Friday, August 27, 2010

NOD - repeatedly - before ORPHEUS.
An Ancillary IDOL PURSUITS Entry

Lately, it seems that I'm just a corporate shill, whoring out my blog out for "the man" to hawk his products.

Well, THIS is another of those times.

Newly arrived at my SANCTUM SANCTORUM is this sweet little item.

DR. ORPHEUS (Venture Bros) Bobble Head!

Mint in package.

For those who may (or may not know) Dr. Orpheus is a character from the VENTURE BROS animated show - airing on the ADULT SWIM programming block on CARTOON NETWORK.

The VENTURE BROS. is a loving pastiche of the original Johnny Quest show, the original Scooby Doo and some other fantastic shows from yesteryear.

Dr. O is (and has been officially stated by the show's creators; Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, as being) an homage to DOCTOR STRANGE. And an AWESOME homage it is.

To watch Dr. Orpheus in action
it is IMPOSSIBLE to not read any Dr. Strange appearance
without "hearing" his lines spoken in
Orpheus' over-the-top melodramatic delivery.

Impossible, I say!

To help prove that point, check out this old blog post - HERE.

The swell fellows at BIF! BANG! POW! Entertainment (found HERE) are the license holders for producing the Venture Bros swag and their first releases are the bobble-heads of the various show characters:

- Dr. Rusty Venture
- Brock Samson
- Hank Venture
- Dean Venture
- The Monarch
- Dr. Girlfriend / Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
- Henchmen # 21
- Henchmen # 24
- Dr. Orpheus.

So, to the point of my blog and personal collection-of-all-things-Doctor-Strange, I HAD to get this one.

Here is a stock image showing what it looks like out of the package.

(No. I'm not taking mine out of the package. I truly WANT to,
but honestly have NO place to put it where its "bobble-action" could be utilized.
Instead, it will sit, M.I.P. (NRFB) in a display case. Weep not for Dr. Orpheus - he is still loved.)

OK. A buddy of mine sent me a 2nd one of these and so... YES... I busted one of the package!
So, he's still loved, but now also on full display!

The bobble heads are authentically detailed and stand roughly 7 inches tall.

The base upon which Dr. Orpheus stands is emblazoned on the front with the Venture Bros. logo, on the back with the name of Dr. Orpheus and atop with the stylized logo of Orpheus' mystic team; The Order of the Triad.

The symbol of The ORDER of the TRIAD.

The ORDER of the TRIAD includes Dr. O and two other mystic heroes;
Jefferson Twilight - Blackula Hunter (an homage to Marvel character; BLADE)
The Alchemist (possibly a Dr. DRUID homage, but not an outright one)

I can only hope to see bobbleheads of those characters soon enough.


OK. I took a few other shots to give you folks an idea of the whole package.
Packaging is "antiqued" and "distressed" looking as a part of its retro design.

Jealous much?
Well, don't sweat it.
You'll be able to buy your very own.
They retail for about $12.00 US.

Just shoot over to Entertainment Earth and order yours online.
Or check out for a list of retailers near you!

Tell 'em PTOR from the Sanctum Sanctorum Comix blog sent ya!
(not that I'll GET anything...)

Doctor Byron Orpheus thus commands!

"Tamam Shud!"


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