Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The EYE(S) of MARCH!

Today is March 15th.
The infamous "Ides of March" (Google it if your history class never went over Ancient Rome and the life of Julius Caesar).

But it is ALSO the day that the Downloadable characters are made available for the newly released MARVEL vs CAPCOM3 video game (as blogged previously [HERE]).

This year, to commemorate such a dire and deadly day, let me present for you the dread, destructive and downloadable  DOOM of...


As added bonuses (bonusii); allow me to present to you the cameo appearance of other Monsters and Mages...

- and -
and the LEGION of MONSTERS...

Man-Thing appears at the end of JILL VALENTINE's story (she being another DLC character).
In the ending, Jill teams up with BLADE; Vampire Hunter to defend against the uncertain threat of
Man-Thing and the Legion of Monsters (Morbius; Living Vampire, Werewolf by Night and Living Mummy).


And at the ending for Hsien-Ko, DOCTOR STRANGE is summoned... sorta.

Sadly, it seems as if it isn't REALLY Doctor Strange at all, but an imagined version created by Hsien-Ko in a comic book she created.

The Ides of March have struck again.
Once again the respect for Doctor Strange, by the very company he keeps, has been assassinated.
Et tu, Capcom?


No, sadly, I have YET to even look at the game itself.
First off, as I mentioned in the original post [HERE] I don't even own the required video gaming system with which to play the game.
Yes, I bought the game, but purely for the fact that it contains; Shuma Gorath, Dormammu and Doctor Doom as playable characters, as well as cameo appearances by Doctor Strange, Man-Thing, and other faves (Satana, Legion of Monsters, Blade, Iron Fist, Ghost Rider, Silver Surfer and more...)
As well as the sweet Shuma Gorath limited edition t-shirt that came with it.

But, also, I've been so busy with professional projects; called in to work on special projects at my most recent employer, as well as freelance projects for my ex-employer-before-that.
AND two special projects that will be revealed on this blog (which should have been revealed already if not for the aforementioned business keeping me busy).

However, and this wraps up all these points; I am expecting to play this game this coming weekend with my brother - who owns multiple game platforms (my first "official time-off" in a long time, as I will spend time with all of my siblings for a weekend getaway).
Some down-time is required to recharge.

Then, I'll get to post all the entries that have been waiting in the wings these past months.
Good things come to those who wait.
Thanks for waiting.

"Tamam Shud"


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