Sunday, July 4, 2010

Occult Operative of LIBERTY


Today is JULY the 4th, which - here in AMERICA, is the day we celebrate our "Freedom" and "Independence".
We Americans no longer suffer under the yoke of any who would hold sway over us.
No one and nothing rules us or our life path!
That's right. Our lives are completely and totally our own.

In order to participate with the spirit of the day as well as keeping the RED, WHITE and BLUE motif of the day, I present to you the recent production of:

Occult Operative of LIBERTY!

This totally free-minded mash-up of Doctor Strange and Captain America was written by Matt Fraction, with art by Brendan McCarthy, letters by Todd Klein and colors by special friend of the blog (and myself) - fellow Dr. Strange uber-fan; Howard Hallis!

Created as a 6-page story in the recent "Captain America : Who WON'T Wield the Shield" one-shot, DOCTOR AMERICA is a "DITKIRBANKO" (Ditko, Kirby, Steranko - natch!) bit of weirdness that touches base with the psychedelia of the 1960's/1970's era comics, op-art and politics (with too many Nixon references to shake a subpoena at).

More a demonically-tinted, mystically "satanic", Captain America origin tale than anything really "Dr Strange" related (except for some trappings) - it is still enough of a tribute to Doc and the "strangeness" of those early silver age comics for my inclusion here on the blog.

Flawed, yet totally entertaining, this story is a small, but awesome part of the
"Captain America : Who WON'T Wield the Shield" comic.

Truthfully, the comic itself - while possessing some truly fantastic parts, is flawed and filled with that detestable kind of mock self-deprecating humor that only the most guilty offender uses to try and hide their own deeply-seated self-loathing.

Using the old Marvel "mascot", FORBUSH-MAN, as a sort of "Winter Soldier" stand-in, the comic pokes fun at Marvel, several characters and creators as well as Marvel's publishing practices in toto - all the while providing just enough goodness to ensure that we come back for more.

In short, it seems aimed to try and make readers want to hate Marvel all the while knowing that they have us right where they want us - on the hook.

In short... not "Free" or "Independent" at all.

But, there are some really good points to the comic, and it does feature some color artwork by a friend, plus it features a pretty wild "Doctor Strange"-esque "Captain America"-like story, which is like some crazy-assed fireworks for your brain, so... go get it anyway!
(Note: This comic came out in Late April 2010, so my review is waaaay late, but I'm sure you can find it easily enough.)

Hey, maybe you can download it soon onto your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or computer with one of the 100,000,000 apps that are available.
Then, you can feel free to write about it on YOUR blog, tell your friends on Facebook, tweet it on Twitter and text your friends and family showing that you are indeed free... of everything... except for mass media and electronic devices and networking and ... comics.


sydelic said...

Just wanted to say I love this story, perfect slice of nonsence much needed in the stale marvel world at the moment (Fever being another exception which im sure you'll get to soon... wonder if you liked it)
thanks for the lovely jolly blog on all things strange

Howard Hallis said...

It was a lot of fun to work on this and I thank you for the nice words Sanctum!

sydelic said...

Howard, your work on here has been fantastic, as was your stuff in the 'solo' issue.
how's the picture of everything coming along?

Anonymous said...

Man I was getting worried that this was a dead thread. I love reading your stuff keep it coming

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