Friday, November 21, 2008


Astral form of Dr. Strange by John Romita Jr (Amazing Spider-Man # 500)

I had just made a pretty good post (a few pics, a lot of descriptive text) but for SOME reason, there kept appearing in the middle of it - some weird grey boxes.

No matter how I tweaked it, the html or the images, it was still there, like phantom placeholders for images that didn't exist.

SO, I deleted that post entirely and put THIS up in it's place.

Maybe MY system is having a conniption fit?
Could be the snow and wind storm that is transpiring outside my house is affecting things?
Perhaps sunspots on the other side of the world are affecting the feed?
Mayhap Blogger is wigging out?

Or perhaps... Astral Entities were making themselves manifest like spectral orbs in photographs (get Mike Sterling and his debunko squad over here, stat!)...

I don't know.

(I'm sure that it had nothing to do with one of the three images that I did use being potentially corrupted or anything... nahhhh!)

I'll repost that entry tomorrow and take it from there.
So, anyone who got an update notice or saw a blurb on another aggregator; a thousand pardons.

We'll try this again in the morning.
Good night.

OK. It's morning, and I reposted that problematic entry, only for the same problem to occur.
Figuring that it HAD to be the images, I reconfigured, and resaved them.
-the same thing-

Then, figuring the images were filled with bad code, I took screen-shots of them and saved THOSE as separate images.
- same -

So, I'm going to have to try to re-work the whole thing and get it up here later today.
Darn spectres!


Until then, I'll just let the unseen battle rage on.

Baron Mordo vs Doctor Strange (Strange Tales # 111 - Stan Lee / Steve Ditko)


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