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CLEA LOVES SEX - 3rd Input:
It's All About the Benjamin!


This blog-post contains some mild sexual innuendo.


The third in a series of entries wherein we take a look at Clea's desire for physicality - (previous input in this series can be found at these links: 1st entry & 2nd entry).


This entry - is from Doctor Strange; Master of the Mystic Arts # 18, by Steve Englehart and Gene Colan.


As someone who spent most of her long (lifespan which, as a Faltinian-based dweller of the Dark Dimension is far longer than an Earth-616) life in a realm of semi-solid quasi-reality, under the strict yoke of a tyrannical demon-sorcerer, Clea had no contact with men. At least, seemingly not until she came to Earth to spend her days as the disciple and lover of Dr. Stephen Strange.

THEN, she couldn't get enough.

However, as we'll see in this installment, if Strange is too preoccupied to properly "attend" to his young lady-friend, she's more than capable of entertaining other... "options".

Perhaps, the most oft-broached incident was where, while on a journey throughout time, Dr. Strange and Clea met Benjamin Franklin; one of the "founding fathers" of these United States of America. *

So, while Strange is laying some history on Clea, he is also, unknowingly trumpeting the cause for a rival suitor.
Strange sparks Clea's interest in Ben, but it obviously doesn't take long for the silver-haired (and silver-tongued) elder statesman to fan that spark into a flame.


It doesn't help that Stephen, much like a businessman who spends too much time at work, away from a young bride, is always preoccupied by one thing or another.

Like, say... a giant sea-monster with the power of a time-traveling cosmic wizard?
Yeah. Little stuff like that.


So, it's not long before Clea grows tired of playing second-fiddle for Strange's attentions.

Most busy men understand this point, right? How many times have you had a conversation similar to this with your significant other?

Of course, it is only a hair's breadth away from her uttering these next few words:

"Do you love me?"
Trust me... there is only one way to answer that question; "Yes." If you put any other words after that, especially starting with "But...", you're just asking for trouble.

No matter WHAT it is that you might offer forth as a reason/excuse/explanation for your seeming lack of attention, your cabin will fall silent for the night as well.


Now, Benjamin Franklin was a wise, wily and womanizing man... with a keen eye and a honed sense to clue him into the best ways to approach ANY negotiations.
Just see how he's eyeing Clea. He knows that any rocking of the boat last night had nothing to do with Strange.
And besides... Doc would soon be occupied with other things. Other wet holes to fill, so to speak.


While Strange heads off to deal with the life-threatening danger, Benjamin offers Clea a little... old-world "hospitality".
Now, remember, while inside his cabin the scene is one of refined elegance, outside things are far less than idyllic. But that doesn't throw Ben off his game.
Nor does Clea seems ill affected, but that may be attributed to Ben's "bedside manner".


But what is Strange doing all this while?
Oh, not much...
Just battling a sorcerer/monster at the bottom of the sea. A sea that, now that the evil power has been defeated, the spell holding the wall of water at bay has been negated.

Rising to the surface, Strange has a little too much "water on the brain" to be able to perceive the obvious. At best, all he can think is a feeble "Huh?"... as Clea helps handle Ben's dinghy.


* In a disappointing turn of editorial/new-writer edict, this entire awesome story arc by Steve Englehart (and edited by Archie Goodwin) was negated by new writer/editor Marv Wolfman with a clumsy retro-fit making the evil sorcerer Stygyro responsible for all the recent events "to cause Strange to doubt himself".

Dr. Strange; Master of the Mystic Arts # 19
Marv Wolfman / Alfredo Alcala

So, Ben Franklin never made it with Clea. It was Stygyro (either in disguise or an illusion) who wooed her.

OR, it truly WAS Ben Franklin on the ship, but everything that happened between he and Clea (perhaps on the ship or most definitely) in the issue afterward, was Stygyro.

Still, Clea didn't know that.

(I'm sure this will once again attract many google searchers who are searching for more... explicit content. These "Clea Loves Sex" posts tend to have higher hit-counts than many other entries. I've also noticed that it can affect the Amazon selections in my 2nd sales window on the sidebar. So, if you're reading this post and images of a sexual nature cause you some dismay, do not look at the 2nd Amazon sales box - below the longer 1st box, which is filled with safe comicy goodness.)


Holly said...

EWEWEWEW. I'm glad it wasn't actually Ben, but that drawing in the dark with the two of them?

Yuck. I know he's an historical figure and everything, but let's hope Clea was at least drunk and couldn't remember it later....hahaha

~P~ said...

Yeah... oddly enough, I'm torn between that panel being disturbing and/or being touching.
Franklin WAS an amorous fellow, notorious for being able to charm the ladies, and it also shows that Clea isn't hung up on age or body type.

And, from an art point of view, the chiaroscuro on that panel is one of my faves.

I added a last page (from issue # 19) with the "reveal" of it NOT actually being Ben Franklin, but STYGYRO; Prince of Sorcerers.


Unknown said...

I believe one of the points Englehart was going to make was how different cultures perceive things so that sex was not as important a thing to Clea -- or someone from her dimension -- as it would be to an Earthling.

~P~ said...

Well, yrogerg... far be it for me to say that might not have been true, but while that may have been a line of thinking that Englehart may have wanted to pursue, it wasn't one that EVER made it the page.

In fact, just the opposite is true.

If anything, Englehart and writers of Strange's title have always seemed to try to take the stigma OUT of sex and loaded sexual energies into the stories and characterizations - all. the. time.

As for your point about sex not being inportant to Clea...
It is Clea (as seen in these "Clea Loves Sex" installments) who is nearly always the one to initiate sexual overtures.

He's too preoccupied and busy.
SHE is the one who constantly insists on his paying more attention to her (and her needs).

Whether she is just using sex as a lure to get Strange to stop contemplating his own navel is one possible angle, but her words have always seemed more that she wants the sex because SHE really wants the sex.

MY point was that perhaps due to the fact that she was a nearly immortal other-dimensional entity who had not much sex BEFORE she met Strange... that once she got some... she found that she really liked it.

I have and have read every Doc story ever put to print.
It was the abundnace of instances of Clea constantly wanting Strange to show her affection that made me start this series of "Clea Loves Sex" posts.

Trust me... there are MANY more to come.


"Tamam Shud!"

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