Monday, April 6, 2009


Is ROM ; SPACEKNIGHT on his way back to Marvel Comics?

In keeping with my previous entries detailing the possibilities of the silver Spaceknight's return (as seen HERE and HERE), it seems that the RETURN of ROM is one step closer to coming to pass.

At a Q-and-A session at the Emerald City ComiCon in Seattle, ROM; SPACEKNIGHT was discussed by Brian Michael Bendis & Ed Brubaker.

"...a person came to the microphone and pointed out that Hasbro recently filed eight trademarks for Rom the Spaceknight. He wondered if Hasbro had contacted Marvel, and if anyone on the panel had any interest in the character. Members of the panel seemed a bit surprised by this, although Bendis quickly hopped on the question. “I think [Rom] is the Mount Everest of dork porn. If you’re ever reading an Avengers book and the last page is, ‘Crash! Boom!’ and Rom steps up, you’ll know I did it!” Bendis said. “It’s absolutely on my wish list.”

Brubaker quickly added, “The first time he was talking about Ronin and who Ronin was going to be, it was going to be Rom the Spaceknight. I’m not kidding.”

From CBR article (here)

While this exchange comes across as partially tongue-in-cheek kidding, there is a germ of hope here, in that now the possibility of ROM's ressurrection is being discussed by writers who may be able to act upon it.

Perhaps an appearance in the AVENGERS, like these covers once hinted:

We'll see what transpires.

But, I think we'll be seeing more of Galador's favorite son before too long.

*** UPDATE***

Lee K. Seitz, the proprietor of the solid plandanium-awarded; ROM: Revisited website pointed out that Bendis spoke of reviving ROM (almost word for word the same way he did in this interview) a year ago (as he mentions... both around April 1st).

Check out the podcast on Fan-Off, an Alter Ego Comic Cast: HERE

(Rom comes up at the 45 minute mark).

Now, this doesn't mean that Bendis isn't sincere about his desire to revive ROM.

It might just mean that he is serious about it, but only has one scene planned in his mind (much like many of his stories - which seem to revolve around one "Hey! Wouldn't it be cool?" scene, and are built out from there).

OR... it's all a sham.

I prefer to remain hopeful.



Anonymous said...

Hey, Darkhawk's back so anything is possible these days!


Anonymous said...

If any comic character deserves a second chance its ROM.In his adventures he has interacted with the entire marvel universe,at one point or another,..and has saved the entire planet from a massive alien invasion.He has paid his dues,and come out on top.ROM is a real hero.

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