Saturday, August 14, 2010


Sheesh... I keep trying to get back on track with some real posts here, and I keep finding more swell news tidbits to post instead. However, since this is more MAN-THING goodness, I'm fine with it.

File under "Easter Egg", I watched the preview trailer for Marvel/Disney's new, upcoming AVENGERS : EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES animated series and in the first few seconds saw THIS.

See that newspaper's front page?
Check out the right side-column EXCLUSIVE story.

Click pic to make Man-Thing "Giant-Sized"

Note: the classic "Bigfoot" film-footage pose. Nice touch.

"MAN-like 'THING' stalks upstate!"

Now, don't ask me what Man-Thing is doing in upstate N.Y. (most likely, since I've never heard of any other state having an "upstate") and away from his Florida Everglades home, but as we've seen with recent developments in the comics canon (as reviewed HERE), Manny is now capable of long-range travel, so... anything goes.

Sadly, that seems to be the extent of his "animated" appearance, but it does provide hope for an actual appearance in the show down the road.

This all-new 'Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes' animated series from Marvel Animation premiers on Disney XD this Autumn 2010.

For your convenience, you can check out the trailer here.

I'm not sure how I feel about the overall look and quality of this production.
This is the closest I've seen Marvel get to the quality of DC's animated series, but it's still a bit... "off".
Not sure why most of Marvel's animated output always look so inferior to DC's.
Yes, I know DC has Warner Bros. studios behind them, but this is Marvel-as-backed-by-DISNEY we're talking about.
I'd expect better by now.
Especially with a big-budget series of films about to be unleashed that will feed directly into and from this.

Well, if MAN-THING (or DR. STRANGE) will appear, I'll be more forgiving.

"Tamam Shud!"


mike fox said...

cool find! and yeah, the animation is a bit off, although there was one scene where Cap is coming right at the viewer and it looks just like a Jack Kirby drawing, very cool! i guess we'll have to wait and see what it's really like, but initially it looks like a show for grade-schoolers.

~P~ said...

Yeah... there's something seriously wrong with MY brain that I caught that Man-Thing "appearance" - where it essentially just JUMPED off the screen to my eyeballs.

I do the same thing when I "speed-read" stuff looking for Doctor Strange references.

I trained my brain to spot the words "Doctor" and "Strange"... especially when placed near each other, so that I can just skim my eyes across a page and immediately spot it.

A cool "spy"-type ability and THAT is what I use it for.
So, so sad.

As for the toon's target demographic; yeah.
Grade-schoolers is pretty much it.
I mean, hey... it's DISNEY XD channel.
Not Adult Swim.

Despite my own inclination to want to sit and watch cartoons all day, most cartoons -these days- ARE meant for the kids. It's just WE who haven't outgrown them.
I think that's what helps keep me young (at heart).

mike fox said...

well said. although i'm a marvel guy, i have to admit that i could watch "Batman: The Animated Series" any time, any where lol. now THAT was a great comic book cartoon!

Unknown said...

Lets hope for a full Man-Thing episode. Tried emailing you P but email bounced...

John from Albany said...

What, you ask, is a shambling creature incapable of coherent thought doing in upstate NY? Obviously, he's in the Legislature.

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