Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A World of Arcane Tortures!
(that you'll really enjoy!)

And Lo!
It shall come to pass that the Earth shall be engulfed in the heat of the Sun - until it become like unto a Living HELL!!!

I don't know where you are reading this from, but HERE, in the Northeast of the USA (NY & PA are where I share my time) it has been 90 degrees Fahrenheit for the past few days.
And it's been too hot to do much else but sit and watch my eyeballs melt.


And it SNOWED a mere week or two beforehand (on my birthday, as it usually does).
So, don't try telling me that we aren't near some kind of mystical apocalypse.
I'm not buyin' it.

What I DO recommend buying (if you have yet to do so) is the new 3rd season - in DVD or Blu-Ray (or, for that matter, the first two seasons as well) of the VENTURE BROS animated series!
I received it for my birthday and have been diggin' the hell out of it!
(Of course, I HAVE to get Venture Bros stuff... due to my "6-Dimensions of Dr. Strange" fetish.)

You should get it too!
(product sales carousel presented for your shopping convenience)

The primary reason (well, aside from it being 1,000 kinds of awesome,) is that it has it's very own version of DOCTOR Stephen STRANGE; Master of the Mystic Arts, in the personage of DOCTOR Byron ORPHEUS; Master Necromancer. *

I could post pics and clips here all day, but I'll just toss up ONE (a montage of some the good Dr's earlier appearances) and a link to more of Orpheus' video goodness {HERE}.

Enjoy the clips, but if you DO wish to acquire any of the DVD's, CD's or swag, if you would make your purchase from my blog, I'd be most grateful.

In many interviews and commentary tracks, the creative team behind the show; Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, have stated emphatically, that Dr. Orpheus IS their version of Dr. Strange.
And once you've watched and heard Orpheus in action, you can't help but imagine that voice and mannerism for Strange.
Try it. You won't be able to help yourself.


Holly said...

I love this show! Dr. Orpheus is obviously the most amazing. ;D

Holly said...

Oh, and I work for a show on Adult Swim, and we still think the Venture Brothers is the best.....so go figure, lol

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