Thursday, April 2, 2009

SIM-ple pleasures

Taking a slight break from my exhaustive overview of
"The Search for, Nature and History of the Sorcerer Supreme"
to just highlight one of the pieces that I used in yesterday's April Fools EXCLUSIVE SCOOP entry.

I only used a portion (a detail with Howard as Sorcerer Supreme) of an entire gag page to help wrap up yesterday's post - as shown here:

The full image is a wonderful piece by famed (and infamous) creator; Dave Sim, from the Howard the Duck b/w Magazine # 08 (November 01980).

I love this piece because it showcases nearly all of my sacred "6-Dimensions" cows in one page...

*click to embiggen*
How can you NOT feel some emotion for that poor
Man-Thing... er... Duck-Thing.

Howard the Duck, Doctor Strange, Man-Thing.... (Beverly Switzler - yowza!)... all favorites!
Shame that Howard and ROM never met. If Sim could have somehow had Howard impersonating ROM; Spaceknight, well... then this would have been the most perfect piece of comic art ever made.



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