Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beset & Besieged!

This cover image* represents my current situation - PERFECTLY!
(art by Jackson "Butch" Guice)

Within the visual metaphor which that cover presents, SATANNISH & MEPHISTO would represent my job & my home/personal life ** - clashing over my time.
Which would make me DOCTOR STRANGE, (natch') caught betwixt and between!

You'll also note the destruction of the SANCTUM SANCTORUM below his/my feet.
That perfectly represents the state of the house (and my "Sanctum" wherein I keep all the swag needed to get this darn blog-post completed).

So, it is with heavy heart that I must beg for mercy & forgiveness, vowing to have the HUGE, MONOLITHIC and SUPER-STUPENDOUSLY AWESOME (I may be overselling it a bit) blog entry for the
for this coming weekend.

Believe me, no one is more upset than I.

However, with the demands of my job getting more urgent these past weeks and my home-life becoming "like unto a thing of IRONY" (did you get what I did there?), but irony most dark - has left me with even less opportunity for "stolen time" to work on this than ever.

I think we'd all rather I took the time to do it right, than just slap together a bunch of pics and hastily phrased text (which is pretty much what I usually do around here).

So, I'll have this ready for you sometime this weekend.
Thanks for your patience and kind understanding.


* image ganked from the GCD.

** Don't expect to have me tell you which of those demons represents my wife.

Oh, hi honey. No... I was only kidding... no... no... AAAGGHHHHH!!!!!!


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