Friday, April 24, 2009

A visit to the Dimension of Dreams
- or -
I may need to seek counseling for this.

If "blogging about blogging is a sin" then "blogging about other bloggers is circle-of-hell worthy".
Factor in that the event which I am about to relate occurred in a dream, and we're on our way to a scenario of Virgil-guided proportions.

Yes. That's right. I've been thinking of the blog so much lately that I'm not only dreaming of my content, but also the other bloggers with whom I may share some common interest.

Trust me. I'm just as disturbed by that as you are.

I'll throw the basics of the dream here for amusement's sake, and perhaps to save on therapist fees.


I was supposedly meeting with Mike Sterling for some sort of comic's related reason.
Probably just a gathering to shoot the shit about comics (discussions of a more physical variety than the two virtual "conversations" I had posted here quite recently - seen [HERE] and [HERE]) .

It seems that we were meeting on Sterling's west coast turf, as it was more rural-suburbia than my old New York City (or Long Island) environs and less rural-"out-in-the-woods" of my own more recent PA habitat; the view out his dreamscape house's back door - beyond the neighbor's expansive yard, with their tan and gold long-haired setter pacing by the chain-link fence - showed mountainous regions on the horizon.

Mikester was expecting an additional party member to show up as well, someone we'd both never met, so while he was otherwise occupied getting refreshments (or something) he thought it would be funny if I answered the door, pretending to be him.

However, since neither of us had met the expected individual, not only would he not know that I wasn't Mike Sterling, but I wouldn't know if he was the guest Mike was expecting!

So, when I answered to the door and saw someone standing there, and I'm trying to figure out who he is... my own charade was being exposed as well.

However, it was (supposedly) Neilalien at the door, and he (- as would anyone who has read Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin long enough, and as such has seen a photo of his face-) knew that it wasn't Mikester answering the door, but somehow, instinctively - with eyes narrowed and a sidelong glance cast my way, as he took to the few steps on the front porch to enter the house - surmised my identity.

Now, as for Neilalien, I have yet to have the pleasure of meeting personally, and have no idea what he looks like, and so my mind gave him the appearance of a late 20-something to early 30's white guy, standing about 5 foot 9 inches tall, approximately 140 lbs with sandy brown hair, cut short and sorta spikey (but not too much so, nor styled as such via gel or any such "product". Just not long enough to lie down upon itself).
(I know... where the hell did my mind pull ANY of that from?!?
For all I know he's grey with giant eyes and spindly arms with a penchant for probes, but my mind gave him those aforementioned features. Just roll with it.)

What I hadn't known was, there were to be many others in attendance that day; I can only gather who were all fellow bloggers, commenters and comic's aficionados alike.

By that point, my sleeping mind just assigned random faceless features to the others.
Sometimes they'd have features and faces, other times not.
I had the feeling that they were supposed to be the many bloggers whose works I read on a consistent basis (see the blogroll on my sidebar for many of them), but no names were readily given.

All I know is by this point in the "party" I had sat back and took the position of "observer" and just watched the happenings. I'm not as "bona fide" a blogger as many of they may be, and I know that I felt as if I should stand back and defer to the experienced voices in the room - perhaps to learn a thing or two.
Someone had produced forth a portfolio collection of published comic pages, someone else a stack of comics from a backpack, and still another, hands waving furiously, described his treatise on the various subjects of his interest.

By the time that I was being addressed and asked to step forth, the sense of unreality had set in.
I'm well attuned with my subconscious enough to know that when an anomaly presents itself in the "reality" of the dream that my sleeping self recognizes it as such, and then, knowing full well that I am dreaming, does one of three things:

  • Ignores it and just rolls with it (a rarity for me - I'd have to be REALLY tired to do so - which I was. I was utterly wiped out last night - or else the whole Neilalien thing would have been enough to raise the mental alarm right then and there).

  • Changes and replays the events in numerous ways to seek the most satisfying course of events. (My very own "choose-your-own-adventures" book, so to speak.)

  • Signals me to wake up.

This time around, I awoke - fully knowing what I had dremt, but slowly losing some of the specifics (except what I related here) as my dream self dissipated after it departed the dream dimension.

So, what's the point of all this?
I have NO idea.

It was just an interesting thing to share with you all.

I've been fully aware that I've strayed away from what I should be blogging about lately, my content as of late has been of a more personal nature (recollections of past histories, as well as some future content I'm gathering; based on comic artwork that I drew, long ago in the dim past of my pre-to-early teenage years, as well as some stuff from the past decade or so - ALL Dr. Strange-related imagery, of course) and as such my mind connected the blog, the content (if you note, all the things that were being discussed and shown in the dream-party are things that I'm working on for the blog) and the "audience" all in one.

I need to take a deep breath and continue writing my multi-part treatise on "the Search for, Nature and History of the Sorcerer Supreme". However, I know that it's exactly because I haven't finished that series that my mind has been plagued by thoughts of the blog - reaching even into my slumber.

This must have been the interweb equivalent of dreaming of standing naked in front of your class if you hadn't finished writing that report on world history, or something.

However, I promise - I will not share any naked dreams here.
I mean, I wouldn't want to give anyone else nightmares.

By the way, Mike Sterling and Neilalien
both produce excellent blogs that I visit daily - as should you!


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That was YOU?!?!?;-)

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