Monday, November 3, 2008

Favorite Issues: Doctor Strangefate

I was planning on (one of these days) writing up a review, for the blog, of the 01996 Marvel / D.C. "Amalgam Comics" one-shot:
Doctor StrangeFate
...but it seems I don't really have to.

George Khoury over at Comic Book Resources has already done the ultimate write-up over there.
He's even interviewed the wonderful creative team;
Ron Marz, José Luis Garcia-Lopez, Kevin Nowlan,
and had them share their memories and experiences of the experimental and very creatively driven piece of work.
Nothing I can do to top that.

If you haven't read the comic in question, go NOW. Do not wait.
Run, don't walk to your comic-book seller and demand a copy.
It really shouldn't cost you more than a couple of bucks - tops.
Probably less than a current comic, and it'll be FAR, FAR better.

However, if you need ANY convincing, read George's review / retrospective HERE.

Tell him Sanctum Sanctorum Comix sent ya (and he'll go; "Who?")
Credit where it's due dept.; instead of scanning any one of my copies of this book (don't ask), I nabbed the above cover scan from those wonderful folks at the Grand Comic Book Database.


Howard Hallis said...

Conceptually I really enjoyed the DC/Marvel crossover event. All the Amalgam titles (wave 1 and 2) and the 2 Access mini series. To me it was probably the best comic series from 90's, comparable to more esoteric fare like Eightball and The Invisibles. Sure stuff like Marvels and Kingdom Come have less commercial gimmickry as a selling point, but few books have been more fun. It was interesting to see the combinations they came up with, from Robin and Jubilee's little romance to merging Howard The Duck and Lobo. Dr. Strangefate was undeniably an awesome result of this as well. Didn't he first appear (according to a fake blurb in the comic) in More Strange Tales #110? (I would have called it Strange Fun Comics myself!)

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