Friday, July 23, 2010

News from San Diego ComicCon 2010.

While I am still in the middle of my relocation I have been trying to keep on top of the news related to this hobby of mine - and the various characters that warm my heart's cockles.

Here's what news is new from the SDCC (San Diego ComiCon) as found on the CBR site [HERE]:


(and the ILLUMINATI):

"Illuminati will show up in Avengers #7," Bendis said, "they will be outed to the world for doing something even worse than they did last time."

Instead of trying to redeem what could have been an interesting secret society of super-heroes, instead they are continued to be portrayed as bumbling, incompetents and guilty of screwing up prety much everything they set their hand to.

Truthfully, when first revealed several years back, I kinda liked the concept of the Illuminati... a little.
I took offense at their portrayal from their first appearance, but only because they were being used to set up several massive blunders (Planet/ World War Hulk, Secret Invasion, perhaps parts of the Beyonder's SECRET WARS II stuff..., etc...), but the basic kernel of the idea really popped for me.

Instead of a cool, conspiracy-oriented bunch of stories of mystery and intrigue, we'll continue to get the 6 STOOGES (Yes. "6 Stooges"... even the 3 Stooges weren't just the 3 Stooges. There were Larry, Moe, Curly, Shemp, Ted Healy, Joe Besser, Curly Joe DeRita, Emil Sitka...).

Why can't I have nice things?

No word what will happen to DR. STRANGE (or DR. VOODOO) after this mess currently going on in NEW AVENGERS.



In keeping with his promise of wanting to work with ROM SPACEKNIGHT (as first blogged back in April of 2009 - HERE), Brian Michael Bendis seems to be following through.

When asked about the character, Bendis said "you will see [Rom] Space Knight show up in a future Avengers story."

Unfortunately, but necessary due to legalities, that will mean a redesign of ROM's armor (unless they have him appear in human form, as he has in the past), they won't be able to actually call him by name (ROM), and BENDIS - while seemingly into the character, will undoubtedly have "Space Knight" speaking in a pattern unrecognizable to ROM and fans of the character.

For all of us who have wanted to see a return of ROM, this will most likely fall into the category of: "Beware what you wish for... you just might get it."

Still, if they can find a way to make it work, there is a hint that ROM will be featured in the next AVENGERS title.

Lanning asked, "Who would be interested in a 'Cosmic Avengers' book?" Lots of applause.

Will there still be an ongoing cosmic title after "Thanos Imperative?" "Stay tuned," McCann said.

So... with the DIRE WRAITHS still running around (as seen in recent issues of FANTASTIC FOUR and DARKSTAR and the WINTER GUARD), having ROM resurface was inevitable.

I'm staying tuned.


(And Marvel HORROR):

Will more horror characters come back? Several: "Yes."

"Satana will be showing up in the upcoming 'Women of Marvel' digital miniseries," Horwitz said.

I know Son of Satan (Damien Hellstrom) is featuring pretty largely recently (New Avengers being the most recent starring profile), and he and his sister SATANA will both be getting BOWEN mini-busts soon as well.

With her appearances here and there over the past few years, SATANA is ready for a return.

As for MAN-THING, no mention that I could find, but he's been doing well thus far in THUNDERBOLTS, so... if that's all he gets lately, it's all good.

(Although, the looooong-awaited Man-Thing graphic novel, written by former Man-Thing scribe; Steve Gerber - penned before his death, and illustrated by Kevin Nowlan - has been hinted at a release in the near future. Whether it remains in graphic novel format or is broken into a mini-series is anyone's guess.)



Marvel has announced a STRANGE TALES II, follow-up anthology mini-series, since the previous one (with all independent / underground comic creators) proved itself to be a hit.

While DOC was featured in the previous series', aside from the usage of his original comic's title, there's no telling if he will appear in this next foray.

But for MORE info on this series, with specific creators and plans mentioned, check out the story being updated on CBR [HERE].


That's all for now.

If I see anything else interesting, I'll try to pop it on here.


Mike said...

Love your thoughts, but I finally disagree with you about something. I bought my son the hardcover "Planet Hulk" collection, read it with him, and it's one of my favorite comic stories of all time. It's like the comic version of LOTR, truly epic in its grandeur!

Sigh, I knew this day would come lol. Keep up the great work and thanks for your sharing your thoughts.

~P~ said...


I think you must have misinterpreted my words here.

I didn't say that PLANET HULK / WWHulk, SECRET INVASION or those other stories were the blunders.
I meant that the EVENTS themselves were BLUNDERS.

They were avoidable missteps set in motion by BLUNDERS by the ILLUMINATI.

I loved Planet Hulk.
I sorta enjoyed WW Hulk (I still call shenanigans with the astral maiming of Doctor Strange and his injestion of ZOM-juice).

Secret Invasion had potential (although I liked it the first time when it was called ROM; SPACEKNIGHT and perpetrated by DIRE WRAITHS).


But, never did I mean to imply that the STORIES were blunders.

So, you can now rest easy.
You can still agree with everything I say.



Mike said...

yep, i definitely misinterpreted what you meant by blunder. you are still correct about everything in the marvel universe! again, great thoughts, i always enjoy reading your stuff

Lee K. Seitz said...

I'm told by someone who was at the panel with Bendis that CBR misquoted him. What he apparently said was that Spaceknights would appear in Avengers, not Rom. I would presume this refers to the current generation, but only Bendis knows for sure at this time.

Cão Vadio said...

i dont know where to post this but id like to show off my vid about the animated movie dr strange:

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