Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DORMAMMU in Marvel vs Capcom 3

DORMAMMU, one of DOCTOR STRANGE's mightiest and most malevolent mystical menaces has been chosen to be a playable fighter in the new Marvel vs Capcom 3 : Fate of Two Worlds video game.

This is Dormammu's first-ever appearance in a video game, and he seems to have been given top-notch service.

Decked out in the armor he wore in the Keith Giffen / J.M. DeMatteis / Kevin Maguire DEFENDERS series (2005), he has never looked better!

Dormammu appears to have taken the slot previously held by SHUMA GORATH (check him out HERE and HERE); who him/itself was a featured playable character in the previous incarnations of the game:
- Marvel Super Heroes
- Marvel SuperHeroes vs Street Fighter
- Marvel vs Capcom2

I (and many online) am unsure as to why Shuma Gorath was dropped and Dormammu inserted, but it may be that since Dormammu is a higher profile character in the comics (as well as the possibility that if a Doctor Strange film is made Dormammu would be the prime candidate as the baddie), that he would seem to be a more marketable character (since many gamers only know of Shuma Gorath from the previous vid-games - if at all).

Still, check out the sweet visuals of Dormammu incinerating his opponents.

Much like Shuma Gorath before him, the inclusion of Dormammu as a fighting character makes little sense to ANYONE who knows of the character from the comics canon.

Both are nigh-unbeatable immortal demons that don't engage in fisticuffs - preferring to cast insanely powerful spells and enthrall entire worlds (if not dimensions).

However, BOTH of those foes have been handily defeated one-on-one by DOCTOR STRANGE.

While Strange has always defeated Shuma Gorath in purely mystical combat, Dormammu was once defeated in a hand-to-hand battle with Strange (with Doc using Judo and the 'Pincers of Power' back in Strange Tales # 140 - in 1966)!

So, it would seem that having Dr Strange as a playable character would be likely?
Well... sadly No.
Doc has OFFICIALLY been announced as to NOT be in the game.


Anonymous said...

Visuals look great! I guess fiery attacks are the obvious (and slightly lazy?) thing to give Dormammu since, well, demon + head already in flames = hell fire attacks! But he looks pretty bad ass.
Totally bummed there's no Doc. He could've had some some neat combos. :(

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