Monday, August 30, 2010

ANGELS on Earth.


I have had the pleasure of being a recipient of some recent good - becoming acquainted - via the internet - with someone who brought forth pure, kind light to my small corner of dim reality and showed me that sometimes, good does happen to good people - because of good people.

Reader, (and online presence) SUSANNAH had felt my grief several months back, when, after my job downsizing, I lamented my loss of laptops with which to post content on my blogs. I have tower machines, and had been trying to keep up a pace of blogging, but due to my life situation; looking for jobs, taking care of things around the house, packing for a relocation, most of my "free" blogging hours were late at night, tapping away on laptops - since my towers are hard to access while the household sleeps.

Susannah perhaps saw, in me, a good enough person with a worthwhile enough message, ( - hey, some of my posts are positive and spiritually uplifting - when I'm not bashing Bendis' latest handling of Dr. Strange ... or maybe she prefers it WHEN I'm doing that,) dealing with a fan-site of Doctor Strange, a character usually favored by those with a more, spiritual, mystical nature (as well as the Man-Thing, an empathic, tortured soul, and ROM - an ultimate do-gooder and hero), and saw that perhaps such a blog and blogger might be aided by an act of kindness.

More likely still, she was - in herself - a good person with ample kindness to share.

Such a good-natured soul, she stated that she really did not desire/require any public mention or acknowledgment, now or ever. It was "no big thing" to her.
However, what she thought of as "no big thing" was, to me a gesture of pure goodness.

After a few emails, where we shared some thoughts on the deeper meanings of things, Susannah sent me a huge box - filled with technological delight.


"Dude... you're getting a DELL!"

Susannah awed me with this complete blogger's dream.
She gave me an AWESOME package of things that she said she was no longer using and that they would be better served by me than languishing in a closet or being sold off.

I want her to know that even if the system wasn't as wicked cool as it is, even if it were a broken down clunker - it would still be an amazing and most appreciated act of kindness.

However, it isn't a clunker at all.
A Dell Inspiron 6000, 1.86 GHz Centrino, with multiple USB ports and DVD-RW drive.
It's hefty! Weighing about 7 lbs, so I don't have to handle it with kid gloves.
And she included a flat USB-powered fan that can be placed underneath (my lap thanks her even more for that - ouchie! Hot! Hot! Hot!).

With a dedicated graphics card, It has a 75GB HD, 2GB of RAM and a wireless modem in it.
The 15.1" WXGA screen is hi-res (1920 x 1024) so it's good for doing Photoshop and Illustrator work and watching DVDs (which, I will admit to doing).

Even though I spent most of my time over the past several years on MACs, this Dell PC's OS is WinXP Pro SP3, which is a close enough approximation to Mac's OSX that I fell seamlessly into it.

But that wasn't all!
Aside from the machine that was loaded with software, she also included an 600GB External HD - jam packed with goodies, AND wireless mice and wireless USB adaptor.
That, (and some swell comic-themed books) all inside a beautiful carry bag.

To perhaps better illuminate her more 'spiritual' nature, I should note that she named the system; Metatron.

For those who are unaware, Metatron has been referred to as one of the (if not "the") highest of the Seraphim (and, not merely the "Shields of the..." kind); the highest choir of Angels, and is the scribe and message-bearer of Heaven under God.
(For comic-book fans, see the Kevin Smith movie; DOGMA. Alan Rickman plays Metatron - for some laughs.)

She told me that I could rename it, but why would I?
That is its name and I honor that.
(I also don't rename pets if I take in one that already has a name. I may give added nick-names, but you are who you are. Not who I want you to be.)

Sadly, due to my packing up the house the past few months, I hadn't had a chance to use Metatron as much as I'd have wished.

I'm still intent on wrapping up my remaining reviews, and showcasing more swag from my SANCTUM collection (which, truthfully was the main reason for my starting this blog), but since things are mostly packed up in boxes (from a relocation that was aborted - after I already moved half of our house to the new place - ugh - more on that craziness later), I've been doing little hit-and-run posts here and there for the past month or so.

Still, before I could even start to get back in the swing of things, I had to give thanks where thanks are most honestly deserved.
I needed to give this glowing post to honor a "fan"/ friend/ kind (kindred) soul who has gone way above and beyond the call.
I should not fail to also give thanks
to Susannah's husband, who - when she said that she'd be giving this stuff away said "OK" and even packed it up to be shipped out to me.

And, they are not alone.
I often get notes, comments and emails expressing good thoughts and kind wishes - from all corners of the web. There are good people out there, often drowned out by the snark and grousing.

But I wanted - NEEDED
- to give thanks to those who helped me out for no other reason than that they are awesome.

Thank you.

"Tamam Shud!"


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You deserve it! That is wonderful.

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