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Dr. Strange greets thee!
Behold! The Eye of Agamotto!

If you're a fan of Marvel comics and/or their comic-inspired films, you have assuredly become immersed by the assorted rumblings about the upcoming AVENGERS film.

You may also have read, heard and/or engaged directly in the inevitable bemoaning of whether it will be faithful to its comic roots and fan-base.
You may further be angst-filled for having to wait several years for it to become a reality.

Well, while you and I have been content to sit on the sidelines and do naught but wonder, one creator has taken it upon himself to actually CREATE a "PRE-MAKE" of the film - to the utter delight of anyone who calls themselves comic-movie fans.

Talented writer/artist/editor/director Ivan Guerrero mixed his love of comics and cinema and combined them, utilizing his obvious skills as an editor and director to thus whip up the stuff of nerd-fantasy.

"AVENGERS - 1952" is a delight of sweet eye-candy, with a center of classic film nuget and a delicious covering of the honeyed nectar of comic-nerd love.

It isn't a "Prequel" as it isn't a prelude to the current film in any way.
It IS an ORIGINAL production... albeit while "borrowing" clips from over 50 old classic films and serials and mixing them with modern film-editing software and a fine director's eye.

In fact "eye" is quite apropos as the director has taken to calling himself "eyevan", and his YouTube channel is named "Who is eyevan" (but all one word; whoiseyevan).

While some may decry the merits of fan-fiction, I challenge ANYONE to find fault or criticize this work.
It is truly the inspired stuff of genius.

With nearly 20 Marvel characters and several classic comic locales interspersed within the film this is a joy to watch again and again just to see how layered the production value goes - classic film mash-up, with comic book roots, rewritten dialogue, new voice-overs and sound effects, digitally enhanced effects and details. Easter egg after Easter egg. Hidden gem after hidden gem.

And, as you have seen from the still shot I placed atop this post, DOCTOR STRANGE makes a glorious (if brief) appearance!


Doctor Strange meets Captain America

A greeting and a spell is cast.

Behold! The Eye of Agamotto!

Enough delay!
Watch this and enjoy!

(You can also go to "whoiseyevan's" channel and see it - HERE)

Did you catch ALL the assorted comic-themed cameo appearances of characters and locations?
To watch it again in annotated form, (with all the answers laid out for you,) check it out again here.

(or go to the YouTUBE page for it - HERE)

For MORE Comic-Inspired (and FILM-inspired) remixed movies and cartoons, check out Ivan's YouTUBE channel - HERE

I can only hope the "real" Avengers film is HALF as enjoyable as this!

"Tamam Shud!"


cerebus660 said...

Very clever! I thought I'd caught all the homages, but went through again and found a load more. Great fun!

Oh yeah, Love Doc's moustache!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that wonderful review! It really put a smile on my face. Doc Strange is one of my favorite Marvel characters.. when I realized I was going to do something Marvel, I knew I had to include him.

By the way, this is something you might appreciate... that shot was taken from a Turkish film called "Yilmayan Seytan". Check out what the costume looks like in color. Here's a link for it

Pause the clip at about 4:29.

Thanks again,


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