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The Search for, Nature and History of...
the Sorcerer Supreme : EXCLUSIVE!
Choice of WHO will be the NEW
Sorcerer Supreme - REVEALED!



are revealed in this post
- about the Search for the Next Sorcerer Supreme -
and just WHO has been chosen!

If you do not want to have that mystery spoiled for you...

* ------------- *

Continuing the coverage of my exhaustive overview of
"The Search for, Nature and History of the Sorcerer Supreme"
I bring you THIS exciting EXCLUSIVE SCOOP!

By intercepting an erroneously posted (and almost immediately deleted) message board post, by Brian Mickael Bendis, the identity of his selection for the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme has been uncovered.

The brief missive (ostensibly written as a private message to Jo Quesada and artist, Billy Tann) named his choice and gave his reasons for the selection.

For reasons of privacy and potential issues of legality, I will not reprint the entry here - instead just paraphrasing and making known the choice that was made for the new bearer of the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme.


Readers of Marvel Comics over the past several years have obviously become aware of writer Brian Michael Bendis' affection for certain 01970's characters, and his desire to raise B-list (or even C or D-list) characters to a level of prominence, will not be shocked by the news revealed in that aforementioned board entry.

Previous characters who have been given the golden touch are:

Luke Cage and Spider-Woman

"Sweet Mama!" is an apt quote for both characters.

The new golden-child is from the same mid-01970's era.

In fact, as to the identity of the "Chosen One"... if close attention was paid, readers of such works as New Avengers and Secret Invasion would have seen the subtle clues that were laid out in previous issues.

Brian Mickael Bendis' choice for Stephen Strange's replacement is present in ALL of the images shown below (as well as many other scenes and panels).

*click images to make "Supreme-sized"*

Would you like to hazard a guess as to the character in question?
DO you believe that you can pick ... "the One"?

Lest I keep you in the dark for too long, allow me to reproduce those above images, but with the selection - REVEALED!





The choice for the new Sorcerer Supreme is...


Take a close look at this image:

Notice that both Doctor Strange and Howard the Duck
are looking at the same thing
(and the same direction - metaphorically sharing their view)
and share the exact same expression.

Not likely.

The fact of the matter is; Howard was being hidden... in plain sight.


Now, I am SURE that many of you are doubting the truth of this revelation.
However, to prove the point of Howard's suitability and worthiness of the title, we can look directly at his prior magical experience and tutelage under Doctor Strange as both; mentor and mystic instructor.

Read these few selections, if proof is what you require.


Howard reveals his inclination towards do-goodery,
despite the personal cost.

Howard the Duck # 10
Steve Gerber / Gene Colan / Steve Leialoah


Given instruction by Dr. Strange, Howard temporarily became
Mallard of the Mystic Arts!
Sensing the duck's inherent talents, future tutorship was offered.

Marvel Treasury Edition # 12
Steve Gerber / Sal Buscema / Klaus Janson


It is obvious that the erstwhile student shall become the Master and Supreme Sorcerer of the Marvel Universe.

Howard's entire storied history details a character with mystical origins, as he had first come to our world via a shift in the cosmic axis; falling through to the Nexus of All Realities.

His first adventures were with such mystic entities as:
the Man-Thing, sorceress Jennifer Kale, master mage Dakimh the Enchanter, Korrek the barbarian, and more.
Steeped in mystical lore, having battled against wizards and magically enchanted monsters, Howard is no stranger to the ways of magic.

This will be a bold new day will show Howard's true valor, worthiness, selfless nature and eagerness to be protector of his adopted homeworld, as evidenced by his first edict when assuming the mantle...

Howard the Duck Magazine # 08
Dave Sim

And AS kumquats, we will be safe in the tender gloved hands (wings?) of this caring gardener of spirits...

DOCTOR the DUCK: Mallard of the Mystic Arts

Unfortunately, message board writer Brian Mickael Bendis is not Marvel writer; Brian Michael Bendis, and frankly, the crack-job opinions of some hack message-board troll writing to two other clowns (Jo Quesada and artist, Billy Tann) who seem to have screen-identities similar to Marvel creators (real original, guys) have no bearing as to what will come to pass in the comics written by Marvel's Bendis.

If anyone had tried to lay claim that Luke Cage would eventually become an A-list power-player and leader of the Avengers... they'd have been laughed-at to death.

But, by the same token, anyone claiming that Spider-Woman would be a hot character would have been met with emphatic agreement - as she has the sexiest costume of any female super-hero - ever.


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