Monday, November 24, 2008

Part I - Please Pardon the Mess:
- The Intro

Oh, the irony.

I had meant to work up a simple post detailing the similarities between Doctor Strange's "Sanctum Sanctorum" and my own collectibles-room, dubbed as MY own "Sanctum Sanctorum"
(or "officially", since I am one of two such known die-hard collector's: the Sanctum Sanctorum East.)

This came to me while working on last week's mega-post about the Marvel World playset, and disassembling the Sanctum-unit from it, it struck me as a good idea for a post about how the current "dilapidated" appearance of the Sanctum in the comics (much like how having the piece in my hand reminded me of the "destruction" of it in the comics) was likened to that of my own "dilapidated" Sanctum.

The Sanctum unit - removed - from the playset.

The overall arch of the post was to be WHY I don't post as often as I'd like; which would have been explained by how, much like Doc's home is currently a destroyed shambles at the present time (in the comics), so is my own "Sanctum" (in real life) due to lack of time and the pressures of the day-job, family and a house that was built on an indian burial ground (I kid, but it may as well have been).

It was a subject that I mildly touched upon in a previous post, basically why, in my mind my blogging has suffered; since my job and the whole menagerie here have been punching my time-clock pretty hard.

Normally, I steal some moments on a lunch break or late night when everyone (and everything) is (hopefully) asleep, and I quickly mash some laptop keyboard in a rough approximation of the English language just so I can have something "posted".

There's no time for fancy things like "drafts" or "cohesive thought".
It's just a smash-and-grab of bits of time and synaptic misfires.

But then a strange thing occurred;
I started posting MORE often to compensate for it.
AND, to top it off, the "simple" comparison post exploded into a massive historical overview of the multiple rises and falls of the Sanctum Sanctorum in published history.

So, this entire WEEK (or so) will see this massive post broken down into installments.

The chronological rise, fall, rise and fall (repeat ad nauseum) of the
- Sanctum Sanctorum -.
(Hey. It's happened more often than you might think.)

However, to start you off, I'll just cover a brief introduction to it all and toss up some cool images.

If the SANCTUM SANCTORUM is supposed to look like THIS:

(and as a visual metaphor, is what my OWN Sanctum should be likened as; neat, orderly, stable.)

But now, looks like THIS:

(well... you can guess what this visual metaphor is saying about the state of being for my own habitat)

Then, it should give you an idea as to where I'm coming from these days.

And, although, as the last few weeks have proven, I will do everything that I can to avoid any delays, why I may be a bit spotty with my posting in the future (at least until I can figure out how to cast a "magical broomstick" spell, like "The Sorcerer's Apprentice").

I'll leave you now with the ultra-cool 3D turn-around views of the Sanctum Sanctorum as drawn by Marvel CEO and EEK; Joe ("Doc is too powerful") Quesada*.
I should have paid more attention. While featured on his BLOG, it turns out that Mr Quesada did NOT render this 3D Sanctum. It is instead the work of Jason Christensen.
My apologies Jason.


Series Continues - here in:
- Part II - Welcome to the Neighborhood
Strange (Tales) Days Indeed

* Say what you will about the man, but dude can draw (and with the new mediums available, is trying new things)! OK. Joe Q CAN still draw the heck out of stuff, but just not in this instance. Props go to Jason Christensen.


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