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A Happy Thanksgiving Day to our American readers!
(To all the other - most welcome - readers from other spots around the globe - we gave Thanks for you as well!)

Today's entry sees the Sanctum Sanctorum in a pitched and chaotic battle - between the forces of good and evil on the very streets of New York City... when the Sanctum Sanctorum was transported through the street for the annual
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

This occurred only TWO TIMES!
Once in 01987 and the other in 01989!

------------- 1987 -------------

Witness the HULK tearing down a section of a tower, as Captain America, Wolverine and other heroes are in gloriously campy combat with The Enchantress, Dr. Doom, Magneto and other villains!

The Sanctum is the centerpiece setting to the whole battle royale!

The Sanctum Sanctorum might have only suffered some minor damage in the conflagration (that clock-tower that the Hulk tears down... is technically a part of it for all intents and purposes), but luckily for our purposes - AND the DAY's... we can safely present it here.

------------- 1989 -------------

And although, the set / float was used only one other time (in 1989), one would have to logically assume that by now, the float and the Sanctum have long been dismantled.

However, we can still watch this madcap pantomime battle any time (with special vocal guest Melba Moore - lipsynching to "I need a Hero").

Special note: the female TV personality who is introducing the float gets ALL her facts wrong. See if YOU can count how many mistakes she makes!


Dimly remembered glimpses of that first parade from Thanksgiving Day 1987, swirled through my mind for many years.

I had only caught a second or two from out of the corner of my eye when it was live on the air, but that WINDOW design was all I needed to see - for even a fraction of a second - to then be consumed with locating a copy of this video footage.

For YEARS I searched records libraries and called tv stations looking for a copy of the footage - all to no avail.

Then, almost two decades later, I came across it during a routine search on the internet * and I was able to relive the half-remembered (to the point where I had wondered if I had just IMAGINED this) awesome parade float.

To see Doctor Strange and the Sanctum Sanctorum given such prominence...
it's a thing of beauty!
Like a full-scale "Marvel World" playset brought to glorious life!

A destroyed Sanctum in any way, shape or form is still a destroyed Sanctum and as such - should be showcased here for this special series.

* Many thanks to X-E for the files!

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Holly said...

If I were Dr. Strange I would SO upset about tacky musical numbers going on outside of my house, I'd destroy it myself just to remove the memory, lol.

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