Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dwell in Shadows - NO MORE!

ROM: SPACEKNIGHT had his trusty TRANSLATOR with which to more easily facilitate the communication process
(in this case, with the "Dweller in Shadows").
My only technological resource is to open COMMENTS for EVERYONE.

I know I have a POLL that is currently going on, which was to determine if I should have comments open to all or just "registered" users, but thus far, even though there haven't been a deluge of votes garnered, the majority seem to be leaning towards having the lines of communication wide open. I'll still let the poll continue, but unless the majority swings away from this trend, I'll leave the comment process open for all (even the "dreaded" anonymous user).

I figured I'd best do this NOW, before I had too many posts in the can.

But, WHY have ROM as the spokesman for this stage in the blog?
Well, he IS of the characters of focus for this blog (even though he hasn't been showcased as such as of yet). Still, he was the "great communicator" of 01980's comics, wishing to open discourse with words before letting his silvery mittens of justice mete out his message.

THIS issue and sequence was chosen (as a perfect launch-point) because of the connection to a certain mystic master...

This entire sequence from ROM # 05 (Bill Mantlo, Sal Buscema) where he battles
the House of Shadows,
seen prior to that in Strange Tales #120.

Sal Buscema's take on a famous Steve Ditko scene.

Doctor Strange KNOWS your secret!
And, I would like to know as well.
Feel free to go through the past posts and leave your comments (future posts too - when they are made manifest*).

* Even though I'm not ready for the giant blog-post that I promised (it WILL be ready for the weekend, however), I thought that I'd toss this up here now - in preparations for it and the digital tsunami of feedback that will surely follow.
Oh, yes. Most assuredly. ;-)


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