming!
That way leads to madness.

So, now Marvel is teasing me with THIS!
The new Marvel Super Hero Squad ONLINE game - set for release in 2011.

DOCTOR STRANGE is featured in the teaser trailer.

Doc shows up twice. At the
:48 second mark
and again at the
1:17 mark.

And truthfully... he looks pretty darn cool!

See for yourself.
(I re-sized the video to fit my column width. Hopefully my HTML-fu is strong!).)

I'm going to have to win Lotto or something, so I can sit around all day in my underoos playing games and reading comics.
I mean, that IS the message being given to me by the release of all this swell stuff that I want to have. Right?


JoeMD said...

That DOES look awesome! I hope they've made Strange a worthwhile character, unlike in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance where he's incredibly underpowered.

There is a new Super Hero Squad game coming to DS so hopefully that will have him playable as well.

Katie said...

Underpowered?! He turns enemies into crates! It's the greatest power ever!!!! Marvel: Ultimate Alliance made me like Dr. Strange EVEN MORE! :D

Arachne Solara said...

It's really too bad that they didn't MMO-ize the mainstream Marvel U. I think I would have found it more visually appealing. I'm glad I'm not as tempted by this as I would have been by the other, because then I'd have been in real trouble!

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